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State Department Won't Disclose Info about FOIA Requests

hillary clinton

How did FOIA Requests for Hillary Clintons emails get handled? The State Department refuses to say. First we learn that Hillary Clinton exclusively used a private email account to conduct official State Department business. Then we learned that at least

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Populace Not Fooled; Obama is Tool for One Percent


A majority of Americans recognize that Barack Obama is the One Percent President Who has Obama helped out during both his terms in office thus far? Are poor minorities better off than they were a decade ago? Have Middle Class

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How Valuable is American Citizenship? Ask These Women

palm aire resort

A news report about maternity hotels reveals how important it is to Chinese women that their children gain American citizenship. I have a friend on Facebook who always manages to find these kinds of stories. Otherwise, it would have disappeared without

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CNBC: Vaccinations Have Caused the Spread of Disease


Despite the demonization of people who opt out of some vaccinations for their children, there is another side to the story.   I have to admit that I saw the original Weston A. Price story on this topic but decided

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Barack Obama Triumphs over the Keystone Pipeline


The Senate is unable to override Obama’s Keystone Pipeline veto. I don’t even care that much about the Keystone Pipeline. Now that fracking has pushed down the price of oil, it doesn’t seem as important as it once did. It

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Nobel Peace Prize Committee Shaken Up over Obama Award


The Chairman of the Nobel Peace Prize Committee when Obama was honored with the prize has been demoted. The Associated Press reports, “ The Nobel Peace Prize awarding Norwegian Nobel Committee on Tuesday elected a new chairman to replace Thorbjoern

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School Administrators Draw Hair on Student’s Head with a Marker


Is this how school administrators are supposed to deal with violations of the dress code? When people think of government institutions in a negative way, they typically think of a place that rigidly enforces strict rules. But is that really

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Hillary Clinton State Department Aides Both Used Private Emails

huma email

At the State Department, two aides to Clinton reportedly used illegal, secret accounts. It wasn’t just Hillary Clinton who used a private email account while she was Secretary of State. Gawker reports, “Source: Top Clinton Aides Used Secret Email Accounts

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Government Stingray May be Disrupting Your Mobile Coverage

one nation under surveillance

The secretive Fed technology, that fakes call towers to spy on people, might be disrupting mobile coverage for others. I’ve posted before about the mysterious “Stingray” technology that intercepts the phones of selected targets, fooling it into thinking it is

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The Obama FBI Threatens and Punishes Whistleblowers


In the Obama FBI punishments for whistleblowers are acknowledged in writing. Maybe it would be simpler to list all the agencies under the Obama Administration that don’t punish whistleblowers. We know the TSA does so. So does Veterans Affairs. And now

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Private Security Makes Neighborhood Safer and Reduces Crime

seal security

A Houston neighborhood decided to not renew a contract with a constable, and instead got better service for less money from a private security company. I’ve written in the past about private companies and individuals supplying security for communities that

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Barack Obama Will Raise Taxes through Executive Order


Barack Obama has already been rebuffed by his own party, so he will try to raise taxes through executive order. Bernie Sanders is a self-described “socialist.” Even though he caucuses with the Democrats, he refuses to join them, running as

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