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TSA: Joke About Our Security Measures & We’ll Arrest You


It’s got to be tough working for one of the most despised and worthless agencies in the U.S. government. It must be hard putting up with all the jokes, the comments, the bad press. If only everyone understood that the

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NSA Data Center Falling Apart; Opening Delayed One Year

good enough for government work

Obamacare exchanges aren’t the only things that have proven to be train wrecks. The number of people actually applying for polices is so embarrassingly low that the White House won’t say how few around the country have signed up. Of

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Shutdown Austerity: No Money for Kids’ Cancer Treatments; PBS, NPR Still Get $445 Million

big bird obama

I wrote the other day that I was waiting for Big Bird to make the headlines amid this government shutdown, lamenting to his young viewers that due to the Republican-led shutdown, he wouldn’t be able to be on the TV

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In Spite of “Shutdown,” National Park Service OK’s Immigration Reform Rally

immigration reform rally

If you’re a World War II Veteran, you won’t be able to visit the War Memorial that might bear the names of some of your old and fallen war buddies. If you’re a Vietnam Vet, you might get arrested for

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Park Service Tries To Shut Down Private Businesses Due To Government Shutdown

national parks closed sign

I keep waiting for Big Bird to make the headlines again, appearing on PBS and telling kids that he won’t be able to do any more shows because of the government “shutdown.” He might tell his young viewers that he

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White House On Government Shutdown Game: “We Are Winning”

GOP Dems dome

John Boehner was responding to reporters when he said of the faux government shutdown, “This isn’t some damn game.” Apparently, the White House thinks that it is a game, and they think they’re winning. According to the Wall Street Journal,

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High Schooler Arrested And Suspended For Having Fishing Supplies In His Car


Cody Chitwood apparently loves fishing. He says he fishes once a week, sometimes twice a week. What he probably didn’t think about, however, is that his fishing supplies were considered weapons, and were therefore not allowed inside his school’s “safety

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Obamacare Fail: Not One Person Signed up In Louisiana

obama train wreck

Obamacare hasn’t progressed as the liberals anticipated—kind of like global warming. Day one of Obamacare may have seen a few interested people logging on to their respective state’s health insurance exchange websites and “shopping” around for policies, but very few

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Government Shutdown Apocalypse: KKK National Park Rally Canceled


If you don’t see the world ending all around you, then you’re not paying attention. It’s happening just as Obama and his team of spin-doctors had predicted. A government shutdown means the destruction of the global economy. It means the

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Al Gore: Global Warming May End Civilization As We Know It


As we’ve been reporting in the recent past, global warming just hasn’t progressed the way the priests of the church of climatology had hoped. No one is able to explain the blaring 15-year hiatus in warming that’s coincided with allegedly

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Credit Card Processor Drops Gun Shop for Selling Guns


The credit card processor, a subsidiary of Visa, has decided to drop one of its clients for being in violation of their service agreement. What was their “violation?” They sell guns. Something that could never be known just by

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Boy Suspended For Having Tiny Gun Key Chain

gun keychain

At an arcade, 12-year-old Joseph Lyssikatos won a small gun key chain not much bigger than a quarter, and he put it in his backpack. At his Rhode Island school, the toy apparently fell out of his bag, and another

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