Yet More “Nothing To Support” Obamacare As Predator Drone For Jobs

I have to admit I am still shocked by the brazen lying on the part of Steve Benon on behalf of the Rachel Maddow’s campaign for Regimecare:

As a substantive matter, the right-wing senator’s argument is predicated on an assumption: the Affordable Care Act will put working-class Americans out of their jobs. He said as much in his little speech: “We know that Obamacare is killing jobs all across the country. Indeed, Obamacare is the biggest job killer in this nation.”

The problem, of course, is that the right can’t support any of this with evidence. There is literally nothing to support Cruz’s claim. Nothing.

I listed a number of “nothings” to support, not only the killing of jobs but the reductions in disposable income and degrading of health care that would result. All of this broadly means impoverishment and the loss of jobs as there is less money left in the economy.

And we’re getting new “nothings” all the time. Thus, the Daily Caller this morning:

Were it not for Obamacare, there would be at least 1,000 more workers in West Michigan, according to a new report.

The report, released Thursday by researchers at Grand Valley State University, found that companies are opting out of hiring and cutting hours due to President Obama’s signature health-care law.

“Firms are choosing not to hire more workers in reaction to the Affordable Care Act,” said Grand Valley economics professor Leslie Muller, who conducted the research with colleague Paul Isely, in a statement.

Conservatively, there would be 1,000 more workers today in Kent, Ottawa, Muskegon and Allegan counties if not for the [Affordable Care Act],” she continued. “This is not even taking into effect the decrease in hours firms are making to keep employees at part-time.”

The Grand Valley researchers found that 29 percent of firms said they have limited employees’ hours so that they will not be considered full-time workers under Obamacare, 15 percent have increased their use of temporary workers, and 22 percent said they plan to reduce or limit hiring.

According to the survey, 49 percent of firms have passed additional health-care costs on to their workers and 40 percent are considering passing along those costs as an option.

Yes, this is just spreading prosperity everywhere.

Ted Cruz is completely right: Obamacare is and is going to increase the income gap by hollowing out the middle and/or working class. We will have more lower class people dependent on government rations to get by and a stratum of rich people who will get richer—and make themselves feel better for giving us Obama-dispensed crumbs from their tables.

Obamacare is a way of converting the US into a giant work factory with a few entitlements serving as suicide nets. Ted Cruz would do far more for the people Benon pretends to care about than Obamacare will.