Young Boys Vandalize Church with Urine and Feces

Two young boys, ages 6 and 7, did thousands of dollars worth of damage to a Loudon, Tennessee Baptist Church. They used toys and crafts, food for needy families, and their own urine and feces to deface, defile, and destroy everything they could reach.

If this had happened seventy-five years ago, people probably would have said these kids were demon-possessed. But they weren’t. Well, in a way, I guess they were. These kids are just another symptom of our moral and social decline. The evidence is all around. Just the other day, a thirty-four year old grandmother was supposed to be watching her seventeen year old daughter’s thirteen month old. Then the grandmother’s twenty-two year old boyfriend couldn’t find his crack cocaine. Turns out the baby ate it. I wouldn’t be surprised if the grandmother turns out to be a not-so-great “great” grandmother by the time she’s fifty-one.

We live in a culture of children. Children having children. No one seems to be progressing. Generations of teenage parents, single parents, and absentee parents are raising children with absolutely no moral compass. Children are learning their morals from television, their peers, or, at best (or worst?) from school teachers. You wonder how some six and seven year old boys could do something like this? Apes do this kind of thing all the time. It’s fun to destroy stuff and throw your poop and pee around. Treat kids like animals for long enough, and guess what? They’ll start behaving like animals. This is just natural, right? We wouldn’t want to repress any urges. That would be all puritannical or something. It’s better to just let kids do as they please. And I think it’s hilarious that Child Protective Services is being called upon to deal with the situation now. If the parents had been training these kids the way parents trained the well-behaved kids of yester-generation, CPS would have been showing up for an entirely different reason but for the same purpose—to take the kids.

We get so caught up in our day-to-day struggles. This year’s election. Unemployment. The economy. Whatever. We’re losing the future. We’re all going to die someday and what will we have left behind? When I look at the coming generation, I think it is vain to try to rebuild America if we don’t first raise kids that can inherit and sustain that progress. Right now, it looks like they’d just smear it in feces.