Wouldn’t be Christmas Without Liberals’ Disdain for Jesus

Liberals are the “jerk friend” of Christmas, I’ve decided.

You know what a jerk friend is. Many people have that one guy or gal you’ve known forever and whom you love dearly but who has a talent for just taking things too far, so that he embarrasses the heck out of you.

That’s liberals and Christmas.

The Left loves Christmas. They love the lights, the trees, the caroling, Santa Claus and all that.

Many of them just can’t stand Jesus, who is the cause of the season.

This explains the weird behavior among some members of the Left who just seem mystified as to why anyone would be upset by them.

Take, for example, the Arizona affiliate of Planned Parenthood, where pro-abortionists thought they had a cutesy holiday ad gimmick when they changed the words to “Twelve Days of Christmas” to promote birth control.

The fictional narrator of the song is now the recipient of condoms, Plan B, Depo-Provera shots, NuvaRings, birth control pills, dental dams and diaphragms.

“We hope you will enjoy this original song written by staff and performed by volunteers,” the group said, completely oblivious to the steam shooting out of many people’s ears. “And, if you want to know more about the different types of birth control mentioned in the song, visit (the website).”


Then there’s the parade in Alabama that featured a group of homosexual dancers called the Prancing Elites.

The group showed up to the Christmas parade in Santa sweaters and tight white shorts. When numerous people complained that the group’s pelvic-thrusting dance routine wasn’t family fare, the group seemed befuddled and tried to defend itself on its website by saying, “It is no different from a woman putting on baggy shorts playing a mainly dominated male sport ‘basketball’ … so why can’t a man put on a leotard and dance.”

Oh yeah, aside from the fact that women playing basketball are competing in a sport and not making a mockery of Christianity’s central figure’s birth by thrusting their groins in people’s faces, there’s absolutely no difference between women’s basketball and a group of drag queen dancers.

If I, on the other hand, were to compare the Prancing Elites’ situation to anything, I would say it’s not unlike that gross Obamacare commercial with the homosexual guys in crotch-enhancing shorts and reindeer hats checking out each other’s butts. There’s a definite “ick” factor involved.

Some people complain that liberals don’t like to say “Merry Christmas.” I’d just as soon the Left keep its little nods to Christmas to themselves.

I realize that liberals have difficulty thinking with their brains rather than their genitals, but it’s Christmas, not Crotch-mas.

If you can’t say or do anything respectful, just keep your Christmas antics to yourself.