Desperate States Trying to Save Obamacare Exchanges by Merging

crash and burn cash The Obamacare exchanges are working just like they were supposed to. The states with Obamacare exchanges are “quietly” thinking about merging those operations, according to the Hill. I suppose these are exchanges that are not yet bankrupt like Hawaii’s, but heading that way. A number of states are quietly considering merging their healthcare exchanges under ObamaCare amid big questions about their cost and viability. Many of the 13 state-run ObamaCare exchanges are worried about how Read more [...]
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Did George W. Bush Offer to Officiate a Gay “Wedding”?

george hw bush witness A report claims that George W. Bush only failed to participate because of a scheduling conflict. It is important to realize, that the answer to the question is somewhat irrelevant. Jeb Bush has already given plenty of indication he wants to be a Republican pioneer for same-sex “marriage.” Nevertheless, it is worth considering. The New Civil Rights Movement blog recently featured the headline: “George W. Bush Offered to Officiate Same-Sex Wedding.” Most of the post deals with all Read more [...]
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The Freddie Gray Knife: Illegal or Legal?

ban knife The ambiguity over the Freddie Gray knife reveals a national problem Is it legal to carry a knife in your state or your city? I have found it really hard to get a sure answer to that question. Every kid (especially every boy; sorry gender egalitarians) wants to own a good knife. Many of the favorite ones are folding knives that might have a blade that easily opens with only using one hand. (I’ve always preferred a fixed blade myself, despite the extra length involved in carrying one.) But Read more [...]
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New Widow’s Mite: Couple Gives Life Savings to U.S. Treasury

burning money The story of the widow’s mite in the Gospels isn’t only about generosity but about exploitation, which seems to apply to the U.S. Treasury Department. The story of the widow’s mite (a “mite” was a tiny bit of currency in first-century Palestine) is often interpreted as a commendation of sacrificial generosity, but there is another message the story is trying to send to us. It is a message quite relevant to a recent headline about a couple donating their life savings to the U.S. Treasury. Consider Read more [...]
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Don’t Be Fooled: NSA Spying Will Continue

nsa listens NSA spying won’t be stopped the by ending of a law that never authorized it. Conor Friedersdorf wrote an interesting analysis at the Atlantic: “The Weird End of the NSA's Phone Dragnet.” In the wee hours of Saturday morning, the U.S. Senate played host to a moment that took mass surveillance on the phone records of Americans from outrage to farce. The NSA’s phone dragnet had already been declared illegal. Earlier this month, a federal appeals court ruled that while the surveillance Read more [...]
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David Stockman on Ben Bernanke and the Federal Reserve

bernanke Video: David Stockman interviewed on the baleful record of Ben Bernanke and our economy. The video embedded below is a must-see interview!! Please... I beg you... watch it. Are you concerned about "income inequality"? You should be, and you absolutely must understand why it's gotten so massive. As David Stockman brilliantly explains here it's not because of a failure of Capitalism, but a coup d'état by Central Banks in league with governments around the world. [See also, “David Stockman Read more [...]
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Memorial Day Means Support the Troops, not their Killers

isis crucifixion That sickening feeling you get on Memorial Day when you read about your government intentionally empowering terrorists. Yesterday was Memorial Day, a day wherein we honor those who have demonstrated commitment, and often suffered so much in what was usually an honest attempt to serve the land they love. Many of these fellow countrymen deserve our gratitude and respect. As for those who send them overseas at the behest of psychopaths, lobbyists, and other criminal masterminds who should never Read more [...]
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Rand Paul's Best Campaign Ad Is also His Greatest Act as Senator

rand ron paul Rand Paul's best campaign ad might be saving the American people from the Patriot Act before he is even President! The best part about Rand Paul's best campaign ad is it doesn’t cost him a penny. He doesn’t have to buy time on television or on the radio or in the newspapers. He gets publicity for free. For example, consider this headline from Politico: “PATRIOT Act on life support after Rand Paul stymies renewal efforts.” The Senate plunged into chaos Saturday as Republicans found themselves Read more [...]
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School Girl Learns She Lives under Atheist Regime

censored If you are conditioned to not talk about God in public, even in institutions you are forced to attend, you live under an atheist regime. Parents can, with reasonable freedom, pull their kids out of public school and either use private school or home school, if they can afford the double hit of continuing to be taxed for the school while having to pay for an alternative education. But the fact remains that government taxation laws and truancy laws coerce parents into sending their children to a Read more [...]
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South African Warriors Take on Boko Haram without Hashtags

hashtag against the enemy It takes some veteran South African warriors to show us how to deal with terrorists. One of the things that I hated about the Iraq invasion was that Blackwater (now Academi) gave mercenaries a bad name (at least as far as the media reported). While the military could conceivably use private contractors to evade certain legal requirements (which could be either good or bad depending on the nature of the requirements), when mercenaries work directly for the military they are barely private any more. But Read more [...]
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PETA Hauls Man into Court for Verbal Abuse of Sheep

sheep For the verbal abuse of sheep to take place, they have to understand human speech, right? This reads like a joke—like a story in The Onion. But it is important to realize that real courts are dealing with this accusation as a serious issue. An Australian news site reports, “Sheep stay silent in war of words over whether animals can suffer verbal abuse.” It began in September last year, when the New South Wales branch of the RSPCA received a tip-off about the alleged mistreatment of sheep, Read more [...]
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Teen Mother Imprisoned in Abortion Clinic

bristol palin teen pregnancy She wouldn’t have been the first teen mother forced to have an abortion, but she escaped. Here is a little story from the abortion slaughterhouse via Lifesite News: “15-Year-Old Pregnant Girl Held in Abortion Clinic Against Her Will Rescued by Police.” The story is reported by Sarah Terzo, who is “a pro-life liberal who runs, a web site devoted to exposing the abortion industry. She is a member of the pro-life groups Pro-Life Alliance of Gays and Lesbians and Secular Read more [...]
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