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Are Youth in America becoming Un-American?

public school

Youth in America are the key to the future. Thus, they are the main target of secularists. On my travels throughout this great nation, I have the privilege to speak to youth in public or private schools and occasionally churches. 

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The Ruse Behind the Curtain: Evolution

evolution tree

Only a few generations ago, Americans were anchored in concrete ethics, felt the need to instruct their posterity in biblical morality, and understood the value of the founding fathers’ labors. Lamentably, our culture’s values and system of thought have drastically

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WH Spokesman Sneers at Senate Authority

worry chart gallup environmentalism

The Constitution gives the Senate authority to ratify treaties or not, no matter what Climate-Change-believers think. Arthur Milikh has written a revealing piece at the Daily Signal: “What the Left’s Moments of Condescension Reveal.” Sometimes the left unwittingly throws gems

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The Next President Can Remake Obamacare on His Own?

obama dictator

Supposedly the next President has a “tremendous opportunity” to remake Obamacare without Congress. Does anyone really want decisions about their health care subject to political considerations? This means putting your health decisions into the hands of men or women who

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"Who Has the Right Vision to Lead America?"

Rand Paul tweet hc messages

The jury is out regarding a new potential Democratic nominee for President of these United States. Many questions are traveling media circuits such as, “Can a woman lead the country? Can a Saul Alinsky Democrat heavily steeped in the corruption

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An Executive Branch Full of Lawmakers Is Killing Freedom

constitution founding

Apathy in Congress is killing freedom too, as they do nothing to dismantle these bureaucracies. Our own apathy is also deadly. If you like freedom—and want your children to experience any semblance of liberty—you must understand the principles outlined in

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Judge Rules against Amnesty and Says Lawyers Misled Him

gavel on white background

Government lawyers misled a judge? What are the odds? One of the great things reported by the Washington Times is that a judge took note that President Obama had threatened Federal workers if they followed the court order. President Obama’s

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Will Indiana Be Broken by Law?

gavel scales law books

At the foundation of every social order is a concept of law, government and individual rights. For most of the history of our country this foundation was the Bible — the Word of God — including both the Old and

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The ACLU Attack on Religious Freedom Defies Logic


Because it is a group that can only survive by demanding ideological conformity of its members, the ACLU attack on Christian organizations is hypocritical. Carson Halloway is absolutely right: “The ACLU’s Hypocritical Defense of Laws That Violate Religious Liberty.” One

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Kerry: Iran to get Nuke Deal, 'Allah Willing'


It was just a solitary phrase, spoken in passing at a chocolate shop. (Who spends their time in a chocolate shop?) But the fact that it was the secretary of state who said it, amid current circumstances, is enough to

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John Kerry: 'Climate Refugees' Coming Soon

U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry testifies at the Senate Foreign Relations Committee while on Capitol Hill in Washington

I can only take John “I Served in Vietnam” Kerry in limited doses. Listening to him makes my sides hurt from all the laughing. Kerry the ketchup gigolo was speaking to U.S. ambassadors at the Global Chiefs of Mission Conference in

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Ted Cruz, Citizenship, and Voting

Ted Cruz

Should you refuse to vote for Ted Cruz because you are convinced that he doesn’t count as a “natural born citizen”? Bob Allen has given his answer to this question. Personally, I disagree with his conclusion that anyone who decides

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