You Will Be Made to Care

The tolerance mob strikes again.

Now if you’re a Christian that believes the Bible you can’t have a television show on HGTV. The network was set to launch a new show this fall with the Benham Brothers called Flip it Forward. However, after the network found out they were Bible-believing Christians, the network cancelled the show before it was set to debut in October.

One of the brothers appeared on Janet Mefferd’s nationally-syndicated Christian radio program during the Democrat convention in 2012 and said “America’s Christian majority must repent for tolerating homosexuality and its agenda that is attacking the nation.” He also made reference to the “demonic ideologies taking our universities and public schools” and made reference to he and his brother praying outside of abortion clinics.

So because the Benham Brothers have the same moral view as the people that founded America and of Billy Graham, who has annually been ranked one of America’s 10 most respected persons for 8 decades now, they’re no longer qualified to talk about home remodeling and landscaping. Turns out your ability to hammer a nail or tile a bathroom totally depends on your religious beliefs or sexual practices. Who knew?

Does anybody know why HGTV can decide whom it wants to do business with but a Christian baker or florist can’t? Yeah, me neither.

The new tolerance keeps looking like the old fascism.

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