Pro-Abortion Crowd Chants 'Hail Satan'

It's been noted by many conservative authors that liberalism is like a religion, and abortion is the liberals' sacrament. Nowhere has that been better displayed recently than at the Texas capitol, where the Legislature has been debating abortion regulations in a special session called by Gov. Rick Perry.

The politicking about abortion in Texas has been heated for weeks as pro-abortion liberals fight desperately to block efforts to restrict abortion after 20 weeks and to toughen safety standards at abortion clinics.

Pro-abortionists across the nation have been on the ropes lately after the gory details of the Kermit Gosnell trial became widely known, despite the mainstream media attempts to ignore the case. Tales of bloody operating rooms, trophy body parts and brutal murders of newborns have shaken even some of the most moronically unquestioning abortion supporters.

So the hardest of the hard-core abortion troopers have been turning out in Texas, and as usually happens with fanatics, they can't resist revealing what they're really all about.

That became obvious Tuesday as, throughout the day, the pro-abortion crowd broke out into periodic chants of "Hail Satan!" in response to the presence of pro-life activists.

Texas blogger Adam Cahn has a video of one such outburst, in which a bunch of pro-abortionists chant "Hail Satan" in response to a church group singing "Amazing Grace." One demonstrator approaches the camera and sticks out her tongue as she says "Hail Satan!"

The pro-abortion mob has been making its presence known in other ways, by screaming from the gallery during debate, discussing on Twitter the legal ramifications of charging the floor and at least one assault on a police officer.

As usual, the liberals dragged any debate into the gutter, yelling "f--- you" and having little girls hold signs saying,  "Stay out of my mommy's vagina." (Because abortion couldn't possibly have anything to do with the life of a child.)

Some on the Left are trying to downplay the pro-abortionists' behavior, using every excuse from "it was just a couple of people" (it wasn't) to "it was right-wing plants" (fat chance).

The reality is this is the Left at its most honest. This is the pro-abortion crowd letting you know where their allegiances really lie.



185 thoughts on “Pro-Abortion Crowd Chants 'Hail Satan'

  1. Do you ever wonder if Pro-Abortion people are on charities to protect wildlife?

  2. Lotta good responses here. I wonder how many of these unbelievers have ever burned a finger or hand etc and remember how much that hurt. Multiply that by their entire body burning in hell. God promises that for sinners and wonder if they know that? And I wonder if they can begin to comprehend "FOREVER", which boggles my mind. I certainly couldn't imagine living with pain and suffering with it.....FOREVER. That's a really long time. So idiots, wake up and choose Jesus, God and live forever in peace and joy OR remain in their troubled, hateful life here on earth and hit the jackpot of pain and suffering when they die. Hell is hell. Let's all pray for all unbelievers; of course, God said that many are called but few are chosen.

  3. That simply is the reason why anyone who promotes abortion (baby killing), is possessed by satan.

  4. The only "moronically unquestioning" (the idiotic author's term) around here are those mental defectives who believe that a zygote or fetus s a "baby" or a "child", or that Pro-Choice means pro-abortion. That thinking is itself an example of aborted rationality. The insane zealots who want to turn women's bodies into procreation factories for the sate, or brood mares for their churches, complain about losing their "freedoms", and about "big government" intrusion into thier lives, couldn't be more hypocritical. Spare me the crazy!

  5. Two things I am thoroughly against, Abortion and Rick Perry. But, please, if you live in Texas, go to the site below and see what the real "Rick Perry" is doing to us.

    Rick Perry is the real "Mr. Trans Texas Corridor" and along with speaker of the Texas House Joe Straus and a few others, David Dewhurst, Robert Nichols, etc,,,etc,,, they are taking the kick-backs to keep this Trans Texas Corridor going at full speed. We'll soon be paying $0.75 cents a mile to drive on roads that our grand parents paid for.

    We must vote these people out at the very next election.


  6. Does it reveal anything to you? When these babies are killed it isn't simply murder. These babies are sacrifices to their god...satan!