The Elementary School Mass Booty Search

bus An Elementary School demanded that students drop their pants to have their underwear searched for tell-tale excrement. I know working in a school can be tough and frustrating. But you have to deal with it in a human way that shows you respect other human beings. The children are not your chattel property. Here is what happened at the elementary school in Gustine, Texas: According to Fox 8, a group of boys and girls were divided up into two rooms according to their sex. Then each group Read more [...]
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Teens Work Hard to Serve Customers until Police Stop Them

snow removal Police stop youths from offering their snow shoveling services door to door. No they weren’t drug dealers. They weren’t trying to sell marijuana to anyone. They weren’t even selling loose cigarettes. But the police warned them to stop offering services or trying to find customers. From “Bound Brook cops stop teens seeking snow shoveling work.” School was closed for the blizzard that wasn't, but there was still enough snow on the ground that two Bridgewater-Raritan Read more [...]
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MO State Senator Jim Lembke’s Job Boom

jobless benefits A job boom came from ending unemployment benefits, just like Jim Lembke tried to get the MO state legislature to do. The Wall Street Journal editorial staff pointed out that Congress’ about face last year in zeroing out extra unemployment benefit last year resulted in 1.8 million jobs. You can read “President Costanza’s Job Boom” here. The authors find that this abrupt policy shift created some 1.8 million jobs, or slightly more than three of five net positions filled in 2014. The Read more [...]
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The Humiliating Public Loss of Barack Obama

crash and burn cash Taking back his “free” community college scheme was a public loss for President Obama. A couple of days ago I asked if the President was happy that he no longer had to worry about the Democrat majority in the Senate. Whether or not he was happy to work alone, he should be having second thoughts now. Maybe. The President’s State of the Union speech made his ideas for taxing college savings in order to pay for “free” tuition at community colleges a central new campaign. Now, days after Read more [...]
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Drone Crash Is an Excuse for More Federal Regulation

obamapreddrone Barack Obama is using the drone crash in order to propagandize for the FAA. No one should be surprised by this. Time magazine has the video posted on their website: “Obama Calls for Drone Regulation After White House Crash.” President Barack Obama has used the crash-landing of a drone at the White House Monday as an opportunity to reemphasize the importance of regulating unmanned aircraft. In an interview with CNN, Obama said the remote-controlled quadcopter that caused a brief security Read more [...]
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Drunk Drone Driving Admitted… but Government Employee

drone Drone operator confesses but he will probably not be prosecuted. Here is Exhibit 651,906,335,007 that government employees—even in the "intelligence" realm—are fallible human beings who should not be trusted with unfettered access to great power, or our most private information. Thus, the New York Times reports, “White House Drone Crash Described as a U.S. Worker’s Drunken Lark.” It was 42 degrees and raining lightly around 3 a.m. on Monday when an inebriated off-duty employee Read more [...]
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Pop-Culturized History Channel

constitution founding Starting my commentary this week has been tremendously difficult.  I am torn because in just one week ABC reporter George Stephanopoulos stated he was “struck by the final line” of Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal’s speech in which he proclaimed, “our God wins,” (video) followed by the History Channel airing its Sons of Liberty program which even film critic Thomas Verenna concludes is merely “…highly-entertaining historical fiction.” Over the past month I have had the Read more [...]
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Income Inequality Is Increased by Anti-Capitalism

low income workers Market forces don’t increase income inequality; government does. Have you heard it said that “income inequality” is a failure of capitalism? Well, maybe we could say that, if what we had in America today was capitalism. But that's far from the case. Our income inequality is largely the product of a government that has vastly too much power in the marketplace, and ends up determining winners and losers—virtually always favoring the politically-connected. [See also, “Why the Tea Read more [...]
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2016: A Middle Earth Analogy

one ring How would a Hobbit vote if these elections were held in Middle Earth? Looking ahead to 2016... Both Republicans and Democrats have reached for "the Ring of Power" and it has worked its seductive magic. The halls of the Capitol and K Street are infested with demonic Wormtongues, hurling the minds of our princes into the Dead Marshes on the outskirts of Mordor, and the deepest caverns beneath Moria. Hopes of the American Middle Earth for the arrival of a stout-hearted Aragorn receive fresh Read more [...]
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No Ukraine Can’t Trust the US Gov and Neither Can We

ukraine Why would any nation trust the US with our current record? Oh, the tangled webs we weave... Here is the most important section of this essay by Senator Rob Portman: When Ukraine emerged as an independent nation after the Cold War, it inherited the world’s third-largest stockpile of nuclear weapons. As a newly independent state looking to ensure its sovereignty and territorial integrity, Ukraine could have relied on its nuclear arsenal to ward off would-be aggressors. Instead, Ukraine Read more [...]
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Enforcing Equality Is the Destruction of Private Businesses

ruby tuesday Bureaucrats like enforcing equality because they like wielding power, not because they care about a just society. The fact that we have people working for the Federal government, looking for malcontents, to justifying bullying and vandalizing businesses, is a disgusting outrage. Enforcing equality is a scam. The newest instance of social justice, fighting discrimination, enforcing equality, or whatever, comes to us from the Federal Court in Eugene, Oregon, regarding nefarious practices Read more [...]
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TSA Saves Airline Passengers from Man Learning Arabic

tsa uniforms If you are learning Arabic, don’t put your flash cards in your pocket. The TSA will get you. This is a painful story to post, not least because it means I have to link the ACLU’s official site. But, frankly, in this case at least, they are doing God’s work. The Transportation Security Administration, which brags about irrelevant activity but hides all its failures, saved an airplane from the “threat” of a man learning Arabic. Here is the potential terrorist’s description of Read more [...]
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