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Enforcing Equality Is the Destruction of Private Businesses

ruby tuesday

Bureaucrats like enforcing equality because they like wielding power, not because they care about a just society. The fact that we have people working for the Federal government, looking for malcontents, to justifying bullying and vandalizing businesses, is a disgusting outrage.

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CIA Not Guilty according to CIA Report


The agency is allowed to investigate itself and find the CIA not guilty. So at first it was an accusation that was beyond the scope of reason, according to the CIA. Then, suddenly, it was true after all; the CIA

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Government Win: Writers Feel Intimidated by Surveillance State


Making writers feel intimidated is a feature of the surveillance state, not a bug as far as government is concerned. What is important to realize is that, from the perspective of our ruling class, what the New York Time reports

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CIA Watchdog Leaving After Reporting on Illegal Spying

cia feinstein

Is it supposed to be a coincidence that the CIA watchdog is leaving now? The problem with a secret organization within government is that our government is supposed to be accountable to voters. We are supposed to be able to

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Bruce Fein in Washington Times: End the CIA!


Why should conservatives support the liberal CIA? Other than Ron Paul, during his 2008 and 2012 presidential campaigns, I never thought I would hear this from a conservative outlet. But Bruce Fein has re-launched the idea at the Washington Times:

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Trash People Will Search Your Garbage and Turn You In


Seattle has a new law making it illegal to put food in your garbage. So what would happen if regions of the country simply made laws the people could not keep trash on their own property that smelled up or

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Now You Can't Even Sit Like a Man


I’m all for equality between the sexes insofar as it’s reasonable. But when government officials start telling men how to sit in public, well, I just can’t stand for that. The busy beavers over at the transit agency in New

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Cops Can Scan Your Social Media and Treat You as a Threat

wanted for thoughtcrime

Good manners and presumption of innocence are out, social media searching is in. How to know what to expect from strangers is an age-old problem. One of the human customs that evolved to address the issue is the concept and

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Does Barack Obama Have NSA Dirt on John Boehner?

drudge nsa dirt

NSA Dirt Being Used to Blackmail Republicans Would Explain A lot. Yesterday I saw this tweet from Drudge with a picture: This would explain a lot… And my hunch is that it has application to John Roberts, too. Would men

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Congress Made Obama Big Brother


The Senate snuck a provision into a bill so that Congress made Obama Big Brother. This week, while we were distracted by the torture report and the Jonathan Gruber Show on the Hill, Congress fully empowered and funded some of

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Electronic Records: Convenience for Big Brother

collect share use

The government may have bad motives for mandating electronic records. Recently I’ve heard stories on the radio about the need for doctors and other medical professionals to convert their paper filing systems into electronic records. It seems there are both

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Big Brother Is Watching You Eat

smart vending

We have another technology that will enable a more intrusive Big Brother surveillance system “for your own good.” The Michelle Obamas of the world must be salivating over this opportunity. Those who are absolutely convinced they “know what is best”

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