Yes, Creationists Can Think; Are Scientifically Literate

Secular macro-evolutionists stake a lot of weight on the presumed impossibility that creationists can think.

evolution tree

I am amused by the modern Inquisition of the Church of Darwin against heretics who refuse to accept the hallowed and assured Doctrines of Chaos. Supposedly we aren’t trustworthy in our ability to reason, and to handle facts, because we don’t kowtow to the endless brainwashing of PBS and Public Schooling that spreads the impossible dream that everything came from nothing, and life sprang from non-life, without any help.

From the Federalist, on two people attacking the intellectual abilities and knowledge of creationists:

If they had dug deeper, they may have come across the work of Dan Kahan, of Yale University. Even before Heffernan’s infamous essay, his research had shown you can’t predict someone’s science literacy from his or her belief in evolution. His more recent work has only confirmed that point: those who say they “don’t believe” in evolution know as much about science as those who say they “do.” It is a brutal fact that creationists are just as capable of scientific thinking as anyone else. This fact, as Helmuth cogently described evolution, is “not a story or an aesthetic choice or one side of a debate; it’s the way the world works.”

Though the author of this piece makes a suitable argument for his purposes, I will simply add that—in this case—I don’t even believe it’s a matter of creationists being good at some things, and bad at thinking about evolution.

The simple truth is that the so-called “science” shoved down everyone’s throats from every official and approved source today doesn’t even meet the test of the scientific method. Macroevolution (amoeba to man) requires going far outside the terms of science into the realms of philosophy for its “proof,” and is anything but proved.

[See also, “Journalist Virginia Heffernan Admits She’s a Creationist and Drives Evolutionists Crazy.”]

Why do so many journalists, scientists, and others froth at the mouth when you mention creation? Because they have made a religious decision to suppress the truth about the Creator, and based their life upon that article of faith. Any suggestion that their choice is incorrect must be attacked with every weapon in the rhetorical arsenal in order to protect their alleged autonomy.

If you’re open-minded enough to challenge your own belief in evolution, and live somewhere around Nashville, make sure you join us this weekend. Dr. Stephen Meyer is an amazing intellect, and has done some fabulous work in this area.