Yes, the Planned Parenthood Video Really Shows Organ Harvesting for Money is Happening

The media would rather spread doubts about the Planned Parenthood video than investigate human organ trafficking in a government funded organization.

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Since I wrote about the organ harvesting sting video and about one attempt at media spin, I saw this post at Truth Revolt that deals with more media attempts to defend Planned Parenthood. One excerpt:

Here is how Eugene Scott at “trusted news leader” CNN described what he called the “purported” video, which TruthRevolt covered here

The video seemingly shows a member of the conservative Manhattan Institute’s Center for Medical Progress claiming to be a start-up biotech firm attempting to buy human fetal tissue for medical research… Planned Parenthood dismissed the video, calling it highly edited. [Emphasis added]

First, the video isn’t “purported”; it’s an actual video. Second, it doesn’t “seemingly” show anything. It clearly shows Planned Parenthood Federation of America’s Senior Director of Medical Services, Dr. Deborah Nucatola casually discussing the targeted mutilation of fetuses in such a manner that limbs and organs are kept intact for later sale. Third, the phrase “highly edited,” of course, implies that the video is a complete distortion of what was actually said. The original video is over 160 minutes long and is available for anyone to watch in its entirety here. It’s clear that nothing in the shorter version was taken out of context in order to mislead viewers.

The main reason I chose this specific excerpt is because I hadn’t seen that a link to the raw footage was available.

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I admit I haven’t carefully reviewed all 160 minutes yet. If any of you have time to do so I would welcome your comments.

You will notice that the mainstream media hasn’t been encouraging anyone to watch the entire video. They’ve refused to do any real research on the Planned Parenthood video at all as far as I can tell. All they do is use words to cast doubt on the video and then recite Planned Parenthood’s response as if that renders the issue moot.

And those are only the media outlets trying to pretend to be neutral.

Which is why this story is much, much bigger than Planned Parenthood. If I told you a story about the government using an assassin to commit criminal murder, bringing the assassin to justice would not be sufficient. You would want to know who in government gave him orders and how many knew about the operation.

Planned Parenthood is the assassin. By covering up the Planned Parenthood video the media is showing you vividly that the organization is their assassin—their champion. They will spin even the most gruesome horror in order to protect Planned Parenthood’s operation.

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So what is that operation? Isn’t it time to revisit Margaret Sanger’s eugenics past and her Nazi associations? And this time we should refuse to give credibility to the same people who are now actively defending a market in dead baby organs when they tell you that there is nothing to it. Should we not look into where Planned Parenthood likes to operate their clinics, what populations they concentrate on, and why they are willing to tolerate people like Kermit Gosnell but not those who try to prevent more “doctors” like him?

Again, though, the point isn’t that Planned Parenthood is an evil, greedy, killing monster. The point is that the media companies are occupied by the same people.

The point is that we are an occupied country.