Walking Dead Actress at Sentencing: “I Am Not a Bad Person” Seriously?

Shannon Richardson Shannon Richardson was a minor actress in a few shows including “The Walking Dead” TV series and the movie “Blind Side.” She is more famous now, however, as the person who sent toxin-laced letters to President Barack Obama, Michael Bloomberg, and also to—as the Daily Caller puts it—“the head of his gun control collective, The Raben Group.” She was sentenced to eighteen years and a $367,000 fine. This quotation from the Daily Caller blew me away: She told the judge Wednesday Read more [...]
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Media Reveals White House is Working for DC Statehood

03312012Obama The media are making a big deal about Barack Obama officially claiming he is in favor of “home rule” for Washington DC. But it turns out that he has been advocating it for a long time. He even had the White House royal limousine license plates changed last year to the Washington DC slogan “Taxation without Representation.” This issue is instructive because it shows that no matter how self-serving and unjust the issue, if it will bolster Democrat power, the Democrats will treat it as a Read more [...]
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Texas Sending Troops to the Border

RickPerry Texas Gov. Rick Perry announced Monday that he will send up to 1,000 armed National Guard troops over the next month to protect the southern border due to the Obama Administration's "lip service" on the illegal immigration crisis. Perry, who seems to be one of the few political leaders taking the problem seriously, said the troops will not be targeting unaccompanied children crossing the border, but they will be aiming to combat the criminal drug cartels that have been trafficking children north Read more [...]
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The Missouri Legislature Proves It Has a Few Good Men

Drug Wars I am really proud of my state right now. The New York Times has launched an attack on Missouri because it is the only state in the union that has refused to set up a database to track all pain medications so that they can catch “abusers.” Newser.com summarizes the accusation and pushes the same agenda: With prescription painkiller abuse, addiction, and overdoses a massive problem across the country, some 49 states have brought in databases to track excess prescriptions—and then there is Read more [...]
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Human Rights Watch Report: Government Agents Involved in Most Terrorist Plots since 9-11

FBI-Logo We already knew this but it is nice to get some official confirmation. The FBI recruits terrorists and convinces them to make terrorist attacks so they can thwart those attacks and get credit for “keeping America safe.” Almost anyone who is approached by “Al Qaeda” in the U.S. is actually being played by government agents. Thus, yesterday’s Guardian headline: “Government agents 'directly involved' in most high-profile US terror plots.” Nearly all of the highest-profile domestic Read more [...]
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Barack Obama Makes Pansexuality Federal Government’s Official Religion

homosex propaganda obamacare Back when we had established churches in the various states, they got special favors. People had to support them with taxes and had to defer to them in various ways. So now the established church of the Federal Government is LGBT culture. Employers who wish to have or maintain Federal Contracts are required to actively recruit homosexual employees. Yes, they are required to actively recruit homosexuals. Robert Gagnon helpfully points out: Executive Order 11246 (paragraph (1) of section 202) Read more [...]
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Try Telling Recent College Graduates That We Are No Longer in a Recession!

College_graduate_students They probably won’t believe you. We know from a lot of different stories and reports that college graduates are hurting, with unprecedented numbers moving back to live with their parents. Now the San Francisco Federal Reserve has released an “Economic Letter” reporting that wage growth for recent college graduates is especially slow.  According to the Wall Street Journal, the “median weekly earnings” of college graduates with fulltime jobs rose 5.9 percent from 2007 to 2014, while the Read more [...]
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Police Ask Wrong Question About Murderous Teens

entitled license plate Let me give you three truths: Everyone who wants to do something wrong comes up with a grievance that, in his own mind, justifies his evil deeds. The most common generic grievance is that someone in society has failed you. If society fails you, that doesn’t give you an excuse to fail society. One of the most important ways society can fail you and many others is to not hold you responsible for your behavior. I thought of this while reading about three teens who smashed a couple of homeless Read more [...]
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Peter Hitchens on Flight MH17: “Don’t Be Propagandized!”

Peter Hitchens I have to say I'm greatly impressed with Peter Hitchens here. We persist in playing with fire, and then profess shock and outrage when innocents get torched. Here’s an excerpt of his piece in the Daily Mail: “Mourn the victims... but don't turn one tragedy into a global catastrophe.” One thing we should have learned in the past 100 years is  that war is hell. We might also have noticed that, once begun, war is hard to stop and often takes shocking turns. So those who began the current Read more [...]
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Tragedy in Ukraine: Interventionism is Arrogance & Stupidity

ukraine When tragedy or injustice occurs, I fully understand the impulse to "do something." Yet wisdom demands that whatever action we undertake be a "right" response, too. I watched in disbelief Monday morning as a CNN reporter railed about the lack of American "boots on the ground" at the crash sight of MH17 in eastern Ukraine. He remarked how quickly we were able to get troops in action at other locations, why not here? Well, let's see... was this an American plane? No. Was it filled with American Read more [...]
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Radical Islamic Anti-Christian Expulsion Is 100% Made in America—a U.S. Government Creation

Iraq map In Iraq, all Christians have now fled from Mosul. As one blogger writes: This evening, our brethren the Syrian (Syriac) Catholics and Chaldean Catholics, who worship in the language of Our Lord Jesus Christ, and all other Christians are gone from Mosul. There may be some hidden in various places, but all public signs of their presence are gone. The seat of the Syrian Catholic Archeparchy of Mosul was completely burned down by the terrorist "Islamic State" this very evening, July 18, 2014, several Read more [...]
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Auto Loans: The Entire Subprime Crisis is About to Happen Again

Grand-Theft-Auto-V When the mortgage crisis hit, many people thought that it couldn’t take down the entire economy and bring about recession. They were wrong. So I have no way of knowing just how much damage the subprime bubble in used car loans is going to do. It could be less traumatic than the crash of 2008. But it could also be much worse as far as I know. Dealbook reports, Auto loans to people with tarnished credit have risen more than 130 percent in the five years since the immediate aftermath of the Read more [...]
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