Big Money Pushing Barack Obama on Amnesty

“Comprehensive immigration reform” is a goal of Big Money behind both parties. I’ve already posted several times about how the Chamber of Commerce and other Big Money organizations are pressuring Republicans to declare amnesty. The same kind of Big Money is also behind the Democrat’s campaign. Now we have this from the New York Times, “The Big Money Behind the Push for an Immigration Overhaul.” When President Obama announces major changes to the nation’s immigration enforcement Read more [...]
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Obamacare Deficit Running in the Hundreds of Billions

cash vortex federal employees Instead of the promise of an Obamacare surplus, we have the reality of an Obamacare deficit. “I will not sign a plan that adds one dime to our deficits.” – Barack Obama. Let us revisit those CBO projections about sign-ups that are not coming true. Promises were made about the financial benefits of the Affordable Care Act, which are now turning into expensive liabilities. According to the American Enterprise Institute, “Now there can be no doubt: Obamacare will increase the deficit.” This Read more [...]
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Secret Government Program Gathers Mobile Phone Data of Everyone

phone lock key A secret government program flies planes over the country with fake communication towers to fool mobile phones into connecting with them. First the good news: people who should know have told the media that this program tries to find a suspect's phone and “let’s go” of other phones. I’m glad to hear it. But this program is such a guarded secret and it does, in fact, for at least some time, grab all phones indiscriminately and gather data. One can only wonder if this unverified claim Read more [...]
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Maybe We Shouldn’t Be Allowed to Give Up

unemployment People want to give up but they don’t want to give up eating, shelter, or the use of their iPhones. Here’s a grim headline from the Examiner: “Giving up: 40% women, 28% men, 39% youth don't want a job.” According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the largest group of people not in the labor force are those who don’t want a job, a remarkable statement on the nation’s work ethic. The federal job counter said that 85.9 million adults last month didn’t want a job, or 93 percent Read more [...]
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"Put Your Fourteen-Year-Old into the Care of Pedophiles?” Now a Relevant Question for U.S. Citizens

no education L.A. school district is arguing in court for the same position that pedophiles hold. The second largest public school district in the nation just argued in court that a 14-year-old girl is old enough to give consent for a sexual relationship with her math teacher. 14 years old. That's a sum I simply cannot calculate. From the L.A. Times: L.A. Unified officials are coming under fire for allowing their attorneys to argue that a 14-year-old student was mature enough to consent to sex with Read more [...]
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Amnesty Will Accelerate the Police State

Crime Scene If Barack Obama violates the Constitution by imposing amnesty by executive order, we will see an increase in crime in our Liberal cities. Here’s an excellent piece of analysis from Daniel Greenfield. It starts with gun crime and the impulse to impose gun prohibition. After another bloody weekend in Chicago, Mayor Rahm Emanuel branded the shootings unacceptable and the city’s top cop demanded more gun control laws. Chicago’s murder rate has actually dropped since concealed carry became Read more [...]
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Al-Qaida, ISIS Kiss and Make Up

ISISenforcer Ah, twin brothers reconciling and reuniting again. It warms the cockles of your heart. Or it would if we weren't really talking about two of the most barbaric, bloodthirsty groups of Islamo-fascists on the planet. Representatives of al-Qaida and ISIS have apparently agreed to stop the feuding and fussing, and bury the hatchet. Not literally or in each other, that is, but figuratively speaking. It's pretty amazing considering how little they have in common. One, al-Qaida, is the name Read more [...]
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Military Reconsidering Putting Ground Troops in Iraq

troops in iraq We were promised no ground troops. Now that he has sent over 3000 of them, the Pentagon is “reconsidering” ground troops. According to the Washington Times, President Obama’s top military advisers revealed Thursday that the administration is rethinking whether to deploy combat ground troops in the fight against the Islamic State, as signs emerged that the terrorist group may be setting aside its differences and is working with al Qaeda’s affiliate in Syria — the Nusra Front — to Read more [...]
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All Options on the Table: Does John Boehner Mean It?

obama amnesty announced Does John Boehner mean what he says when he threatens another government shutdown over Obama’s threatened “amnesty” order. The correct response to an executive order suspending the law as passed by Congress would be to charge the president with treason, try him, and perhaps execute him. This nation can never have a legal dictator and Congress should react strongly to any such pretender. The second best response would be to use the power of the purse to counter the executive order. Read more [...]
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New York Times Condemns Decisions of Voters

Vote_Democrat Condemning low voter turnout is really an attack on the decisions of voters. I’m not at all surprised that the New York Times Editorial Board preached a sanctimonious sermon on their editorial page, but this one was more shrill and irritating than their usual. And that’s saying something! Their headline seems straightforward: “Worst Voter Turnout in 72 Years.” The abysmally low turnout in last week’s midterm elections — the lowest in more than seven decades — was bad for Read more [...]
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Trey Goudy on Jonathan Gruber

trey goudy In case you need a recap of the Jonathan Gruber affair: Over and over, apparently, Mr. Gruber called Americans "stupid" while at the same time taking taxpayer checks to the tune of hundreds of thousands of dollars. Here is Trey Goudy: I wonder... is it really all a matter of stupidity? Or is there at least an equal measure of foolish citizen trust that was extended—believing such officials would never flat-out lie in order to commit fraud against the American people. Well, they will. Lesson Read more [...]
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Jesus on the Sabbath

ten commandments oak Doors What does the Gospel tell us about the Sabbath? Wednesday morning headlines in the Capital newspaper read, “Controversial candidate Peroutka wins council seat.” Now what is intended, I believe, on the part of those crafting such language is to proclaim that although a victory was won, it was not a good thing; or another way to say it is the voters made a bad choice. But is it a slam to be controversial? In an age of evil, in a land that is increasingly degenerate, to be considered controversial Read more [...]
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