New Evidence Suggests TWA Flight 800 Was Shot Down Leaving New York

On July 17, 1996, TWA flight 800 took off from John F. Kennedy International Airport in New York City carrying 212 passengers and 12 flight crew.  As the Boeing 747-100 climbed in altitude and turned towards its destination of Paris, the plane exploded just off the shore of East Moriches, New York, killing everyone on board.

A number of witnesses at the time claimed that they had seen something like a missile or flare strike the plane just before it exploded.  The National Transportation and Safety Board and FBI recovered as much of the plane as possible and investigated what happened to determine the cause.  The FBI notified the CIA immediately about the witness accounts, but after 8 months of investigations, the CIA Deputy Director issued a report that said:

"Our analysis demonstrates that the eyewitness sightings of greatest concern to us—the ones originally interpreted to be of a possible missile attack—took place after the first of several explosions aboard the aircraft."

Four years later, the NTSB declared that the faulty wiring had caused a spark in the central fuel tank causing the explosion and deaths of all 230 passengers and crew.

However, it appears that there may been a massive cover up in what really happened to the plane and passengers.  A documentary will air in July that will provide evidence that the 747 was shot down intentionally and that the government covered this up from the general public.

Six former investigators have now come forward to not only help with the documentary, but to request that a new investigation be launched.  Waiting until after they retired, the investigators are now coming forward to try to help tell the real story of what took place off the Atlantic coast.

They claim that there were 755 people who witnessed what happened and that the FBI had interviewed them all, but did not share what they learned with the NTSB investigators.  Tom Stalcup, co-producer of the documentary, says that they have radar and forensic evidence that proves that there was at least one, possibly more, ordinances that exploded outside the 747 that caused the crashed.

Six years after the crash, a military pilot spoke about what he witnessed at the time of the crash.

One of the original investigators, Tim Speer, is now testifying that he discovered holes in the wreckage that were consistent with a high energy blast in the right wing.  He had those areas tested for any evidence of explosive residue and the tests came back positive.  When the tests arrived, Speer claims that 2 CIA agents instantly removed him from the room.

From what I’ve seen and read, I’m not sure what to believe.  First off, if it had been an act of terrorism, why didn’t anyone take responsibility for it?  That just doesn’t make sense that no one has said hey, we did this and there’s more coming.  But then how do you discount all of the credible reports from dozens and dozens of witnesses, including the military pilot who swear they saw something rise from the ground and strike the plane BEFORE it exploded?

If the 747 was shot down, why was it covered up? This was during the administration of Bill Clinton who didn’t seem to want to do much of anything that didn’t involve female interns in the Oval Office.  Was he afraid of getting the US involved in a war that would hurt his popularity?

There are a lot of questions surrounding TWA flight 800 and I’m anxiously awaiting the chance to see the documentary.  But realistically in today’s world of lies, deception and cover ups, we’ll probably never know for certain what really happened and why those 230 people died such a horrible and tragic death.



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  1. Check the passenger list...Clinton had a person on board that probally could cause him trouble, might be a woman or who knows,but this is what the Clintons do to people..Ever since they have been in politics people has died...They would either put the IRS on them or have them killed...........

  2. Just the facts, Clinton was up for relection, and a terrorist or military screw up would have looked bad. Boeing was in competion for a large government contract, which they won, when they fell on their sword, over the cockamame faulty wire in the fuel tank claim.

  3. The government lie? How can you think that? What evidence do you have that this is possible? Don't forget, he did not have sex with that woman.


  5. Clinton was a criminal. He was a traitor to our country. He knew the arabs were shooting down or suiciding our passenger jets and he knew who was doing it, Saudis, just like they did in 911. He was paid off by the Saudis to ignor their crimes. He received millions and millions from them in campaign donations and speaking engagements that no arab wanted to hear. Just like he was paid off by the Chinese to receive our nuclear military secrets and other weapons and navigation secrets. Clinton took away our second amendment rights and then used that very law to kill over 80 men, women, and children in Waco tx. Then used propaganda to make those men women and children into criminals that deserved murder. Obama learned well from Clinton. He is even trying to one up Clinton. Clinton turned the Democrat party into the crime organization it is today. Obama is just carrying on Clinton's legacy. Clinton had eyes on a third term and beyond. He still has. If he had had the guts he would have ignored the constitution and found a way to get a third term. He tried Hillary. That has failed. He is still trying Hillary. Obama has the same ideas. What will Obama do?

  6. How can there be any sense of justice or a pursuit of justice if or when there is no clear perception of the law based in morality and ethics representing a singular consensus on the part of a vast majority of people? When countries are divided by "team mentality" which transcends basic morality and ethics, and alignments occur based on corruption, there is no justice. There are only situation ethics which demand deceit in order to maintain the power of those in office, or the status quo.

  7. The key may be found in one or more of the passengers aboard the flight. The body bag count surrounding the Clinton's is well-documented. Was there anyone on the flight that might prove "troublesome" to the Clintons?

  8. Do you actually think that barry will let the truth be known ? Terrorist attack ? Do you think that barry would let the American public how defenseless we are against terror attacks against air lines , nobody would get on planes afraid that the terrorists would put one of our stinger missles to use , it would also leave a lot of tsa idiots unemployed .

  9. jenniewalsh says:

    MANY who opposed Clinton's political career somehow ended up dead.

  10. jenniewalsh says:

    Someone on that flight knew too much about the globalist organized crime syndicate, the Satanic Illuminati.

  11. There seems to be a discrepancy in the number of people killed. The article said there was 212 passengers and 12 crew members. When I went to school 212 plus 12 = 224, not 230.