Media Covering Up Gun Self-Defense Stories

I was talking to a friend recently about the whole Colorado theater massacre. We were lamenting about how our culture is so obsessed with these psychopathic murderers and that we never hear about the heroes, because sadly, in our dying culture, there are no heroes. But maybe we do have heroes; not superheroes, but heroes nonetheless. We just don’t hear about them.

Just recently in Florida, an armed 71-year-old internet cafe patron opened fire with his .380 pistol on two armed thugs attempting to rob the place. Samuel Williams, the aged hero, waited for the right time to shoot. Just as one of the teen bandits’ back was turned, Williams plunged into action, chasing them both out the door with bullets. They were both “beside themselves” as they fell over each other trying desperately to get out the door and away from this crazy old gun-toter (you should see the video; it’s hilarious). The two robbers were hospitalized with gun shot wounds and arrested later on robbery charges.

Critics are saying that these robbers weren’t going to shoot anyone. They were just going to rob the place, so what Mr. Williams did was completely unwarranted and over the line. Well, we don’t know that they weren’t going to shoot anyone. It could have turned into the “Florida internet cafe massacre,” which the media would certainly have gone crazy with. But it didn’t have to even get close to that because there was an armed, law-abiding citizen there willing to put his life on the line for the protection of his neighbors, and no one ended up getting hurt except the bad guys. So why don’t we hear stories like this in the major media?

I’m sure we’re all tired of the media “theater” surrounding the crazed “batman shooter.” I’m not even going to say his name. We all know it. We know what he looks like and what color his hair is. But one other thing we know is that the media love this type of person and what he did. It gives the media something to sensationalize, something on which to fixate and talk about non-stop knowing that fear-addicted Americans will sit and gawk at their TV’s or radios. It’s good for ratings. And when it’s good for ratings, it’s good for money. Yes, the media love a story like this because it makes them money. After all, they are a business, and they’ve got to profit somehow.

And it gets even better when these media people invite “experts” on their shows to talk about guns and how politicians need to just “do something” about them. Of course, that makes the liberal viewers mad because they believe these “experts”; and it outrages us conservatives because we know that “guns don’t kill, people do.” And again, the media sit back and watch the conservatives and liberals duke it out while their ratings go up (and with the media’s current dismal rating, they need all the help they can get). But I think there’s something more than just profit that drives the media.

How about an agenda? It seems we only see the bad news. We see the murder stories, the armed robbery stories, terrorist attack stories, kidnappings, child molestation, rapes, etc. Yeah, we might see some “heart-warming” story about how a cute kitten was rescued from a tree, but in general, we see mostly bad news. And I think that’s for a reason. It’s to elicit fear in the mind of the viewer and to convince us to live in constant fear of our surroundings. The media try to brainwash us into associating guns with bad people. Don’t you love it when the media show images of the “assailant’s” arsenal all sprawled out on a bed maybe next to a stack of cash (as if those things are inherently evil)? And then they show some scruffy, scowling picture of the alleged “bad guy”. It might even turn out that this bad guy was innocent after all, but it doesn’t matter.

The association is already done. If you have a gun, then you’re like that bad guy on TV. The more people are afraid, the more they will willingly give up their rights and even demand that those in power take them away from us in order to protect us from ourselves. The media won’t talk about the myriad cases where law-abiding citizens defend themselves and others from certain death using guns. That might convince viewers that guns can be used to protect people.

We’ve all speculated about the theater shooting and how if there had been just one person in that theater with a gun, he could have prevented all this carnage, and he would certainly have been a hero. But from the media’s perspective, there would be no news story in that. Nothing to sensationalize. More importantly, it wouldn’t be consistent with their agenda. So, like Samuel Williams’ story, no one would end up hearing about it. Just because something isn’t on the news doesn’t mean it didn’t happen. Contrary to what our media won’t tell us, there are heroes among us.



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  • David

    How about all of the shooting events in the Olympics that the media will never let you see because it might put guns and gun owners in a positive light?

  • jb80538

    The media wants to present guns as a bad thing. You hardly ever see a story where a gun owner stopped a crime or killed someone in self defense even though it happens EVERY DAY!

