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Republicans Showing Respect for the Constitution, Finally


Peggy Noonan claims Congress is disrespecting the President, but they are really showing respect for the Constitution. In an editorial in the Wall Street Journal, A Republic of Disrespect, Peggy Noonan castigates the Congress for inviting Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu

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Rick Perry’s Gift to Texas’ Governor-Elect… a Bible Verse?


The former governor chose a great political Bible verse for the next governor! For this week’s commentary I just want to say that I love Jesus Christ! He is not only the greatest Teacher to ever live, but also the

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How Religious Liberty Is Being Killed and Replaced

Al Mohler

Christian commenter points out the conflict between religious liberty and erotic liberty. Atlanta’s fire chief was fired for his Christian beliefs, and Al Mohler clearly sees the storm clouds fast approaching (“Religious Liberty vs. Erotic Liberty — Religious Liberty is

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Teacher’s Bible Cookies Unconstitutional? NO!

1st amendment

A California teacher is being called into question for allegedly handing out Bible cookies. I regret to inform you that insanity is once again being visited on American youth in government schools. A California teacher is being called into question

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The Weird Trial of the Dread Pirate Roberts

gavel on white background

The government is about to prosecute its case of the Dread Pirate Roberts, but in an odd way. If Ross Ulbricht is indeed the Dread Pirate Roberts who runs (or ran) the darknet site “Silk Road,” then he may have

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About That Last Election ...

112th Congress Convenes On Capitol Hill

Conservatives actually thought they had won something in November as voters created a Republican landslide across most of the country. As things have turned out, all they accomplished was to send reinforcement to the White House. That’s because immediately following

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Time to Clean House, Starting With Boehner

112th Congress Convenes On Capitol Hill

John Boehner’s position as speaker of the House is coming up for a vote soon. The Republicans should vote him and the rest of the House leaders out. Boehner has never been much of a leader, often compromising when he

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Obama Administration Keeps Churning Out Regulations

Number of Federal Register Pages, 2002-14

The White House is setting records on the speed at which it is creating new regulations. We all have heard about how much President Obama relies on executive orders or Presidential memos. Let me ask a hypothetical question. What if

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USA Today: Obama Made Horrible Year for Constitution


The Constitution’s horrible year is documented in a mainstream media source. This is the kind of thing that we have mentioned over and over again on the Political Outcast blog: Barack Obama has been trashing the U.S. Constitution. What makes

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Police, Racism, and a Happy New Year

obama king

As we think about police, racism, and related issues, we need to consider the message of Martin Luther King, Jr. Events in Ferguson, Missouri, this year have definitely put this city in the center of public awareness.  But these events,

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Merry Christmas from Your Government


We remember God’s gift during Christmas and, as Americans, must hold our elected officials accountable to God and our Constitution. In this Christmas season I deeply consider giving and…well…shouldn’t we all?  I was taught as a child that to give is

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The Christmas Murders

The Herod depicted in Christmas pageants was a great monster. A week ago yesterday, in an event that not one paper reported, not one TV or other media outlet described, more than one thousand citizens converged on the capital of

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