You can’t be civil in a street fight

The 2012 election the popular vote proved that over half of our nation is now willing to pledge allegiance to a Republic where socialism, infanticide, sexual perversions and a Godless society are more desirable than righteousness. How many more elections will it take before decent people realize that we are in a street fight for the soul of our nation and as it is in life, you can’t be civil in a street fight and expect to win.

While conservative Americans lick their wounds from the resounding beating we received on Tuesday night, liberals are laughing and preparing to relieve decent people of what’s left of their dignity and their constitutional rights. Once again polite and respectable citizens took the moral high ground and tried to negotiate their way out of confrontation and failed miserably. Once again we counted on well-mannered principles to rule the day and once again we were defeated.

Prior to November 6, 2012, most Americans never experience being bloodied in a street fight. They have never experienced the real fear and desperation that forces you to risk personal safety and freedom to defend something or someone against aggression. As sure as the day I was born, I know and believe in my heart that courteous compromise died decades ago and campaigning will not solve our nation’s problems.

Mitt Romney may be a good and decent man, but he wasn’t the guy we needed to fight for America. You don’t fight left wing radicalism with charity and conciliation. You fight it at the peril of your own destruction by having the courage to expose the corrupt underbelly that is our federal government. Americans should have been told the brutal truth; not romanced with a billion dollars of empty promises and flowery aspirations.

Does America truly realize that one out of every two women we share this great nation with would rather murder a child than be burdened with a baby? Do our citizens understand that many of their neighbors and co-workers are stealing from the U.S. Treasury on a daily basis without a care for the elderly or poor? That tolerance of abnormal and destructive lifestyles is a higher priority under the law than protecting our freedom to worship God as we see fit?

Many affluent Americans live in a protected ideological bubble; a myopic world where a perverse version of truth and decency prevail. A world where money and blind allegiance to a corrupt government can buy your way out of trouble; I don’t live in that world. I live in the real world that rewards thieves and liars with power over the honorable and easily forgotten. I live in a world that laughs and smirks at people who refuse to play by their rules and then labels them bigoted and racist. I live in a world that once again chose a dishonest coward to lead what was once the greatest champion of freedom and selflessness the world has ever seen.

In the real world, my world, the middle class struggles to survive the street fight that started decades ago. In our world, civility is a weakness exploited by powerful cowards that have been tolerated by our leadership and allowed to exploit our Constitution to service its destruction.

Tuesday night was not the first time I have lost a street fight. It’s just the last time I will accept somebody else telling me what is appropriate or acceptable levels of intellectual engagement. The future of our nation and our children are now more at risk than ever before and it’s about time decent men challenged evil before it criminalizes liberty. What of you America?