Gun Shows and Gun Buying Breaking Records

Americans are becoming even more distrustful of their government. They are also fearful of a segment of society that is hell-bent on taking our lives and property. It’s bad enough that our legislators vote to steal our money. If it’s OK for politicians to act illegally, dismissing their oath to uphold the Constitution that they swore to obey, so why is it wrong for others to break into our homes and take the money directly?

The Constitution doesn’t give elected officials the authority to take our money in ever greater amounts, and yet they do it every election cycle. Street-walking thieves are using the same logic. “If Congress can violate the law, why can’t we?”

What’s different about a thief dressed in a suit and tie who votes to use the power of the State to take our money and some guy dressed in black Hoodie who creeps around in the dark to do it?

At least we can protect ourselves against the creeping thieves, but not if the government passes laws that make it illegal to buy and own guns for protection. A woman in Georgia protected herself and her children after a man broke into the house with a crowbar and began ransacking the house. The woman hid in a closet with her twin daughters but not before getting a .38-caliber revolver she kept in the house. When the intruder opened the closet door, the protective mother shot the suspect five times in the face and neck.

Since Congress and the President may try to pass laws to make us defenseless, Americans are stocking up on weapons as insurance against thieves, rapists, and murderers. That’s why we’re seeing evidence of record gun buying from Florida to California.

“Nearly 8,000 people attended the first day of the Florida Gun Shows’ exhibition this weekend in Orlando, according to event organizers.

“Crowds broke records on Saturday, and organizers said it’s possible they’ll see even larger numbers of gun enthusiasts before the weekend ends.

“Hundreds of gun buyers took vouchers that would allow them to return on Sunday because it was difficult to get into Saturday’s events.

“‘[Gun enthusiasts] are buying and they’re buying as fast as they can get them,’ said Victor Bean, promoter for Florida Gun Shows. ‘We’ve had some exhibitors who had to cancel because they didn’t have any inventory from their gun shops.’”

Most Americans do not trust the government.

It’s no wonder that even California is seeing record crowds. More than 6,000 people filled the Ontario Convention Center over the weekend in Ontario, California. This was more than double the number the Crossroads of the West Gun Show promoter expected.

“‘Nationally manufacturers can’t keep up demand for firearms or ammunition,” said Bob Templeton, with Crossroads of the West Gun Shows. ‘There’s no ammunition at stores, I’m understanding, anyway.’”

It’s OK for the Department of Homeland Security to purchase more than 200,000 rounds of ammunition, but your average law-abiding American citizen just trying to protect himself from lawless thugs may be denied the right in the future. If guns and ammunition are outlawed, only outlaws — street thugs and government agencies — will have guns and ammunition.

“‘ATF: Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms’ should be a sign on a convenience store, not a government agency.”



Gary is a graduate of Western Michigan University (1973) and earned his M.Div. at Reformed Theological Seminary in 1979. He is the author of countless essays, news articles, and more than 27 book titles.

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  • keepersleeper

    What better way to tear the country apart than by pitting one group against another? Those of us who recognize this are obligated to stand against it. I have children whom I want to live in a world that will not judge them by their color, but by their character. Obama’s agenda is foul and ugly…fighting his policies should be priority #1!!

  • Adrian Vance

    The real issue that we do not trust this government and have not for a long time.

    Come see us at The Two Minute Conservative, When you speak ladies will swoon and liberal gentlemen will weep.

  • Hagar

    It seems to me that obama has done more to damage race relations than anyone I have seen in my life time. I have only 3 black friends that I call friends and they will remain friends but with current conditions I have no need for friends black or white. It is getting dangerous in the streets it seems to me and the more we see of obama the more dangerous it gets it seems to me.

  • Ron G

    This morning on the Kathleen Dunn show, her guest, a Prof of political science in Calif stated that gun ownership costs the taxpayers millions when there is a tragic incident such as the one in Conn. He thought that gun owners should pay a special tax to pay for these incidents because he didn’t own a gun therefore he shouldn’t have to pay for it.

    That’s the same as my saying that I didn’t vote for Obama therefore I shouldn’t have to pay for his mistakes. Tax the ones that voted for him and let them pay for him.

