Your Phone Tracked But Planes Allowed To Vanish: The NSA Is Not About Protecting The Populace

From the Wall Street Journal:

The use of stolen passports by two passengers on Malaysia Airlines 3786.KU -4.00% Flight 370 raised concerns over possible weaknesses in immigration and aviation security.

Law-enforcement officials said the stolen passports would have been detected during immigration checks if they had been screened against an international police database—raising questions about the rigor of preflight security checks in Malaysia and elsewhere.

Interpol, the international police coordinating agency, estimates that passengers were able to board aircraft more than a billion times last year without having their passports screened against the agency’s databases.

“The world is speculating whether the stolen passport holders were terrorists, while Interpol is asking why only a handful of countries world-wide are taking care to make sure that persons possessing stolen passports are not boarding international flights,” Ronald Noble, secretary-general of Interpol, said Sunday.

Officials said they didn’t know the true identities of the passengers who used the passports, which were stolen from Austrian and Italian citizens while they were visiting Thailand in 2012 and 2013.

The disappearance of Flight 370 is a testimony to the absolute bankruptcy of Western elites, and their love-affair with the surveillance state for power’s sake, and not to enhance our security, as advertised.

The NSA undoubtedly has measureless information about me, and many like me, who are no threat to the Constitution, yet an airliner filled with hundreds of souls can disappear, without them having a single clue as to where it went, and what happened?

Stolen passports can be used to board an airliner, but General Keith Alexander of the NSA is more concerned to have his minions trolling gaming sites, and collecting nude pictures of citizens throughout the world by hacking their Web cams, and supporting laws to punish journalists for doing their jobs, than he is to actually protect innocents from harm.

When will Americans wake up and learn that the only thing the NSA is truly designed to protect is the power of the elite?