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CAIR Says It's Against Islamic 'Honor Violence,' but Don't You Dare Talk About It

MegynKelly The Muslim principle of taqqiya -- lying to unbelievers -- is well-known. There is also the principle of kitman, lying by omission. In addition, the Quran contains several examples in which Mohammed deceived enemies or in which Allah's deceitfulness is praised. Although Muslims are admonished to be truthful with each other, the Muslim tradition from […] Continue reading →

What Difference Does It Make? $6 Billion Vanishes From Hillary's State Department

Hillary Rodham Clinton The State Department made public a special "management alert" in which Inspector General Steve Linick warned  that “significant financial risk and a lack of internal control at the department has led to billions of unaccounted dollars over the last six years." According to the report, some $6 billion has gone missing during those past six years. […] Continue reading →

Putin Administration to Obama: You Hit Like a Girl

JohnKerry The Obama Administration's "sanctions" against Russia for the Crimean referendum over the weekend are, as expected, just plain embarrassing. In case you missed it, Crimeans voted overwhelmingly to secede from Ukraine and join Russia over the weekend, and Russian President Vladimir Putin didn't even have to register dead people to do it. Oddly enough, people […] Continue reading →

Student Suspended for NRA T-shirt

great-no-guns-sign Kids in schools today are exposed to all manner of morally questionable ideas, especially in very liberal states like New York. In addition to the outright assault on America's sexual morals, the liberal education industry force feeds children an adulterated history, "feel-good" math and a steady diet of left-wing political pap. One thing that isn't […] Continue reading →

Obama Just Wants Some 'R-S-P-E-C-T'

king obama You say "potatoe," I say "potato." ... Anybody old enough to recall Vice President Dan Quayle will probably recall the hullabaloo when Quayle publicly misspelled the word "potato." It was a media frenzy that hit like a hurricane and lingered for the rest of Quayle's career, branding the vice president forever as some sort of […] Continue reading →

Are You Ready for Obamagarten?

vampire squid Liberals just want everybody to have everything, that's all. Raise the minimum wage and tax the heck out of the maximum wage so that everybody can share the wealth and be rich. Lower the fence and raise the gates so that everyone can share the citizenship. Shrink the labor force and stretch out unemployment benefits […] Continue reading →