US Gov’t Stockpiling Weapons, Ammo, And…Requesting 15,000 Russian Troops?

This is news that should cause every American, even those who consider themselves apolitical, to cock their heads to the side like a bunch of confused terriers and say, “Holy…,” “What the…,” or some variation thereof.

It begins with what is known in Russia as the Ministry of the Russian Federation for Affairs for Civil Defense, Emergencies, and Elimination of Consequences of Natural Disasters, or, as it’s known internationally, the Emergency Control Ministry (EMERCOM). It was created in 1994 by Russian President Boris Yeltsin and has a whole range of duties, which you can read about on its Wikipedia page or at its own website, but the point is that it is a legitimate agency in Russia and not a fantastical delusion conceived in the overactive imaginations of Internet conspiracy theorists.

Well, a new report by EMERCOM states that Janet Napolitano of the United States Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has requested that, according to The European Union Times, “at least 15,000 Russian troops trained in disaster relief and ‘crowd functions’ [i.e. riot control] be pre-positioned to respond to FEMA Region III during an unspecified ‘upcoming’ disaster.” The Russian troops were requested to be reserved to work “directly and jointly” with the Federal Emergency Management Agency. FEMA is a branch of the DHS. (Here is a map of FEMA Region III. Note that Washington, D.C., the heart of the country, where a lot of protests occur, is a part of that region.)

The DHS, of course, is the agency of the federal government that over the last year has purchased riot gear, armored vehicles, and 2 billion rounds of ammunition, without explanation. Juxtaposed with this news of the DHS’s request for Russian soldiers to be prepared to “help us” in a time of emergency, it kind of makes one come to reason that this stockpiling of bullets and riot gear has been for the Russian troops.

I’m not usually a conspiracy theorist, which is probably what a conspiracy theorist would say if he wanted people to listen to him. But EMERCOM is internationally recognized; they are not publishers of tabloids, but an actual division of the Russian government.

I’d love to hear theories, even from the liberals reading this, as to why the Obama administration has requested 15,000 Russian troops to come to D.C. at some point. Whatever the reason is, it is obviously an event that the US government is planning. So what are they preparing for?



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  • miltfarrow

    I think we should do what the CIA did to the Russians first time around-The RUSSIANS ARE SCARED SHITLESS OF THE ALQUEDA-THEY WILL RUN LIKE DOGS BITING THEIR ASSES

  • okseabat

    They are hiring mercenaries just as the British did for the American Revolution and using our money to do it. The Russians were mercenary military advisors in Vietnam also. Well we know that Obama doesn’t intend to give up his throne in 2016. Himmler #2 is making plans to repel the Americans when he does using home grown and trained anti-American subversives planted hear along with 15,000 Russian mercenaries. I wonder what our own Generals and Admirals are planning to do during that time. Passive demonstrations will have no effect against paid foreign soldiers and anti-American subversives of unknown numbers and arms strength. It appears they have armored vehicles, tanks and 2 billion rounds of ammunition to get them started though. I think this country is afixin’ (southern for getting ready) to turn against itself again, only more dramatically. The people against the tyrannical government and not for any ethical cause. I guess human slavery could be used but it will be strictly socioeconomic not offensive treatment and black labor this time. Hopefully we have not become so divided and the other two branches of government so screwed up that such an act of treason would be successful.

  • dskancer19

    My representative called me after I questioned his office on this issue. There are no “troops” heading our way. When articles such as this one appear, our reps go looking for the facts and answers. The program having to do with FEMA is for example is time-saving during a disaster – such as the nuclear disaster in Japan. The wording allows immediate gathering of the scientific community to act on the problem together. It stops the normal process of applying for permission for the gather which can take weeks or months for approval (which would cost lives). As for the training of troops, yes there have been – but years ago. I asked WHY this story would be released now – and the probably answer is to divert attention away from the IRS, 2nd Amendment, Amnesty, Fast and Furious and other scandals of importance. So, people, refocus on the sandals and problems prior to this story – and get with your Reps and Senators and help solve those issues. The Russian troop story was most likely released by an Obama nymph.

  • quarkie009

    What the DHS is doing is what Obama has given them permission to do and it is treason. No exception. They are giving aid and comfort to the enemies of the United States of America. All of those people involved, which includes Obama and his ENTIRE administration should face the penalties of being traitors to the US Constitution as soon as possible.

  • Raymie Connolly

    Mayors…police chiefs…then governors…this is the order of removal. Then fire departments….teachers…any state or federal worker we will remove all that want our rights and the time is upon us to make this stand…dont want to die dont be complacent with my rights…i am the citizen you are the civil servant lest you forget…i am here to remind you.

  • Dave G

    I seem to remember DHS Janet was asked about the ammunition purchases and she said, it was nothing more than we usually buy and when done in bulk it saves the tax payers money. Congress was okay with her answers and went about their business. Now as the curtain is being pulled back on the true intentions of the DHS congress is not doing a thing about it.

    They stand idly by while the American people are being lined up for a potential slaughter. And if anybody believes that the Russian troops are here to help FEMA during disasters when there are no disasters then is it possible that the disasters will be manufactured by the government? Yup.

    For as many people that have their blood shed by this administration that blood will be on the hand’s of every member of congress. When they are too afraid to do the right things or they are unwilling to do anything at all, then they are complicit and they fully agree to allow what is coming.

    Considering the worthlessness of congress and their inability to enforce the laws one should ask the question, why in the hell are they still drawing a check. If we are alone in our concerns about the direction of this country then congress is no longer needed. Pay and employment should be based on merit of performance and congress fails miserably.

    I also find it odd that our military has defended this country from it’s beginning but the military is no longer trusted by our government to continue to defend this country and foreign troops are now required? Bull.

