How We Got Screwed by Non-Voters, Libertarians, and "Principled" Conservatives

Yesterday I wrote that our failure to elect Mitt Romney could not be blamed on the man's candidacy, as so many are now doing. I blamed the vanity of the country, that they would rather elect a pop-culture icon than a proven, tested leader.

I still stand by that being the primary cause of our defeat, but there is also the disheartening fact that Republican turnout this time around was three million short of John McCain's numbers in 2008. If those 3 million people had voted in this election, Romney would have won the popular vote, though it is still unlikely that he would have won the electoral vote. So we cannot blame this statistic for his loss.

The only conservatives whom I have heard saying they would stay home on Election Day were Evangelicals who refused to vote for Romney because of his religion. It is likely that the majority of the 3 million who stayed home lived in heavily evangelical states--states Romney won regardless. For that reason, I do not think those three million absent voters cost us the election.

However, what we can blame these non-voters for is the disgraceful fact that Romney lost the popular vote. The popular vote does not elect a president, but it does create a perception. Had those three million Republicans sucked up their sanctimony and gone to the polls, Romney would have won the popular vote, and it would have been a harder case to make that conservatism is a lost cause.

Our loss of the popular vote really damaged perceptions, for it now appears that voters prefer socialism to conservatism, even though the three million voters who stayed home were conservatives.

A more troubling case is that of Florida. Romney lost Florida by a mere 0.7 percentage points. And third-party candidates--by which I mean third-party candidates officially on the ballot and those who received write-in votes--received 0.9 percent of the vote. If those wasted votes (as indeed all third-party votes are a waste) had gone to Romney, he would have won Florida. This still would not have given Romney an electoral victory, but the perception would not have been so damaging.

If it were not for Libertarians and people voting third-party on some mutation of a principle, then there would not currently be as big a perception that conservatism and Libertarianism is so wildly unpopular when the other option is socialism.

At this point I would like to extend a hearty congratulations to Libertarians and non-voting conservatives: my friends, you've contributed to your Libertarian and conservative dreams now having no chance of ever being realized.



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  1. Chaplain Peter says:

    Yes, I admit it. I am one of those principled Christians that would not vote for Mo or Jo jr. As for public perception I couldn't care less, it is my Lord's approval that counts. The condition of our Nation is not from men holding to godly convictions, but men with no backbone to stand up for truth; Gods' truth. Not only did Mo jr.and Joe Smith jr. keep me from voting, but the whole government is allowing a usurper with no real birth certificate or SS# to take over this country and turn it into Sodom & Gomorrah. The wages of sin is DEATH. THE 2008 ELECTION WAS ILLEGAL, THE LAST ONE IS ILLEGAL. THE GIFT OF GOD IS ETERNAL LIFE THROUGH JESUS CHRIST OUR LORD. Rom.6:23

  2. If you're not voting based on principals, what's the use in voting at all? This anti third party crap is what got us where we are today. Our only choice is between the left and right arm of obviously the same party! Voting Democrat and Republican for the last 147 years has brought us to where we are today and if people never wake up to that fact, then there is no help for the ignorant!

  3. LiveFreeOrDie says:

    We got SCREWED by JUSTICE ROBERTS. If he had done the right proper thing and the vile and unconstitutional Obamacare was STRUCK DOWN, Barry would have LOST his "signature legislation" and the election. BLAME the COWARD who is Chief Justice because whatever happened to make him change his ruling is the key turning point in the end of the USA

  4. I have to almost agree with you. First did you come up with the 3 million that didn't vote republican as 3 million that stayed at home. They could have voted and they could have voted Republican but were counted as democrats. A free and honest election is something that seems to be hard to find.
    On the other side of the statement, is should people actually vote with their heart and soul for someone they believe in or go with one of the big 2? I have been tempted to not vote Republican or Democrat but I know that will be a wasted vote. I however feel that everytime I vote it is just a wasted motion. I was once a democrat and then have voted republican since that point. I do not consider myself a Republican, I like to say I am a independent. If there is only going to be two posibilities how independent can you be?

  5. In addition to the above reasons, include crooked voting machines, Unlawful voting, etc.

  6. Romney Lost, Because All the Blood-Sucking Leeches voted themselves Free Lunch! As long as the Left can Give the Country to the NON-WORKING J"ASSACKS" they will Stay in Power!

  7. I am a libertarian, and I voted for Gary Johnson. We represent only 1% of the vote. We voted for a president who promised lower spending, lower taxes, a cessation on the war on drugs, and more liberties. We are not the ones to blame, since we voted for the right government.

    What was to blame is the political machine and crony journalism. American journalism is a political party, separate from the Democrats and the Republicans. Usually, what ever the Journalists back wins Presidential elections. This election proved that American Journalists are cronies to those in power, since several good and decent men (and a woman) were ignored. I will continue to vote for Liberty as long as we continue to have elections.

  8. I see that you are firmly entrenched in the false two-party paradigm. There is NO SUCH THING as a "wasted vote" if you are voting your conscience and principles.

  9. It would not of mattered one way or another.The votes were stolen and the military didn't even get a chance.So to blame some one then blame the system that was rigged.And what has been done about it?The same thing that happens when ovomit has to make a decision just sweep it under the rug and avoid all contact by going on vacation.The problem is that we need a third party and the balls to stand our ground against the corruption that the two headed snake.Ovomit would rather see a one party system and thats not to far away.The tea party was a good idea but lost its bearings when they didn't support the only candidate that stood for what we all demand.But the weak minded thinks that you would through your vote away if you voted for a third party.Until these people stand up and grow a set we will always be here complaining about how stupid this one or that one was.Get a grip.

  10. You can use any reason you want, principles, conscience, blah-blah; I take just a little comfort in knowing that ALL of those in these catagories will be suffering as much as the rest of us who voted to save us from the muslim/marxist illegal candidate. Enjoy!

  11. Bullshit. I guarantee that Romney would have been just as bad as Obama.

  12. Romney's "leadership" was not evident to the people who were volunteering
    to get out the vote--we were swimming upstream against the current. NONE
    of his campaign materials were easy to acquire, nor were they cheap. Some
    candidates provide FREE materials--Not Romney. Then on election day when
    we usually spent all day calling to get out the vote, suddenly the whole computer system went down. (This could have been accomplished by ANYONE, including Democrats--don't know, but it affected those wanting to volunteer, who had nothing to volunteer for.) I was pretty disgusted with what I perceived to be a desire to lose. Romney has demonstrated (to me) that RINO trait of fighting diligently to win
    the nominaiton, then becoming milk-toast when facing the Democrat. Anyone can sign up to be a Republican, and why wouldnt the party be full of people who
    really want the Democrat to win? Still mad.