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VA Accountability Officer Has the Perfect Background

veterans affairs

The VA Accountability Officer has experience that the government probably wants in a person doing that job. This story goes along with the one about the IRS ethics officer who was disbarred for ethics violations. As summarized by The Week,

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More Pentagon Corruption: $1.3 Billion Missing

pentagon cash shredder

Pentagon corruption has cost us trillions in the past, and the money continues to bleed. I have seen other headlines about other instances of missing money. A few hundred million here, a billion there… no one seems to care. Here’s

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More News of Long Term Clinton Corruption


The Sunlight Foundation points out that the Clinton corruption involved in their foundation, which operates as a slush fund. According to the New York Post, the Sunlight Foundation has respectable Leftist credentials; it was “once run by leading progressive Democrat

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Government Lies: No Debt Growth for 40 Days

truth lies

In one more instance of government lying, the Treasury Department claimed that no debt growth took place since March 13. We all know how it works. If Veterans Affairs has a legal obligation to provide for troopers on a wait

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Homosexual Groups Attack Their Own for Liking Ted Cruz

Sen. Ted Cruz, left, with Mati Weiderpass.

Homosexual activists these days are big on hate. They hate Christians, they hate traditional families, they hate bakers who won’t make a “gay wedding” cake, they hate anyone who implies that their lifestyle is a choice, that it is not

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As First Woman President, Hillary Clinton Would Stink


Women should hope that Hillary Clinton is not the first woman President. There is little doubt that—some day—a woman will serve as President of the United States, but if Hillary Clinton is the first it will be a disaster for

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Why Are Voting Machines so Vulnerable?


Voting machines used in three states could easily be secretly manipulated. And maybe they have been. Here is The Week’s disturbing headline: “These voting machines are disturbingly easy to hack.” A new study on AVS WinVote voting machines, which have

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Why They're Called FIBS: FBI Admits Lying about Evidence


Lying about evidence was the universal practice regarding forensic hair evidence up till 2000. People were executed. We can hope that the people who were executed or who died in prison were, in fact, guilty. The hair follicle evidence was

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Veteran Robbed of $60k+ for Marijuana Smell; Never Charged

civil forfeiture

Court ruled a veteran robbed of over sixty thousand dollars by Nebraska State Troopers and the DEA had no right to object to the robbery. No matter what Eric Holder promised, civil forfeiture is still going strong. According to the

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Ron Paul on the Ebola Scam: $1.4 billion


The Ebola scam meant over a billion dollars in spending. What was that money used to do? How did it help? If you have ten minutes, you might find Ron Paul’s review of what happened with American intervention in the

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The TSA Sexual Assault Scandal Is a Systemic Problem


A former employee has an interesting perspective on the TSA sexual assault scandal. Who would want to grope innocent citizens all day long? Yep, perverts. Thus, Time Magazine: “Former TSA Agent: Groping Scandal Is Business as Usual.” There are far

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The Next Veterans Affairs Scandal is Here

veterans affairs

This will not be the last Veterans Affairs scandal until someone goes to prison. The Washington Times reports, Another veterans scandal hit the Obama administration Wednesday with the emergence of an internal Veterans Affairs memo that allowed bureaucrats to cook

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