We Are NOT The World’s Police!

News of possible chemical weapons being used in Syria against rebels has once again brought numerous American politicians and activists to call for US intervention.  Obama had promised that the US would be forced to get involved if it was proven that chemical weapons were used in the Syrian civil war.

The news of the chemical attack this week caused the White House to say:

“The United States strongly condemns any and all use of chemical weapons. Those responsible for the use of chemical weapons must be held accountable.”

“Today, we are formally requesting that the United Nations urgently investigate this new allegation.”

“The United States urges all Syrian parties, including the government and opposition, to provide immediate access to any and all sites of importance to the investigation and to ensure security for the UN investigative team.”

One report I heard on the national news said that the US was prepared to confiscate all chemical weapons worldwide.  When I heard that my first thoughts were that they were idiots to believe that we will enter every country on earth and force them to hand over their chemical weapons.

But behind it all, I wish our leaders would understand that the US is NOT the world’s police, nor can we afford to try to be.  My heart goes out to the people in other countries facing the struggles of civil unrest and war, but they are not our responsibility.  My heart also goes out to the millions of Americans that are struggling also.

We can’t even take care of ourselves, let alone everyone else.  America is facing political, economic and cultural unrest and uncertainty that needs to be addressed first.  As a nation, we spend hundreds of millions of dollars feeding the rest of the world when millions of American children are going to bed hungry every night.  In many areas, the number of homeless families are still increasing.

America builds hospitals and supplies millions of dollars of medicine and supplies to other countries and millions of Americans can’t afford medical care here in our own country.  We build roads, power plants, schools, businesses and mosques in other countries when thousands of Americans are losing their homes, businesses closing and churches closing their doors.

We send troops to other countries in an attempt to keep insurgents and terrorists out of those countries and yet our borders are wide open.  Our servicemen and women are putting their lives on the line for the safety and security of others while the Obama administration welcomes illegals and possible terrorists with open arms and voter registration cards.

Before America starts spending billions of dollars trying to be the world’s police and cash cow, we need to take care of our own first.  Charity begins at home, not abroad.  The billions of dollars going overseas could to a lot to create jobs and programs to put families back on their feet and make them self-sufficient.  It’s more important to help our citizens learn how to provide for themselves than it is to worry about a civil war in a country half way around world between several factions that all hate America anyway.

Yeah, I’ve heard many people say that what happens in other countries like Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan eventually effects what happens here in America.  My usual response is that what happens in America has a greater impact on America than what happens in other countries and we need to fix America before we can start trying to fix the world!