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Our Great Country where Schools Can Give 11-Year-Old Girls IUDs without Parental Notification

iud gun

The Daily Mail is reporting that thirteen schools in Washington State are distributing IUDs to girls as young as eleven. Here’s a story to help you celebrate your freedoms and your right to self-government this Independence Day: The Daily Mail

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Bitter Irony: Washington Instructs Us How to Promote Obamacare during Fourth of July

obamacare crash burn blimp

We’re supposed to promote Obamacare to our friends and family while celebrating freedom and independence. Right. The Hill reports, “White House: Have you talked to your family about ObamaCare lately?” The Obama administration wants you to bring a side of

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Add a Bit of Homosexuality to Make Polygamy PC


San Francisco newspaper site sings praises to polygamy, probably because it started as a Lesbian couple. This story is a bit dated. But since we are seeing this pushed in, and a threesome in Montana is pushing for it,

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Guy Wants to Marry His Boyfriend and Destroy Catholic School

Gay Cupcakes

He expected to keep his job (he claims) as a Catholic school teacher even when he announced his plan to marry his boyfriend. Does a Catholic school have a right to exist in the United States? Just before the Supreme

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Judge Napolitano: Hillary Armed Terrorists

mccain Syrian terrorists

Hillary Armed Terrorists and Enemies of the United States along with Barack Obama. We have covered this over and over again, but it needs to be said until it sticks. Ideally, we need to say it until people go to

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Homosexual Fakes Hate Crime against Self; Still Gets to be Victim

haters gonna hate

Why should a guy who lies about a hate crime still get an outpouring of sympathy? How do you really know that people hate you? I’ll tell you how. When someone tries to frame you for a crime you didn’t

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Black Church Members Terrorized by Threatening, Racist Signs… from a Black Man

vincent broughton

The man said he put up signs, that left Black church members terrorized, in order to expose corruption. This story seems remarkably sparse on details, especially motives: “Black Suspect Arrested After Racist Message Discovered Outside Predominately Black Church.” A Colorado Springs

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Montana Polygamy and Reason Magazine’s Social Nihilism


Libertarians who act like Montana polygamy is something to celebrate are showing they have an agenda and ideology that goes far beyond their stated political theory. I think people should be free from political coercion to smoke tobacco if they

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Sham Equality: Women Given Extra Chances at Ranger Training

ranger logo

Just like marriage equality, giving women equality in the military means treating them unequally. Even if you could justify the headaches regarding personal quarters and barracks, etc, putting women in combat in the name of equality still would make no

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Next Step in Mass Hysteria: TV Land Stops Dukes of Hazzard Reruns

dukes of hazzard

Dukes of Hazzard is suddenly unfit to broadcast. The stupidity and moral panic is bottomless. It just keeps getting worse. A horrible, psychotic racist walked into a Bible study and, after being confronted, opened fire with a handgun and killed

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Military Wasting Money for Worse Equipment


It is not surprising to see the military wasting money, but it is bizarre to see them doing so to get worse equipment. We need national defense, but with the government in charge it faces challenges much like any other

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Missouri Counties Pushing Back Against Same-Sex Marriage?

lesbian wedding cake

Homosexuals are complaining about Missouri counties not issuing marriage licenses to same sex couples. I have no idea if clerks in Missouri counties are deliberately resisting issuing Faux Marriage licenses or not. But a homosexual advocacy group is worried. According

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