Gun Manufacturers Refuse To Sell To Government Agencies

For months, we’ve been showing the hypocrisy of the left when it comes to guns. They don’t want guns for citizens to protect themselves, but they want guns for police, government officials and bodyguards. And no one can justify having an AR-15. Even though it is only a semi-automatic weapon like most handguns, they look scary, and therefore should not be accessible to citizens. Police and military, sure, but not oridinary people.

Well, it looks like those restrictions are backfiring. Six firearms manufacturers are fed up with these gun control laws around the country, and they’ve made announcements stating that they will no longer be selling their products to any government agency within a jurisdiction that restricts firearms from citizens.

Olympic Arms had this to say:

 “Due the passing of this legislation, Olympic Arms would like to announce that the State of New York, any Law Enforcement Departments, Law Enforcement Officers, First Responders within the State of New York, or any New York State government entity or employee of such an entity – will no longer be served as customers. In short, Olympic Arms will no longer be doing business with the State of New York or any governmental entity or employee of such governmental entity within the State of New York – henceforth and until such legislation is repealed, and an apology made to the good people of the State of New York and the American people.”

Here’s another statement from York Arms:

“Based on the recent legislation in New York, we are prohibited from selling rifles and receivers to residents of New York. We have chosen to extend that prohibition to all governmental agencies associated with or located within New York. As a result we have halted sales of rifles, short-barreled rifles, short barreled shotguns, machine guns, and silencers to New York governmental agencies.”

 Other manufacturers include LaRue Tactical, Extreme Firepower, Templar Custom and Cheaper than Dirt.

They’re only being consistent and fair. And liberals are all about making sure we all have “equal rights.” So, if these manufacturers are not allowed to sell a particular gun or clip to a regular, law-abiding citizen, then forget it, they’re not going to sell it to a police officer or the mayor’s security detail either.

Now, if we could just get Glock, Sig Sauer and Smith and Wesson on board, then that could do some real damage. If they do join the boycott, watch for the government mandate requiring that they continue manufacturing for the government.



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  • notanobamabot

    This Saturday, February 23rd is the “Day of Resistance” where citizens can peacefully show strong support for the 2nd Amendment across the nation at numerous rallies in most if not all of the states in the nation. This is a chance to send an in person message that the rights of citizens to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed. Please try to attend the one in your area if there is any way possible.

  • deseartu1

    Let the people decide and voice thier ipinions and call them! Tell them if they want their continued business they better join the many American’s for over the 200 years + that as “Free” American’s have made them who they are today! This government is so ignorant, appaulling, sick, corrupt and who knows how many adjectives I could use that being an American anymore is disgusting to be proud of with the way these immature Obama blievers worship the sick ground he walks on! I can’t beleive there isn’t a sniper our there to take one for the team yet?

    • GunFarce

      Are you kidding? Think about it.. If someone were dumb enough to do that, Joe Biden would then be the president. Might as well just go to the circus, and hire a clown!

  • Kenneth Bowman

    The Enemy Within is a very real danger. Communists are OK with murder of as many people as they feel necessary to accomplish their EVIL goals. They are going to murder you anyway, might as well take as many of the bastards as you can with you.

  • unwillingvictime

    I have already written emails to two of them. I hope more will do this and let them know what a situation they are putting themselves in. I will no longer do any business with anyone but those who participate in not selling to these moronic governments. None of them can get by on just military contracts. These legislators need to know if they keep pushing, they will have a lot more problems.

  • Nathan51

    I guess someone has gotten the memo and is now seeking to level the playing field a bit. Lest you should think the Second Amendment is obsolete and unnecessary maybe you should read a little history dealing with Athens Tennessee and what happened there in August of 1946. History seems to be repeating itself on a much larger scale this time.

  • Lamprey Impressions

    I don’t think that S&W will stand alone when others are doing the right thing. A ‘Mandate’ will, of course follow but if you are not permitted to manufacture for one, it’s only fair you don’t manufacture at all.

  • Paul Brown

    I love this, we use their own laws to slap them in the face and not sell to them. Any company can refuse to sell to anyone, thats their free right to do so. If no one else can buy then the so called Gov. agaencies can’t either, now to stop selling ammo to the as well. Then they would really be screwed, they’ll drop the band fast.

  • redrover


  • Johnny Morris

    Hooray for the gun manufacturers….!!!!!!

  • redneck63625

    If I remember correctly, the first manufacturer to refuse to sell to a government agency was Barrett: Back in the late 1990s or early 2000s, they refused to sell their .50 Cal rifle to the LAPD or some other California police department because of ridiculous and onerous California anti-gun legislation. BRAVO !

  • Silas Longshot

    6 out of 9 ain’t too bad. Get one or two more, and we’ll have their attention. Now, if other states, like CO for instance, copycat NY, will they do the same for them? Some manufacturers of magazines (Magpul) is threatening to move out of the state if CO pulls off their illegal and unconstitutional restrictions they’re daydreaming about. And like every other blue state, CO has massive unemployment. Are they stupid enough to pass that law? Damnright, they are.

  • White Rabbitt

    Obama will simply issue an Executive Order taking over control of all Gun Manufacturers

  • davienne

    KICK government AZZ… now if the ammo companys would stop selling to the government would top it off

  • Don Bahn

    the ammunition manufacturers need to stop selling to government agencies.

  • Pam Peck

    Let’s not forget that all this ammunition is being bought with out tax payers money. Isn’t there some way we can stop paying taxes? Say, no one file this year. they can’t put us all in jail. We could boycott paying taxes because the gov is using the money to buy ammo.

  • rchguns

    Unfortunately the big manufacturers legally could not stop sales that they’re already contracted to make. Also the companies like Glock, Remington, Winchester, and Savage come under the heading of companies to large to really care. As long as they have sales they’ll make them the average person doesn’t matter as long as they have the government contracts.

  • Bill Meador

    I applaud these companies for their stand. If law abiding citizens are not to be trusted with these firearms, then I sure would not trust government agencies with such firepower, especially agencies that would use these weapons to implement the desires of gun grabber politicos. Disarming criminals would be too much trouble, law abiding citizens are much easier targets.

  • Sue Mathews

    it is about time!someone stood up to those W.D..control freaks!

  • magnusclentor

    Who cares, really? You think this country is the only country that makes firearms? I bet all the other firearm makers in all the other countries are celebrating.

  • Ronnie Crawford

    Let the Government mandate all they want. Manufacturing plants have to stop production quite often to do repairs, or retool for design changes. They just need to work in a slow and precious manner!

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