We Need a Special Prosecutor for the IRS Scandal

jay sekulow Why do we need a special prosecutor? The entire country has a stake in ensuring that the IRS is not "weaponized" in the hands of any Party or ideology. Those not supporting this investigation are consummate fools, because a weaponized IRS can be turned around against others when the winds of political power change. Here is Fox News’ coverage of the story: “IRS lawyer: Lois Lerner's BlackBerry deliberately destroyed after start of congressional probe.” Lois Lerner’s BlackBerry was Read more [...]
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DOJ AttackingTown for Not Licensing an Islamic Cultural Center

potential islamic cultural center Whether or not a Muslim gets to build an Islamic cultural center should depend on whether or not a Muslim owns property and has the money to build it. I’m not a fan of zoning laws. Atheists use them when they can to harass Christians. While all nations should be Christian nations, I harbor no illusions that America is really one anymore. As such, I don’t see any legal basis for zoning according to a religious doctrine. But whether or not zoning laws should exist, they do, and the town Read more [...]
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Does Every Parental Mistake Warrant a Trial Date?

mother napping As policing parents goes, or criminalizing a parental mistake, this story is not horrific. This is nothing compared to taking a single mom’s daughter away from her and trying to put her in jail because she let her daughter play at the park. In this case the woman has not lost custody. She was simply charged to appear in court. But I still have questions about the role of the police in this incident. Here is the story from WHAM in New York state: “Toddler Escapes Home; Mother Charged.” A Read more [...]
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Federal Judge Decriminalized Polygamy

Sister Wives Portraits Oh, and did you hear: A Utah Federal judge decriminalized polygamy. The ride into Hell just got culturally much bumpier. NPR reports, The case is high profile partly because the suit was brought forth by the Brown family, the stars of the TLC show Sister Wives. It's also important because as it works its way through the appeals process, it has the potential to become a landmark. As the Salt Lake Tribune reads the decision, U.S. District Judge Clark Waddoups says the part of the law that Read more [...]
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One Guaranteed Way to Kill the Church in America

wtccross Suppose you wanted to eradicate your opposition, to effectively kill the church, so to speak. However, you wanted to do so in a way that avoided any blowback, and lulled your opposition to sleep so that they wouldn’t know what hit them until it was too late. Rather than a full-frontal assault, you might try subtlety instead. Say, the introduction of a lie that became repeated so often by those with influence it was accepted as truth. Despite the fact all of the actual hard evidence says to the Read more [...]
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DOJ Forces Schools to Accept Adult Illegal Aliens

school super Questions on the application for a job in government, for dealing with adult illegal aliens or anything else: 1. Have you ever had a lobotomy? Yes or no? (If not, Obamacare will provide one at no charge to you before starting work.) 2. Do you know how to follow orders without question or thought? (If not, hand in your application now and thank you for your time.) 3. Have you ever actually read the U.S. Constitution? (If yes, thank you for your interest; we have no openings at Read more [...]
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Warren Buffet Helps “Unpatriotic” Burger King

warren buffet I'm sorry, but why are so many people surprised that Warren Buffett has proved—one more time—that he is a massive hypocrite, whose only allegiance is to what makes Warren Buffett and his companies rich? Buffet has used his disingenuous talk about not paying enough in taxes (while refusing to pay billions the government says Berkshire Hathaway owes, and sending an army of lawyers to help him keep from paying them) to cozy up to an Administration whose decisions have made him a lot of Read more [...]
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Obamacare Fraud – Maryland’s Health Insurance Exchange Under Investigation

obamacare logo Obamacare Fraud almost seems redundant when you consider the President’s “If you like your plan you can keep your plan” mantra. But there are other levels of fraud. Consider the exchanges. Suddenly ending the private markets as they had developed and driving all transactions through a single portal opens up all sorts of possibilities. CBS Baltimore reports, A Maryland Congressman says subpoenas are being issued in a federal investigation into Maryland’s health exchange. He believes Read more [...]
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Rand Paul vs Hillary Clinton on War and National Security

RandPaul Before it was Rand Paul vs Hillary Clinton it was Barack Obama vs Hillary Clinton. Obama called Clinton out as a warmonger. He criticized her for voting to invade Iraq. It is easy to forget, but the Nobel Peace Prize winner ran for office on an anti-war platform. That is how he won the nomination. It also has a great deal to do with why Barack Obama won the presidency in 2008. His opponent, John McCain was as pro-war as a candidate could be. Voters faced a stark contrast. So now it looks Read more [...]
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Civil Forfeiture Gone Wild: City of Brotherly Love Rapes Residents

civil forfeiture You would think after all the posts I have written and read for this blog this column on civil forfeiture from Forbes.com wouldn’t be that surprising to me. But it is enraging. We are governed by locusts, leeches, parasites that don't know how to stop before they kill the host. We are dominated by vampires, enemies of humanity, wolves posing as watchdogs (or watchdogs gone feral. What is the difference?). These people seem to think they have "ascended" to a higher level—higher on the food Read more [...]
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So-Called Hate Speech: First They Track It then They Target It

twitter-followme I've been pondering what to say about this project for tracking hate speech for two days. There is little more to be said than that it proves yet again that the Federal Government needs to be dismantled, department-by-department, until the only things remaining are those services explicitly enumerated in the Constitution. Here is the story from the Free Beacon: “Feds Creating Database to Track ‘Hate Speech’ on Twitter.” The federal government is spending nearly $1 million to create Read more [...]
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Child Rape Permitted for the Sake of Political Correctness and Ethnic Diversity

see no evil hear no evil speak no evil When the Roman Catholic Church is accused of permitting child rape, the Left goes into a self-righteous frenzy. Maybe all you Liberals should do some soul searching as the story is broken about Rotherham, a town in northern England with a population of little more than a quarter million. 1,400 children were abused—including many serious rapes, group rapes, and threats (like being doused with gasoline and threatened with a match)—between 1997 and 2013. That’s what a government report Read more [...]
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