  • Greyson

    These guys came into the cafe with a gun pointed at patrons. Are we supposed to stop and say “are you planning to shoot us?” before you take out your weapon and shoot them? I’ve seen the video and the man was obviously well trained (dropping to one knee and aiming) in the use of guns. We have a second amendment right to own guns. That should be the end of it. The bad guys will always be able to get guns no matter what the law is. Sometimes even directly from the government! (I reference “fast and furious)

  • Happy Alaskan

    I’m a card carrying member of the NRA and proud of it. Every month I receive their magazine, American Rifleman. Each month it reports on people who used weapons for self defense. Sometimes the encounter ended without any injuries, and sometimes the perp is killed. Too bad. As the expression goes, If you’re going to be dumb, you’d better be tough. There are a lot of seniors who would be dead or seriously injured if they were not armed. All you righteous gun banners would be screaming murder if your spouse, daughter or son were raped or assaulted, or even murdered, especially in your own home!!! Us law abiding citizens are not the problem. Ted Kennedy and his car killed more people than my guns have. Disarm the lawful citizens and see just what kind of country we end up with. Smarten up. I’m thankful every day for the NRA. They just stopped the United Nations gun treaty and protected the 2nd Amendment. That’s more than I can say for Obama. He wipes his feet on the Constitution every day.

  • Jerry Alexander

    I think challenging the “MSM” to debate the public,live! will at least put them in their place.It will be a Win-Win situation.If they show up they loose,if they back down they loose.

  • Sick of corrupt media

    The media is evil and protects evil.

  • GAP

    I do not have a CC permit and I do carry when and where i deem nessasary for over fifty years & in spite of that it has protected myself & others on numinous occasions only not as sensational as the above story without ever firing a shot. my view is no one or gov. has the power of permission over security. I am a law abiding citizen of legitimate laws & CC is not one of them.

  • Robert

    out of 300 million in the u.s., there are so many heroes it’s not funny. turn off the mind control propaganda and start looking around and talking to people – it’s amazing how similar we really all are. if we stop reading their stuff and watching their crap, a strange thing happens… we become more human, less fearful, happier, and excited about our existence. control freaks don’t like that – they like fear, control, lethargy, etc.

  • unwillingvictime

    Not long ago I was talking to someone who is a ccw permit holder. While shopping at Walmart one day, he bent over to pick something off a low shelf. During this, his weapon became uncovered. Instead of saying something or minding their own business, they reported it to store security who in turn called Police. It was dispatched as “man with a gun” only. Apparently, this person panicked due to all this BS being shown on the media outlets. This poor guy minding his own business had his weapon confiscated after being the recipient of a Felony arrest. In other words, arrested at gunpoint by multiple officers. He was chastised by police due to his weapon becoming unconcealed, and threatened that if it happened again, he would lose that permit! If whoever called had just used common sense instead of paranoia that is embedded in their minds, nothing would have happened. People with guns equal bad, bad, things! NOT!! People have asked me what I would do if I was stopped while carrying. I thought this rather strange as I never worried about that. I was told if I said anything they would probably draw their weapon and drag me out of the car. This is the mentality people have because of the media and their agenda. I bring this up as it happened I was stopped at 2am last week. First words out of my mouth were telling the officer I was in fact carrying a weapon. HE ACTUALLY RELAXED!! No, I was not dragged out, he just asked for ID and thanked me for telling him I had the weapon, PERIOD! Instead of wondering “if” he knew. End of that question.

  • mesaman

    What? And ruin Hippo Hips Clinton and YoYoBamma’s agenda? The dungbeetles love to root around in the offal and make faulty conclusions from their task. They may attempt to control guns, but if they can’t find em, they can’t take em.

  • justme

    When are we going to stop protecting the criminals and start protecting the victims?

  • dixie

    I guess after this event I’d say to everyone arm yourself the life you save will be your own, the gov. doesn’t care that the criminal will always have a gun and so will the mentally disturbed the gov wants to arm Mexico and disarm America figure this one out

  • Tom

    “Main stream” is really the lame stream. They are the cream of the abetters. They should feel so guilty and convicted that they caused some of these murders for not telling the truth to the public and that concealed carry is the right thing to help stop these senseless murders. You can be sure that you will never find a hero in main stream media ! SPINELESS !!!

  • COVERT70

    I am former Military (Military Police ) and Law Enforcement, and there are 49 “right to carry states” in this country who all have lower crime RATES THAN THE STATES AND CITIES WHO DO NOT HAVE SUCH LAWS. THE CRIMINAL WILL NOT JUST KNOWINGLY COMMIT A CRIME AGAINST SOMEONE that he or she suspects may be carrying a weapon legally ! Think I will write tto N.Y. Times and their Mayor, The washington Post, Maryland newspapers and several publications read by liberals with an advertisement, half page size in color, stating the actual statistics and supported by many well known individuals and the FBI and ATF. Numbers when given correctly do not lie and are factual information!
    ” An armed Citizenry is a Polite Citizenry” ! I have had a CCWP for over ten years and caqrry everywhere that is legal at all times. Stopped a perpetrator from stealing a large amount of expensive meat from a Publix Supermarket one day due to my ability to hold him and the right I had to be armed as he had a knife which he quickly dropped when I said I was armed and pulled out my weapon ! Right is Right and criminals will get a weapon by any means and pay no attention to any laws !

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