Yesterday Was Memorial Day, But Do We Get It?

We bandy about the phrase “Never Again” with such ease. Though we may sincerely mean it—and desire never to relive the kind of evil carried out by average German citizens during World War II—very few invest the mental effort to process exactly what it takes for evil to be opposed; what it takes to ensure it never happens again.

From Charles Hugh Smith: “Memorial Day 2014: Just Following Orders.”

Interestingly, people don’t need to be forced by a central authority to resist evil, though their efforts will prove more successful if they band together and submit to a competent authority of their own choosing. This is the basis of the “good war” or “just war.”

But to be part of large-scale organized evil, people need to surrender their autonomy under threat, and be ordered by a central authority.

This is the origin of the Nuremberg Defense: I was only following lawful, Superior Orders when I murdered those French civilians. The soldiers who followed the orders would have been punished had they refused; coercion is always the backbone of central authority.

Charles Hugh Smith seizes on a critical principle in this short essay. Those who take orders from government authority must be unshakably committed that there is a higher authority than the one passing down orders. In America, those higher authorities—even above the President—are the Constitution, and God Himself.

Until soldiers, and Marines, and police officers, and deputies, and special agents come to grips with these truths, we are all in danger. It would appear from recent events in America that we are, indeed, all in danger.

To my friends who carry weapons in service of the Federal or local governments: I salute you, as you serve the people and defend the Constitution. But… please… please… I pray to God: You must ponder the kind of orders you will never obey—no matter what it costs you.

If you do not, it will happen again, and it will happen right here.

The evil that resided in 1940’s German hearts resides in 2014 American hearts, too. Left to ourselves it resides in your heart and mine. The temptation to protect our own family, and livelihood, and life—even if it unjustly costs the life and/or freedom of our neighbors—is brutally strong.

If you don’t believe that, then it’s only a matter of time before a historical horror story is written anew in American blood. One more time: It *will* happen again, if you “just follow orders.” I hope and pray you will not.