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Big Money Pushing Barack Obama on Amnesty

“Comprehensive immigration reform” is a goal of Big Money behind both parties. I’ve already posted several times about how the Chamber of Commerce and other Big Money organizations are pressuring Republicans to declare amnesty. The same kind of Big Money

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Obamacare Deficit Running in the Hundreds of Billions

cash vortex federal employees

Instead of the promise of an Obamacare surplus, we have the reality of an Obamacare deficit. “I will not sign a plan that adds one dime to our deficits.” – Barack Obama. Let us revisit those CBO projections about sign-ups

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Secret Government Program Gathers Mobile Phone Data of Everyone

phone lock key

A secret government program flies planes over the country with fake communication towers to fool mobile phones into connecting with them. First the good news: people who should know have told the media that this program tries to find a

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Military Reconsidering Putting Ground Troops in Iraq

troops in iraq

We were promised no ground troops. Now that he has sent over 3000 of them, the Pentagon is “reconsidering” ground troops. According to the Washington Times, President Obama’s top military advisers revealed Thursday that the administration is rethinking whether to

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All Options on the Table: Does John Boehner Mean It?

obama amnesty announced

Does John Boehner mean what he says when he threatens another government shutdown over Obama’s threatened “amnesty” order. The correct response to an executive order suspending the law as passed by Congress would be to charge the president with treason,

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New York Times Condemns Decisions of Voters


Condemning low voter turnout is really an attack on the decisions of voters. I’m not at all surprised that the New York Times Editorial Board preached a sanctimonious sermon on their editorial page, but this one was more shrill and

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Down Syndrome: We Live among Killers

pregnant belly

Mother of a Down syndrome child gets to hear postpartum abortion suggestions. This is the best comeback I have ever read about. Sherry Clair was in the grocery store checkout counter with her young Down Syndrome child. At The Mighty blog, she

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Washington Post Defends James Gruber, Obamacare Liar


James Gruber, Obamacare liar and architect, gets a puff piece. Here is how the Washington Post handles the admission of what we all already knew was true: “Who Is Jonathan Gruber.” Jonathan Gruber is probably having a hell of a

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Could Obamacare Shock Continue to 2016?

obamacare crash burn blimp

Obamacare shock unquestionably helped Republicans in 2014. Why assume it won’t last? I have already posted on how the media attempts to pretend that the Republicans did not sweep the nation because of the unpopularity of Obamacare are simply not

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FBI: Don’t Malign Our Assault on the Fourth Amendment

4th amendment

The FBI Director has complained about the media commenting on their assault on the Fourth Amendment. You may remember that I posted about a horrible action perpetrated by the FBI in vandalizing a suspects internet service so that they thought

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Unions Force Non-union Workers into Their Recruitment Events

no to union

Even when they lose a court case, unions get to force the winners to do their will. With tyrants, the answer is always the same: My way, or my way. Here is an example from Illinois Watchdog: “Illinois funnels training

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Eugenics Program Only Makes News Due to Many Deaths


First, the Associated Press reported eight fatalities in the eugnics program. Then Bloomberg reported that ten women have died. The Hindu claimed in a later report that eleven were dead. Here’s Bloomberg’s summary of what happened. An Indian surgeon used

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