    Obama has done such a terrible job and is worried that the military he supposedly commands will turn on him. Well if he wasn’t such an ass and hell bent on the destruction of this country then he wouldn’t have anything to fear. He knew he was going to be pissing a lot of good Americans off so he figured he’d better cover his ass. That is why there was such a large purchase of ammo and the need for foreign troops.

    If anybody that reads this believes in the pure nature of Barack Hussein Obama and he holds the best interests of this country to heart then you deserve what you get but you should not spread the rewards to others that don’t.

  • becky

    Best guess on when the troops will fire upon us? A march on DC 9 Sept ! Maybe we should just pick our Washington DC state Reps offices in their states and march on THOSE instead? We could pick the areas around that Area III so we’d not be in the belt they plan on subduing. And Russian soldiers????? What bamy’s Commies can’t find enough US military to fire on us????? We can’t afford to be trapped like rats people and we know bamy has already declared there will be need for the military and FEMA by about Oct. Suspicious anyone?

  • jakeandlizzie

    Disgusting voters who under the Constitution have the right to vote yet they have ignored the voting booth and didn’t show up or put into power men and women in both political parties that pass laws that violate the constitution and our country has reach this point in it’s great history. We can blame one person or one party no one is in power in this country except for the vote or lack there of by we the people. “We have strayed from the path our Founders forged 237 years ago. Under the Constitutional Republic they created after the Revolutionary War, the United States has prospered over the centuries beyond the founding generation’s wildest dreams; however, we are wandering further from those very Constitutional principles that enabled us to thrive.

    Our Founders developed an ingenious system of checks and balances, which George Washington described as, “though not absolutely perfect, it is one of the best in the world.” This government “by the people, for the people,” empowered the citizenry to select representatives that would unite the nation’s factions while protecting those liberties so many died to defend.

    But over the years, power has shifted from the local level to the federal government, where bitter partisanship clogs the mechanisms of that ingenious system by which we might begin to repair.

    If history is a guide, George Washington would not give up on our Constitutional Republic now – he would fight to return it to its proper functioning.

    If history is a guide, Washington would not give up on our Constitutional Republic now – he would fight to return it to its proper functioning. And he would begin by rallying the electorate. As he did during his time, he would extol us to replace wayward politicians with leaders who will act in the best interests of the country instead of their party.

    The evils of modern politics were foreshadowed by the prescient words of the founding generation.

    Washington, our nation’s first and only president with no declared party allegiance, was perhaps the most weary of the harms caused by uncompromising political factions.

    With the ink on the Constitution barely dry, the nation fractured into competitive political parties.
    President Washington derided these factions as “[a] fire not to be quenched, . . . demand[ing] a uniform vigilance to prevent its bursting into a flame, lest, instead of warming, it should consume.” He believed that they “agitate[d] the community with ill-founded jealousies and false alarms, kindl[ing] the animosity of one part against another.”

    Fortuitously, Washington prescribed how we might fight that fire: “by force of public opinion.”

    James Madison echoed this sentiment in Federalist 10, where he suggested we might cure our partisan ills via an engaged electorate who diligently watch their leaders.

    Our Founders charged us, the public, with the responsibility to elect those representatives that will rightfully uphold our Constitution – and reject those who place their own power and parties over the good of the nation. And what if we cannot find any good candidates? Run for office. It is our civic duty.

    On this July Fourth, we find ourselves in a great country that is mired by politicians who seem to expend more resources fighting one another than adhering to our Constitution.

    The United States government was never meant to be a “team sport” of Democrats vs. Republicans.

    Our forward thinking Founders have gifted us with advice from the grave: we must beat back the partisanship with our votes and civic involvement, and install principled leaders, as our Founders were.

    If we are to lead our nation towards those core Constitutional principles that have enabled us to prosper, we do so “by force of public opinion.”

    “The foundation of our Empire was not laid in the gloomy age of Ignorance and Superstition, but at an Epocha when the rights of mankind were better understood and more clearly defined,” Washington wrote in 1783, “At this auspicious period, the United States came into existence as a Nation, and if their Citizens should not be completely free and happy, the fault will be entirely their own.” Written by: Logan Beime

  • TomHorn1903

    The ammo DHS bought is not compatible with Russian military weaponry.

    • Greg B

      It doesn’t have to be. IF they do come, they will bring their own. The USG ammo grab is intended to shrink the ability of American arms to be used, post catastrophe.

  • jyrine

    We should all ask their representatives and any/all Congress persons why they are allowing this administration to bring foreign troops to our country? It’s time to flood them with a simple question and let them know you are hopping-mad about it.

  • myangelnheaven

    Obama KNOWS that the U.S. people will rise up like Egypt did, and that’s the reason for this!

  • ThomNJ


  • Rick Cole

    There out sourcing! Whats new??????????????????

  • rockyvnvmc

    They’re most likely planning a scenario, where-in the Federal Government has to declare Martial Law (against the wishes of the American Citizenry) and attempts to force their mandates upon an undesiring, resistant Peoples.
    I foresee, that all of this will come to pass, due, in part, to the Race Riots instigated by the Obama/Soetoro/Soebarkah,Bounel’s (or Whoever this Usurper really is) DoJ (with Taxpayer Money) over the, contrived, Zimmerman – Martin issue.
    Our ‘Manchurian President’ has been looking for such an excuse and has, finally, engineered such a one, that will suffice .

  • John Patriot

    Just let us know what uniforms they wear and what markings they use.

  • disqus_UuishN3ZfL

    Well Since Russians are NOT Americans, I will not mind shooting a few at all when the Feds decide to have them remove our weapons from our homes. This is a complete violation of the Bill of Rights and the Constitution. I wonder how many of their boys the Russians are willing to lose to take down the United States.

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