Student Told to Change Abstinence T-Shirt Because it Violated School’s Dress Code

Summer Schreiner of Cocoa, Florida attended the Silver Ring Thing Conference, a Christian event that promotes abstinence only.  At the conference, she obtained a t-shirt that read:

"Don't drink and park... accidents cause kids"

Summer believed in what the shirt said and was proud to wear it to school the next day.  Everything was going well for her at Clearlake Middle School until just after lunch.  On her way back to class, the 8th grader was stopped by the vice principal who told her to go to the office and change her shirt because it was inappropriate.  She was given a t-shirt that read:

"Tomorrow I will dress for success."

Summer tried to explain that the shirt is not offensive, but that it promotes abstinence, but her words fell on deaf ears.  She felt angry and humiliated the rest of the day.  When she got home she told her mom, Angela Hogan, who said her daughter had dressed for success.  Angela contacted the school and asked them to change their decision or apologize for wrongfully humiliating her daughter.

However, school officials said that they would not change their ruling nor would they offer an apology. Their school dress code forbids ‘clothing which contains sexually explicit, or oriented wording,’ and ‘clothing that infringes on the rights of others.’ According to reports, Michele Irwin, director of communications for the school district said:

"This is not a situation of whether or not the district agrees or disagrees with sexual abstinence among teenagers.  It's about the fact there is sexual innuendo on the shirt, and so we believe it violated our dress code policy."

A vast majority of public schools, including middle schools are involved with organizations like Planned Parenthood who promote sexual promiscuity.  I don’t know if that is the case with Clearlake Middle School, but Summer did say:

"If they teach you about sex in the textbooks and stuff, and that's in a textbook, why can't I wear something that is related to it on a t-shirt?"

Had I been Summer, I would have told the vice principal that the shirt saying about dressing for success was offensive to me as it did not insinuate the same set of values for success that I believe in.  That’s what I would have done, but then again, I was somewhat of a rebel in school if I didn’t agree with the philosophy or politics being taught.

What you have done?  Would you have caved in or stood your ground for your faith?



168 thoughts on “Student Told to Change Abstinence T-Shirt Because it Violated School’s Dress Code

  1. stood my ground! besides, if you aren't dragging along a string of kids behind you at the age of 20, you WERE dressed for success!!!!

  2. Congress shall Make no law respectingan establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the right of the people to peacably assembl, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances. An appropriate level of examination on the constitution should be requires inorder to get a teaching certificate or administators certification inorder to work in any public secondary school system and at all post secondary schools.

  3. Bob Da Grouch says:

    I'm afraid I would have been demanding a ride home, since I don't plan on changing shirts. And, I plan on washing it tonight, so I can wear it again tomorrow.

  4. As a retired teacher I can attest that some dress codes prohibit messages associated with sex,alcohol or tobacco. This shirt refers infers both alcohol, and therefore would not be acceptable. I like the shirt and message, but understand the decision.

  5. Keith Jenkins says:

    "I'll need to make a shout-out to confirm my next move. I will just contact the American Center for Law and Justice; I think there's an app for that on my phone."

  6. I don't see how they can do this with the wording in their brochure like Secually explicit or oriented wording. This does neither. Or infringing on the rights of others. Exactly whose rights are they offending, the promiscuous kids. We are a depraved nation. I hope she sues and wins. When will all this madness stop. Next they will have her wearing burquas.

  7. Yet these same left wing pricks think its ok to 'influence' our kids with pro gay messages, or anti "anything they are against" messages to get their way down the road, but OMG, you stand up for something virtuous, right or patriotic..........your under the scrutiny of self-righteous, uninformed, left wing morons

  8. Remember, that you are God's child, and this incident can be used for a witnessing opportunity. Therefore, I am suggesting that you gather a prayer support-group. this group would concentrate on the specificities of this issue. and maybe, as a result others might come to know Christ as Saviour.
    i strongly urge you to remember Romans 8: 28. this verse is often misused, if you ask Christ to help you understand the full meaning of the verse and then you will have a peace "that passes all understanding". i learned that even though i did not understand the reason for the current problem(s) that i was having, at that time; once He led me through the "stormy" situations/circumstances, i could look back and see how the problem and my reliance on Him fit into the "picture" of my life, then I understood why the situation/circumstance was placed in my life---to help me in further developing my faith and trust in Him and therefore my witness. because as i learned the dynamic of Romans 8: 28, i have now a true peace, because i know that whatever i face, is there because and only because He put it there. when we can get to the point that whatever comes our way, we can rest in the promises that He is in control, and we just need to give Him what is His, by praying "I don't understand why i am in this situation/circumstance but i trust You for your goodness and mercy, give me the power and strength to go through this and We will overcome this together." once i learned this principle, i could see how he used this to prepare me to help another individual in His service(both believers and non-believers. as well as a "missionary"; helping others come to know Christ as Savior.