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Why Last Tuesday's GOP Victory is Bad for the GOP and the Country Itself


[Editor’s note: I voted Republican and thus contributed to the GOP victory in a small way. So I don’t agree with writer’s opinion. But I thought it was worth considering. Sometimes I do think the populace needs to learn this

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US Army: “Too Many Whites in Leadership Positions”

Uncle Sam

It’s getting harder and harder to support the US Army or any other branch of the military. That’s not a very establishment-conservative thing to say, but then again, the military is becoming less and less conservative. From U.S. Army

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Libs Hate Humanity: Bear Mauls Deerhunter, PETA Sides with Bear


Camille Bomboy was hunting for deer on her farm property when she was mauled by a bear who was concerned for the 18-year-old hunter’s proximity to her cub. Miss Bomboy was lucky, though, as she only received gashes to her

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Truckers Descend On D.C. For…What Exactly?

big rig

Public demonstrations of protest and the ability to engage in them are cornerstones of a free nation. The goal of protesting the government is that the government will hear your complaints and take your concerns into consideration. This presupposes that the

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Bring Back The Poll Tax—With A Twist

Low Information voter_Homer

MSNBC’s Chris Hayes, who is a slightly more feminine version of Rachel Maddow, agrees with numerous articles at liberal outlets (The Washington Post, New York Magazine, Slate, etc.) that blame the current gridlock in Washington on American’s Constitution. It’s the Constitution’s

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62% Blame Shutdown On GOP. Time to Get Serious, Guys!

u turn

Much conservative ado is being made over a new Associated Press-GfK poll that puts President Obama’s job-approval rating at a new low: 37 percent, or the average for President George W. Bush’s second term. It certainly is significant, considering that The AP

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Lib Logic: "People of Color" = Good; "Colored People" = Outrageously Offensive

pc free speech

There is a rising trend among black people, particularly the “strong black woman” and beta-male types, to call themselves “people of color,” or POC, rather than “black.” It’s a show of power over white racism, a taking back of control

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Why Obamacare Is Good For America

sticker shock

“I really don’t like the Republican tactics, but at least now I can understand why they are so pissed about this [Obamacare].” In that quote lies the essence of why Obamacare is ultimately a great thing for this country. They

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Propaganda Field Trip Enslaves Students

Squeez brain

I really hate public-school teachers. Oh, sure, some of them are good (I think it’s required by law to say that immediately following anything negative one says about people in the business of government education). But I have zero respect

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Meet The New Poster Boy For Obamacare Propaganda

chad henderson

Obamacare’s vaunted success story, 21-year-old Chad Henderson, who became a Democratic sensation yesterday when he became “the first person” to sign up for Obamacare, turns out to be a six-year volunteer for Obama’s main propaganda arm, Organizing For America. Not

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Bribed To Be A Leech On Society: Free Obamaphones With Obamacare!

Obama-phone call

This Obamacare thing must be like a birfday for The Obamaphone Lady and others like her who want the government to be their suga’ daddy. Or maybe I should compare it to a slow, tortuous Christmas morning during which you can’t get

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Memorial Closures As A Public Display Of Obama's Petulance

Claude Moore

President Obama better be careful. He is overplaying his hand over this partial government shutdown, and it could very well end up hurting his chances of getting a Democratic majority in Congress in the 2014 midterm elections. His aggression ever

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