Student Arrested without Parent’s Knowledge for Threatening Barney

Barney target I don’t know if Barney is still on air, but a story of a student arrested for claiming to have killed his neighbors pet dinosaur, brings him to mind. According to a local NBC affiliate, A 16-year-old Summerville High School student says he was arrested Tuesday morning and suspended after writing about killing a dinosaur using a gun. Alex Stone said he and his classmates were told in class to write a few sentences about themselves, and a "status" as if it was a Facebook page. Stone said in Read more [...]
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Ferguson - America’s Future Depends on Recovering Gun Culture

gun cultrue The latest report, if true, really makes it likely that Wilson should be cleared--if gun culture is not dead yet. Fox News reported yesterday, Darren Wilson, the Ferguson, Mo., police officer whose fatal shooting of Michael Brown touched off more than a week of demonstrations, suffered severe facial injuries, including an orbital (eye socket) fracture, and was nearly beaten unconscious by Brown moments before firing his gun, a source close to the department's top brass told “The Read more [...]
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Guess Who Supports the Militarization of Police!

armoredpolice If you have been watching the news at all you have been hearing about Ferguson, Missouri, and probably hearing about the militarization of the police. While I have seen some reporting that seems premature in linking militarization to the shooting of Michael Brown, it is still a real problem. This is not about simply the gear that police use; it is about accountability. Local police should get paid by the local taxpayers they serve. When the central government starts giving local police departments Read more [...]
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Are the Feds Really Going to Change the No-Fly List Policy?

no fly list The No-Fly List has been energetically defended by our Executive Branch machinery. They even used the list to try to prevent a witness from flying to the trial to testify against the list! Now, the Associated Press headline claims that they intend to change the list: “Changes planned on how travelers can protest placement on no-fly list.” The Obama administration is promising to change the way travelers can ask to be removed from its no-fly list of suspected terrorists banned from air Read more [...]
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We Need to Remember John Adams When We Analyze Ferguson Commentary

young john adams Unlike many Christian conservatives, I think Justin Raimondo is a national treasure despite his flaws. But sometimes he says things that seem disturbing and wrong. His last column leads off with an instance of this: The facts surrounding the murder of Michael Brown, an 18-year-old resident of Ferguson, Missouri, gunned down by Darren Wilson, a Ferguson police officer, are not entirely known – but enough is known that it’s quite justified to characterize it as cold-blooded murder. Thanks to Brown’s Read more [...]
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Did Jay Nixon Declare Officer Darren Wilson Guilty Ahead of a Grand Jury?

Jay Nixon According to Fox News Jay Nixon seems to have done just that: Missouri Gov. Jay Nixon drew criticism from his own Lt. Governor Tuesday when he said "a vigorous prosecution must now be pursued" in the shooting death of black 18-year-old Michael Brown by white police Officer Darren Wilson in the St. Louis suburb of Ferguson. Nixon made the comment in a videotaped statement in which he said he would not remove St. Louis County Prosecutor Bob McCulloch from the case despite the demands of some Read more [...]
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Pennsylvania Tea Party Victory? Not Quite, Sadly

Taxes I don’t know if any of the legislators pushing this agenda consider themselves Pennsylvania Tea Party or not, but the agenda certainly seems Tea Party friendly at first glance. Fox News reported, One year and five months — that’s how long bipartisan legislation that would eliminate school property taxes in Pennsylvania has been stuck in the Pennsylvania Senate’s Finance Committee. “It seems like we’ve been pushing it for years,” said state Sen. David Argall, the Schuylkill Read more [...]
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Executive Overreach: False Premises of “I’LL DO IT MYSELF”:

obama pen In a clear case of executive overreach, Barack Obama has repeatedly threatened that if Congress doesn’t give him his way on immigration and bailouts and Obamacare, he’ll just do it himself.  After all, he’s got a pen and a phone. All these bailouts and threatened executive action got me to thinking that maybe there is a common underlying and unspoken premise. The premise is that government – civil government – can actually do something to improve the economic vitality of Read more [...]
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Family Reunion

open bible One of the great differences between all the creatures God made on earth and mankind is the long period of dependency. Many creatures are up and out of the nest in a matter of a few months. Human offspring however remain dependent longer than any creatures of comparable size. When you're born, you have absolutely no defense against predators, and we humans can't really fend for ourselves for years. God designed this scenario because He gave human parents the great privilege of powerfully Read more [...]
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Patriotism - Something to Think About

mark twain quotation Most Americans today would call themselves patriots.  Would you? But what does that mean…to be an American…to be a patriot?  What is the basis for your self-description as a patriotic American?  This is something to think about! Words matter. Definitions matter.  How you perceive yourself matters.  Is our education system producing people who know how to think, or is it producing people who are told what to think?  What impact would each of these techniques have on an individual’s Read more [...]
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Questions about Ferguson - Some Day Dialing 911 Won’t Work for You Either

Walmart trying to repel looters There are definitely some questions about Ferguson here in Michael Snyder’s blog that I've been asking. According to eyewitnesses, police vehicles were seen driving by some of the stores while they were being looted and they did not respond. If the police are not even going to lift a finger to stop rampant theft, then what in the world are they there for? Why don't they just pack up and leave the streets completely? If they are just there to confront protesters and arrest journalists, all they Read more [...]
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Ferguson – Repentance Would Be Good for All Parties

on the streets of Ferguson Years ago, I lived in Florissant, Missouri, a few miles from the scene of the current unrest in Ferguson. The neighborhood has changed quite a bit in the past ten years or so. That said, it is not unlike many major urban areas across the United States, where civility clearly hangs by a frayed thread. Unfortunately, barely anyone is able to look at the tragic shooting of Michael Brown without strong emotions. Some lean strongly in support of officer Darren Wilson, believing reports of his testimony Read more [...]
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