It’s Time to Push for Impeachment Proceedings Against Eric Holder

Attorney General Eric Holder has again shown his true colors – his disdain for America and her laws. Recently, he took action against the Romeike family that is seeking asylum in the United States after being forced to flee their home country or risk losing their five children to the German government. Germany was attempting to force the Romeikes to put their children in a government school against their religious beliefs in a terrifying repeat of history.

Holder said that asylum should not be granted to homeschoolers because, according to him (not the law), homeschooling is not protected under religious freedom.

Regarding education, the federal government does not have the right to break the law by implementing any type of educational curriculum. Parents are responsible for training their children in the way they should go (Prov. 22:6), not the federal government (Tenth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution).

The fallout of federal education is stupefying. More than 700,000 students who graduate high school each year cannot even read their own diplomas. Bill Bennett, the Secretary of Education under Reagan, said, “The longer you stay in school in America, the dumber you get.”

Eric Holder doesn’t have a right to break the law; his job is to ensure the rights of the people, not to strip them away.

Holder, who is appointed to magnify the law against crime, has instead repeatedly magnified crime against the law.

On Wednesday, March 6, 2013, Eric Holder testified before the Senate Judiciary Committee, implying that Wall Street tycoons are above the law, in essence giving them a license to plunder the American people. Holder’s head of the criminal division did not prosecute a single Wall Street executive for the fraud that destroyed the economy.

Eric Holder has directed the DOJ not to enforce the federal Defense of Marriage Act. In doing so, Holder has violated his oath of office and clearly shows his violation of the laws of Nature and Nature’s God.

As we all know, Eric Holder is guilty of putting thousands of assault rifles into the hands of Mexican drug lords in an attempt to blame the American people for the crimes administration officials are guilty of contriving and committing. As a result, Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry was killed, along with hundreds of Mexican civilians, including teens at a birthday party and a Mexican beauty queen.

Soon after being sworn in as Obama’s attorney general, Holder ordered the voter intimidation case against the Black Panthers during the 2008 presidential election to be dropped.

During his tenure as Bill Clinton’s Deputy Attorney General, Holder was involved in the controversial pardon of Marc Rich, a major Democratic contributor and fugitive for tax fraud. Holder advised Rich’s lawyer to bypass the normal pardon request procedures and take their plea directly to the White House. Holder also failed to inform prosecutors that a pardon was in process for Rich, denying them the opportunity to intervene.

The Canada Free Press reported that against the express wishes of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the federal prosecutor, and the victims of the Boricua Popular Army, at Holder’s recommendation, Bill Clinton granted clemency to the 16 convicted terrorist group members.

Article II, Section 4, of the U.S. Constitution states the grounds for impeachment: “all civil officers of the United States shall be removed from office on impeachment for, and conviction of, treason, bribery, or other high crimes and misdemeanors.”

Since 1797, the House of Representatives has impeached 16 federal officials.

It is time to bind criminals such as Eric Holder down with the chains of the Constitution, as Benjamin Franklin put it. America is a government of the People, by the People, and for the People. Therefore, it is OUR responsibility to uphold the laws of our republic and hold our public servants to their oaths of office to uphold and defend the Constitution of the United States.

If we fail to do so, our government will become “a source of terror to all its citizens” and create “a country where everyone lives in fear.”



208 thoughts on “It’s Time to Push for Impeachment Proceedings Against Eric Holder

  1. It is easy to see thru this one,there is no political gain in this story for Obama. And also color has a lot to do with it. Call me racist if you want but truth has no race.

  2. Buffalo Bill says:

    If Holder needs to be impeached for his violations of oath the so should the President and 95% of Congress and they all SHOULD be thrown out of the government. We should start fresh with new faces that are not already corrupted with the power we give them.

  3. What about that scumbag, Thomas Perez? He and Holder both should be impeached for the crimes they have committed.

  4. Let's just impeach the whole lot of them. They're all criminals.

  5. what about investigating barrys illegal criminal aunt and uncle from kenya

  6. How about impeach old racist holder and his boss and put both in prison awaiting trial for fraud and treason!

  7. maryatlanta says:

    Holder and Obama should be brought up for impeachment. Fast and Furious, the bombing of Libya and Benghazi may all be impeachable offenses. It is time for Congress to act and defend the Constitution of the United States and the citizens of this country.

  8. its high time you treasonous bunch of representatives impeach this communist Stalinist thug Eric holder whom is a racist anyway, do your freaking job and charge this guy with high crimes. forget about the black racist caucus, they are part of the crimes and big time abetters, if they should get in the way, they need to be charged also. its time for these traitors to be brought down. let the chips fall where they may..

  9. sheoples cannot impeach, they can only bah, and ask for hand outs, and take the path of least resistance. what good is impeaching holder while bowing to your commie pink kenyan god? too poor to pay attention the sheoples are off to slaughter craying out day and night, take our wool, eat our children only leave us grass to eat, we are men, proud american men, can we have food stamps to eat? social securities? help us, our taxes are too much so we need to borrow from our god. we can do nothing more than bah.

  10. Stop talking about it and Do It !!

  11. Hang him first. We can try him later. The other mulatto, too.

  12. Holder should be impeached. They need to impeach the entire regime for crimes against the country.

  13. It is way past time to impeach this racist POS as well as his boss. None of our elected officials have the cajones to do it.

  14. Ron Coleman says:

    never mind Holder, cut the snakes head (obama) off and the body will die

  15. Holder is a disgusting as his bro Obama. Impeach both of them.

  16. This Administration has taught us to FEAR our Government. For the first time the Government has shown a disdain for the American People AND the Constitution. This Administration refuses to uphold the laws it does not approve of and goes around Congress to put laws into place on it's own. This is a ROGUE Administration. It has people in high places destroying the very things making this country profitable. I despise this government and will never trust any administration again. Both Parties are drunk with power. They are selling America to Mexican illegals for votes. We have a POTUS that lies and denies, he divides and destroys. Our schools are labs for indoctrination. Our Universities are filled with administrations and professors teaching ideologies we fought and died to keep them from destroying the Nation. This government only thinks of the people when they want more taxes to waste. I HATE THIS GOVERNMENT.

  17. You can add Sharpton to the lists for those whom DOJ has Hands Off orders. Sharpton should be arrested and charged with income tax evasion. Remember they got Al Capon on this. He is a big time buddy of our President - mores to pity.