Suicidal Veterans: The Ongoing Legacy of the American Wars

soldier-contemplating-suicide If Veteran Affairs can’t help people with physical visible diseases, then I don’t know what help can be expected by suicidal veterans But the number of those who have contemplated suicide is alarming. They need help. According to the Christian Science Monitor: Nearly half of all veterans of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan know at least one fellow US troop who has attempted suicide, and 40 percent know someone who has died by suicide, warns a survey released Thursday by the Iraq and Read more [...]
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Barack Obama Did Not Ignore the Islamic State; He and Congress Grew It!

mccain Syrian terrorists The headline at Drudge Report last night said, “Obama administration knew Islamic State was growing but did little to counter it...” So I clicked on it and came to this McClatchy report: “ Like the rest of the world, the U.S. government appeared to have been taken aback last month when Mosul, Iraq’s second largest city, fell to an offensive by jihadis of the Islamic State that triggered the collapse of five Iraqi army divisions and carried the extremists to the threshold of Baghdad. A review Read more [...]
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Cop Who Killed Boy Holding Wii Remote Faces No Charges

Wii Remote A Wii remote is not a deadly weapon, but a police officer who shot and killed a boy for holding one will face no charges, not even for negligence. From WSB TV-2: A Euharlee police officer will not face charges in the fatal shooting of a teen in February. A Bartow County grand jury returned a “no bill” on the proposed indictment against Nancy Beth Gatny Euharlee police said 17-year-old Christopher Roupe pointed a gun at one of their officers on Feb. 14, when officers knocked on the door of Read more [...]
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Christian Fired for Opposing Queen James Bible on His Personal Blog

queen-james-gay-bible The Queen James Bible, as it is called, is a revision of the Bible that mutilates its teachings against homosexual practice. A Christian is a follower of Jesus and takes the same view of Scripture that Jesus does. (Yes I know, when Jesus was ministering in Israel, he had fewer books that were Scripture to him. His own ministry added to that number. My point is that he showed reverence for what was Scripture then and his followers show the same reverence for what is Scripture now.) And since Christians Read more [...]
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The Real War on Women in One Picture (If this Happens Near You, Be an Escort!)

preg woman Obama's War on Women and the Unborn continues unabated. From the Blaze: Witnesses say a pregnant woman in labor was prevented by authorities from crossing a Los Angeles street to a hospital Wednesday because the road had been closed for President Barack Obama’s impending motorcade. The unidentified woman was barred from walking the few hundred feet to the hospital for at least 30 minutes as authorities waited for the president’s motorcade to pass by, witness Carrie Clifford told TheBlaze Read more [...]
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Sudan Christian Woman Rescued by Vatican & Italian Government; US State Department MIA

Pope Francis 1 Sudan Christian woman Meriam Ibrahim, with her baby in her arms, is shown in the video below deplaning in Italy: So we now have good reason to believe that Ibrahim is finally safe. And who rescued this wife and child of an American citizen? Not the U.S. State Department but the Pope and the Italian government. Here are some quotations from the Telegraph: Meriam Ibrahim, the Christian woman who was spared a death sentence for apostasy and then barred from leaving Sudan, met Pope Francis Read more [...]
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The Definition of Terrorist Expanding Under Barack Obama

holder-guns The definition of terrorist is much like the definition of “criminal” in relation to the political class: they have a motive to enlarge it. No one described this fact more dramatically than Ayn Rand in her novel, Atlas Shrugged, where she has a government bureaucrat lecture CEO and entrepreneur Hank Reardon: “Did you really think we want those laws observed?” said Dr. Ferris. “We want them to be broken. You’d better get it straight that it’s not a bunch of boy scouts you’re up Read more [...]
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Kerry Plays 'Stupid American' Again in Gaza Conflict

KerryIsrael As the Gaza conflict shows us again: one of the problems with the Obama Administration is that the people who should be doing their jobs are on perpetual vacation, and the people who should just go play golf are at their jobs making a bigger mess of things. While King Putt's absentee imperial presidency seems to have been left to roll along without Barack Obama's physical presence, Secretary of State John Kerry should just sit down and take a break from trying to bring peace to the Middle East. Better Read more [...]
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Obamacare is Liberalism's Quagmire

obamacare crash burn blimp Obamacare is not making voters love the Democrats. A half century ago or so, the United States found they had overreached in Viet Nam. The Soviet Union discovered the same thing in Afghanistan. I suspect that someday we will talk about Obamacare as Liberalism’s “Viet Nam.” The Washington Examiner reports: Eighteen percent of Americans, or fewer than one in five, say they or someone in their family is better off because of the Affordable Care Act, according to a new poll by CNN. Nearly Read more [...]
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Climate Change Summit Calls for End of Capitalism

watermelon Refreshing honesty! Alleged Climate Change is not primarily about science, or facts, or temperatures—it's about ending capitalism, and installing global socialism that will plunder productive nations to provide graft to socialist hell holes which have devastated both their national economies, and their environments. Thus, the Responding to Climate Change website reported, “Venezuela climate summit calls for end to ‘green economy’—UN-backed event ends with unusual call from civil society Read more [...]
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Pray that All Dems Campaign on the Economy Like Joe Biden

Biden laughing Joe Biden was boasting in the great economy we are now experiencing. I can only hope and pray that all Democrats join him. NPR left much of that part of Biden’s message out of their report on job training. So perhaps they realize how much his upbeat delusions would alienate him from the public. Breitbart was happy to share Biden’s sunshine message with us—for our amusement: On Tuesday, Vice President Joe Biden declared that America's jobs picture is brighter than ever. "Businesses are Read more [...]
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Portland, Oregon’s Children’s Crusade: Opposing Evangelism

i am not a sinner In light of how Bob Allen described “two theocracies” in his post on Islam and Liberal Progressivism, I now dub Portland, Oregon, the Progressive version of Dearborn, Michigan—only worse. The city where an ice cream parlor celebrated baby-killing is up in arms over a Christian group doing child evangelism. World Magazine reports, Child Evangelism Fellowship’s Camp Good News focuses for a week or two in different cities each year. During the school year, the group rents public school Read more [...]
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