You’ll Probably Be Alive When the Debt Hits the Fan

I remember the good ol’ days when politicians could bank on America’s heritage, spend like there was no tomorrow, and know that they’d be dead before their ideological brainchildren had little demon children of their own. But I fear those days are coming to a close.

It doesn’t matter who you are or what you believe or who you’re voting for on this issue. Obama’s plan for fixing our debt problem? If you can call it a plan, it involves spending more than has ever been spent before. Because more debt is always the short-term solution to debt. Just like more crack is always the short-term solution for withdrawal. On the other hand, Romney and Ryan have a fantastic plan for the economy. They have a plan to balance the budget by 2040. This is not to pay off the debt, mind you. This is just to get around to spending no more than what we’re taking in. That’s kind of like saying you’ll have the holes patched on a sinking ship thirty years after it’s on the bottom of the ocean.

I hate to be so bleak about it, but, well, the situation is pretty bleak. The personal debt of Americans is equal to the national debt: about 16 trillion. This is an insane amount of money. The interest alone is killing us. I was listening to a talk radio show that was addressing the debt crisis, and the commentator pointed out that if we absolutely stopped spending. Completely. (America could move in with her parents or something.) And then took all current national revenue and pumped it into paying off our national debt… we would pay it off in seven years given our current GDP. Then a brilliant caller weighed in on the issue. His solution? Stop whining. It’s not a big deal. He said, “If people are stupid enough to still lend money to America, it’s their problem. Don’t pay.” Default, in other words.

And that is where the real problem lies. America is fiscally bankrupt, no doubt. But her real problem is moral bankruptcy.  Our parents sold us for short-term convenience. And I’m seeing more and more that people my age are fed up with it. It’s no longer the case that the Democrats or the Republicans can rely on their own base to get them elected. More and more, independent voters are making the difference. And who are these independents? Most of them are my age and younger. And we’re sick of it. ’Cause we are becoming more and more aware that we can’t pass these problems on to the next generation. It’s not just a matter of shouldn’t. The fact is, I’ll probably still be alive when the debt hits the fan.

My advice to Republican moderates? Stop blame-shifting and proposing sweet-sounding half-measures. Get radical. We are in a radical mess, and we need people in office that are willing to take drastic steps. Chemical withdrawal is not fun. Paying back debts is not fun. But we’ve got to do it. And since the future of this country and your future generations couldn’t motivate you, let me reiterate: This is to save your own skin. Does that finally get your attention?