    The gun show, and other gun sales are conducted under the laws set forth by federal, state and local gun laws. If these gun control people want to do something constructive, stop the sale of guns on the black market. Insist that those who let those automatic weapons that disappeared during fast and furious be prosecuted along with those who are trying to cover it up. Those guns have killed at least 6 people and by some reports, over a thousand.

  • Georgiagirl64

    I really wish that people would leave race out of 2nd amendment discussions. I live in the South (I’m white, by the way), and know a good many blacks who feel the same way I do about the dangers of gun control. It is not a racial issue! We need to stand together with like-minded people, no matter what race they are. We are in danger from our government, and this is no time to be hateful and petty.

  • Sam

    I don’t trust the government one bit. This administration is evil. Take for instance, this year’s flu shot. We have so many sick people with the flu where I live, that when I left the doctor’s, it was standing room only. I am taking care of people who had the flu shot. I have also been talking to people who got pneumonia after they got the pneumonia shot. My mother just got out of the hospital with severe flu and she had the flu shot. It makes me wonder if the government isn’t trying to bump off the old people so they put saline in the flu and pneumonia shots instead of the vaccine. Leaders have done much worse in the past and yes, it can happen here. Obama is a Marxist and he is a Muslim. He has been arming our enemies and helping the Muslim Brotherhood unite the Arab countries under their caliphate.

  • 1_Eddie_1

    When do we start trying the traitors?

  • Silas Longshot

    This government will not rest until all Americans are disarmed, obedient subjects, dependent on the government dole for every need.
    Too old to run, to stupid/stubborn to give up my Constitutionally guaranteed gun rights and American heritage, I will not see this nation become a slave plantation for my grandchildren.

    Molon Labe.

  • Ray

    War is coming, get ready! Remember who started it & let’s clean up this Country so our kids & their kids will have a decent chance at a moral life!

  • Jed54

    Its definitely not a race issue. but my neighborhood seems to be having a rise in burglaries by black males. Caught one in my yard New Years Eve… They can sure run…..

  • Luzmark1

    And if they are going to publicize gun owners addresses they should print the name of a central address or lodge.

  • eyeswideopen

    Mr.o is a puppet for valerie jarrett and the kill America crowd. In Bengazi, as never will be reported, the Ambassador was set up to die because of the arms this administration was supplying to the enemy. The ambassador was a part of the whole thing and became a casualty in it. To them at the top, the decision was made to snuff him out, hopefully without any attention drawn, ooops. In Afghanistan, we supply both sides of the war. You’ll never hear that on CNN. It’s corrupt top to bottom and we are played for fools, told lies that many Americans actually believe from the government media.

  • quipster

    You can never have enough guns just ask our Founding Fathers !

  • Concerned Aussie

    Folks DON’T give up your Firearms! Ours were taken away from us because we were not protected by a Constitution like you folks are. In my home state they have just changed the law on folding knives – Not flick knives, not spring assist, but ALL folding knives. It is the Worst type of Law, it is left to the discretion of the street Cop. No set rule, if the Cop doesn’t like you or doesn’t think you have a good enough reason to carry a knife (any/all knives) you will be arrested. This is YOUR future, Protect your Constitutional Right to defend yourself against Criminals AND Tyrants.
    God Bless The USA

  • Ken Sabic

    Obama’s actions are not about guns it’s about control! His objective is to control the American people. If he was concerned about the children killed at Sandy Hook then why does he condone abortion especially late term abortion where the baby is born alive and then killed by a barbarian doctor by reaching in through its nose and removing its brain? Obama is a Marxist/Socialist and his goal is to bring America down by any means. “The ends justify the means.”

  • colt38

    This so called president will not be content until all whites have no protection and the blacks have all they want.

  • Frank Conover

    Obama is N.F.G. as a president. He is Hilter reborn as a black man. Why this anus hole so called president has not be impeached yet I can not understand.

  • Baron von snottlocker

    Need to quit sending F16’s to our enemies, quit shipping arms used in Libya, egypt, to iran, muslim brother hood, hamas, etc. Our government is in the arms business big time. If BHO wants to control arms, control those!

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