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Google Wants to be Internet Pope

google watching you

What makes Google as Internet pope scary is that they are claiming a much wider area of infallibility than the Pope does. I hope Roman Catholics will forgive me if my understanding of Papal infallibility is a little muddled. But

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Lois Lerner Was Paid Huge Bonuses; Now Lives on Taxpayers

lois lerner

You won’t believe what Lois Lerner was paid for attacking conservatives with the power of the IRS. Being a White House tool can be very profitable. The Washington Free Beacon reports, “Lois Lerner Received $129K in Bonuses.” Former IRS official

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Obama Administration Making Grab for Control of Internet


The mystery surrounding the Obama Administration’s “Net Neutrality” rules is giving way to panic, even on the Left. The Federal Communications Commission Chairman Tom Wheeler has refused, on the eve of the rules change, to even speak to Congress, which suddenly

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Secret Tech Blows Up Prosecutor’s Case

oakland spy cameras

The police use of secret tech to catch criminals means they sometimes have to allow them to escape punishment. I’ve asked before who is running the fake cell towers. I’ve also reported on how the Feds are loaning tools to

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Edward Snowden Wins Oscar, Loses Country

we are all snowden

Edward Snowden was recently recognized for his heroic Patriotism again as Citizenfour. The film, chronicling the events surrounding his heroic and historic revelation of U.S. government wrongdoing, received critical acclaim including an Oscar.  As you may recall, Snowden made public

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Yet another White House Cover-up: IRS Spying Scandal

keeping secrets no

An investigation into how the IRS shared private information about Conservatives has run into another White House cover-up. Once again we have an Administration that promised transparency refusing to cooperate with any attempt to learn the truth. In this case

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Jeb Bush on NSA: I Don’t Understand America

Bush boys

Jeb Bush doesn’t understand why everyone is upset with NSA surveillance. What I don’t understand is why Jeb Bush thinks he is a viable candidate for the presidency. Seriously, does anyone doubt that Bush would vote for Hillary Clinton rather

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David Cameron Threatening to Ban the Guardian Reporting


Guardian reporting on revelations from Edward Snowden is prompting threats of censorship. Mike Masnick writes at TechDirt: “David Cameron Working To Stop UK Press From Publishing Anything More From Snowden Leaks.” It looks like Glenn Greenwald picked the right time

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Silicon Valley Snubs Barack Obama

CyberSecurity Image Number 2

Major CEOs of Silicon Valley are upset about how Obama has refused to reform the NSA. As most readers will be aware, Silicon Valley has major left-wing, pro-Obama credentials. On gender and biology, many tech companies want to replace reality

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Justin Amash v. Marco Rubio on Patriot Act

marco rubio us flags

Marco Rubio wants the Patriot Act to be extended forever. Justin Amash strongly disagrees. This issue is important both because Rubio is currently a Senator and also because he might be a presidential candidate. It is also important because Marco

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White House Keeps IRS Documents Hidden

top secret

IRS Documents about targeting conservatives are being kept secret from the press. A man who is capable of publicly running a campaign that pretends to oppose “gay marriage,” and then undergo a fake “evolving” of views until he starts forcing

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Just Say No to DNA Tracking

Golden gene in DNA

Virginia is considering expanding the number of misdemeanors that require convicts to give up a sample of their genetic material for DNA tracking. According to The Associated Press: “Virginia Latest State to Consider Taking More DNA Samples.” Virginia is considering

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