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Armed Woman Protects Herself from Would-be Abductors


When you hear that an armed woman protects herself you need to think of all the crimes that have happened against unarmed women. WBNS-TV carried the story: Dinah Burns is licensed to carry a concealed gun, but she’d only recently

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VA Scandal Continues: Sweetheart Auditor Assigned to Investigate Hospitals

veterans affairs

Amid all the other horrible news, we can’t afford to forget about the VA scandal. The same government that punished whisteblowers for exposing how Veterans Affairs was failing out military is now displaying a new tactic—employing an investigator with a

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Microsoft Takes a Stand against U.S. Federal Government


It should surprise no one that Microsoft takes a stand. They are fighting for their life as a company. I know some people who really despise Microsoft due to their use of intellectual property. They will insist the company is

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British Independence Party Set Up for Unprecedented Victory


The British independence party is UKIP, the United Kingdom Independence Party. Back in May they won 24 seats on the European Parliament out of 73. This is was a significant message because UKIP hates the European Union. Now it looks

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Planned Parenthood Fraud Case Reinstated by Court

planned parenthood sign

When thinking about the possibility of Planned Parenthood fraud, perhaps it is best to ask yourself: If someone openly promotes baby-killing, what else are they willing to do? That doesn’t prove anything specific, of course. But it is interesting that,

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To No One’s Surprise Obamacare Death Panels Are Back

death panel reaper obama

Obamacare death panels are stupid paranoia. No intelligent person believes in them. Except that they are real. There is still plausible deniability, I suppose, because this isn’t a direct edict from the Affordable Care Act. But that is a ruse.

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Fort Hood Shooter Asks Islamic State to Make Him a Citizen

Nadal Hasan

As far as I know, the authorities are still calling the murderous actions of Foot Hood Shooter, Nidal Malik Hasan, “workplace violence” rather than terrorism. I understand that he hasn’t been identified as part of a group. But so what?

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Hollywood Corporate Welfare - California Steals From Poor to Give to Film Industry

Hollywood Sign

Movie industry Liberals act like they are such productive people, ignoring the reality of Hollywood corporate welfare. They sneer at anyone who might be described as conservative or traditionalist. They talk about their “work” as if  it is some kind

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Obamacare Success – Employed Work Fewer Hours to Keep Subsidies

Obamacare chains

I call this an Obamacare success because I can’t believe that the people who designed it were unaware of this consequence.  They chose it. We already knew that Liberals were aware of the problem because they admitted to it. They

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If Men Were Angels They Wouldn’t Be Perverts in Government

david brin quote

If men were angels, we wouldn’t need governments. If men were angels, centralized government wouldn’t be a problem. Men are not angels. Timothy DeFoggi “solicited child porn images from other members [of his child porn site], viewed images and exchanged

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DOJ AttackingTown for Not Licensing an Islamic Cultural Center

potential islamic cultural center

Whether or not a Muslim gets to build an Islamic cultural center should depend on whether or not a Muslim owns property and has the money to build it. I’m not a fan of zoning laws. Atheists use them when

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Does Every Parental Mistake Warrant a Trial Date?

mother napping

As policing parents goes, or criminalizing a parental mistake, this story is not horrific. This is nothing compared to taking a single mom’s daughter away from her and trying to put her in jail because she let her daughter play

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