You Might Be a Terrorist if You Believe the Media is Biased

If you believe the Benghazi attack was a government cover-up, you might need to be investigated for your “predisposition to violence and radicalization” according to a leaked U.S. Army document produced last year. One of the personal characteristics that authorities are told to look out for in people is a belief in government conspiracies “to the point of paranoia.” You may not actually be paranoid about the Benghazi attack, but officials may view you as paranoid simply for believing in a “government cover-up.”

Another indicator of a predisposition to violence and radicalization is if someone visits social networks like Facebook and Twitter. Other indicators include someone who “complains about bias,” “is frustrated with mainstream ideologies,” “exhibits extreme religious intolerance,” or “is personally connected with a grievance.”

You think the media is biased? You might need to be investigated. Are you frustrated with mainstream ideologies? You might be a terrorist. Are you intolerant of murderous Muslims? Your intolerance might be evidence of a predisposition to violence and radicalization. Have you ever lost a loved one? You might become a terrorist.

There was another document leaked recently. It was a training manual for the State and Local Anti-Terrorism Training program (SLATT), a program funded by the Department of Justice. In it, it lists certain bumper sticker examples as being evidence of a “general right-wing extremist,” and which warrant investigation by a law enforcement officer conducting a traffic stop. One bumper sticker example read “Know Your Rights or Lose Them!” Another read “If you love your country, the UN is not your friend.” So, a belief in the Bill of Rights and national sovereignty are both indicators that you might be up to no good.

One of the slides in this training manual states:

During a traffic stop, a suspicious map is located on the passenger seat. Can a further search of the vehicle be conducted? Does it require a warrant?

What exactly is a “suspicious map?” Is it suspicious because of the way it’s sitting in the seat? Does it have a devious look on its face? Are people not allowed to carry roadmaps anymore without being harassed by a cop? If you have a roadmap in your passenger seat, it must mean you’re trying to find the secret location where you’re meeting your Al-Qaeda friends.

Every time a “leaked” document surfaces from Homeland Security, the military or some other branch of government, their descriptions of potential terrorists get more and more inclusive. Soon, the documents will just say that if a person is a civilian, he/she might be a terrorist. That would at least save them some ink.

Our government cannot tolerate any kind of dissent. They want a small population of automatons who are content with being branded, controlled, tracked, fed, housed, educated and cared for by government. Anything less than blind allegiance they consider treason.