How Does Obstructing Businesses “Petition the Government”?

police mall of america Protesters claim to be protesting police, but they are obstructing businesses instead. Here is the text of the First Amendment: Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances. Notice that nowhere is mentioned the right of the people to obstruct customers and destroy revenue Read more [...]
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Sony Did Not Make a Mistake

chris rock interview The President’s second-guessing of Sony is highly hypocritical and probably wrong. I have to admit that, for awhile, I actually agreed with Team Obama on this one. Worse, I got corrected by a quotation from Chris Rock of all people! reported, President Obama didn't mince words today when asked at his end-of-the-year news conference about Sony Pictures: "Yes, I think they made a mistake," he said of the company's decision to pull the movie The Interview, reports NBC News. "We Read more [...]
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Silk Road Prosecution Attacks First Amendment and Jury

Scales of Justice Trial by jury and freedom of speech are both supposed to be protected in the United States. In case you haven’t been keeping up with the news, “Silk Road” was the name of an internet hub that sold prohibited goods, mainly various drugs. It was kind of a Millennium Falcon on the world wide web. The Han Solo behind it was Ross Ulbricht. He has now been caught and is facing charges. I don’t think it is right to disregard drug laws except perhaps in case of medical necessity. I’m Read more [...]
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Pennsylvania Alcohol Revenue Regime Grabs Wine Collection

2 glasses of wine The Keystone State’s alcohol revenue regime means that couples can be robbed for building and sharing a wine collection. Prohibition is alive and well. At, Baylen Linnekin writes about the seizure of an $160,000 wine collection from a married couple: Earlier this year, after a months-long undercover investigation, Pennsylvania state police agents served a warrant on the home of Arthur Goldman, an attorney, and his wife, Melissa Kurtzman. The police, who had made undercover Read more [...]
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Shooters are Guilty for Shooting, not Protesters

gun line When people commit homicides, the shooters are guilty and not anyone else. The police should stop blaming protesters. [Editor's Note: This post applies to attempts to shut down criticism of police by blaming critics for the deaths of innocents (as following the links will confirm). It does NOT apply homicidal morons chanting for the death of police. In my opinion, those people are guilty whether or not anyone acts on what they say.] So, as you probably know, there have been some deaths Read more [...]
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The Missing Rage of Americans over Robbed Retirements

money vortex Where is the missing rage that Congressional theft ought to provoke in the American people? Congress put our savings at-risk, and set up to rob pensioners—I posted about it both before and after passage of the CrOmnibus that enacted it—and crickets chirped on my Facebook feed and elsewhere. Why, we have so much greater priorities to keep up with, like the Kardashians!  Yep, we get the government we deserve. Here is yet another warning from the United Kingdom paper, The Guardian: “Where's Read more [...]
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Pro-Police T-Shirt: “Obey Us or We Might Kill You”

breathe easy Is “obey us” the only solution a pro-police advocate can propose? So here is an image that showed up in my Facebook feed over the weekend.  I don’t agree with everything in it. Among other problems, I’d like a court to hear arguments about the use of the word “murder” for what happened. My first thought was that I hoped this story is not true. But, at least in general, it is. From “Sales of 'dangerous' T-shirt soar today.” Sales of a controversial T-shirt appeared Read more [...]
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Michael Vick Treats Creditors Better than Dogs

nfl Michael Vick has paid down virtually all his debts even though he didn’t have to do so. As you probably know, Michael Vick was found guilty of participating in a dog-fighting club. He was sentenced to Federal prison. As a result of this drastic change in income, Vick ended up owing a lot of money. ESPN New York reports, When Michael Vick filed for bankruptcy protection in July 2008, his only income came from mopping floors at 12 cents an hour in the early morning hours at Leavenworth prison. Less Read more [...]
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Socialist Medicine Fails in Vermont

socialism_02 “Single-Payer” Healthcare is just a euphemism for socialist medicine. The Governor of Vermont has given up on it. I am sure I disagree with many things that Governor Peter Shumlin believes and does as the chief executive for the state of Vermont. He actually wanted socialist medicine and thought it would b e a blessing to the people of Vermont rather than a curse. To me, it is hard to understand how anyone could hold such an opinion without being certifiably delusional. But I actually Read more [...]
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President Obama Right to Call for Trade with Cuba

cuba President Obama Right to Call for Trade with Cuba: Half Century of Failed Embargo Is Enough. President Barack Obama used negotiations over bringing home a couple of imprisoned Americans as an opportunity to refashion the entire U.S.-Cuba relationship. He’s aiming to reopen the embassy, relax trade and travel restrictions, and improve communication systems. Of course, sustained caterwauling began immediately from the usual suspects, hardline Cuban-Americans, Republican neocons and uber-hawks, Read more [...]
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It is Time for a Christian Values Party

dead-gop-elephant A Christian Values Party is needed as an alternative to the GOP. [EDITOR'S NOTE: Different writers for this blog have different opinions about third parties (see here, for example). I am posting this in the interest of considering opposing views on the matter.] Like so many others, I have been warning for quite some time that the Republican Party is a fraud.  I began to see through the facade about a dozen years ago. The American political world is a two-card Monte.  The Hegelian Dialectic Read more [...]
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The Duty to Defend Life

Save the Planet Kill Yourself We have to remember our God-given obligation to defend life, especially at times when life gets treated as if it is cheap. When you study the history of the world, some of the most perilous times for any people are when a regime change takes place. For example, France experienced its most bloody century from the time of its godless revolution through the Napoleonic wars, the Republic, then back to Emperor, on to another republic, to the Commune and so forth. Every time there was a regime Read more [...]
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