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Military Wasting Money for Worse Equipment


It is not surprising to see the military wasting money, but it is bizarre to see them doing so to get worse equipment. We need national defense, but with the government in charge it faces challenges much like any other

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Wake Up and Smell the Corruption, Millennials!

obamacare millennial propaganda

A quiz for college students shows they are completely brainwashed about Republicans and corruption. I’ve posted many times about how Hillary Clinton is thoroughly a Wall Street candidate (along with Silicon Valley and other centers of wealth). Even Democrats are

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Puerto Rico Is Our Greece and More Fallout Is Coming

money swirl

Puerto Rico has AT LEAST $73 Billion in debt and they can’t pay it back. Puerto Rico has economic disadvantages. Energy prices are high and there are other challenges. So what did Congress do? Congress made Puerto Rican bonds available

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Daily Beast: Disobeying Supreme Court Ruling is Treason


It’s stunning how fast things can change in the La-La Land that passes for liberal logic. Within a day of the Supreme Court’s ruling creating a constitutional right to homosexual “marriage,” the same sort of people who see burning the

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Lois Lerner Emails Were Deleted by IRS Despite Subpoena

lois lerner

They claim the Lois Lerner emails were erased with no intention of hiding evidence. It is a new day and, thus, a new opportunity for the IRS to be shameless about hiding evidence. It is hard to keep up with

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Justice Antonin Scalia Speaks Truth to Power on Obamacare Tyranny

obamacare symbol

Justice Antonin Scalia dissented powerfully from the atrocious Obamacare ruling. As you know, yesterday we reached the exciting climax of Supreme Court Theater: The Sequel. It should surprise none of us that it ended in the same place at which

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EPA and Sierra Club Communicated through Private Email on How to Destroy Coal

coal is dead

Hillary Clinton is not the only one in government who has been using an unofficial private email account for government work. Guess who “helped” the Environmental Protection Agency develop rules to destroy regulate coal? According to the Daily Beacon: “Top

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"Believe It or Not," Barney Frank Hired by Bank

Broken piggy bank

Barney Frank has been given a position on a bank board and the media is acting like this is a surprise. How do you cover the most blatant signs of corruption in our banking regime? You simply report on them as

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No Honest Conversations about Evil are Possible


We can’t have honest conversations about evil because we no longer know how to recognize it. Erick Erickson of RedState wrote a pretty moving post about the Dylann Roof massacre: “The Conversation We Won’t Have.” Yet again we have a

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IRS “Finds” 6400 Lois Lerner Emails but Won’t Let Congress See Them

lois lerner

They say they need to review the Lois Lerner emails to make sure there are no duplicates. They are just helping us out. Really? I would say that the shamelessness is unbelievable, but it is all too believable. The IRS

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California Cuts Off 114 Water Rights Holders


The small, master-planned community of Mountain House, California, is within days of running out of drinking water after the state cut off its sole water source. Mountain House general manager Ed Pattison said, “We’re out there looking for water supplies

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Junk Science is the Norm for Diet Studies

FLOTUS food labels

Two scientists blow the whistle on how the government-diet complex is completely dependent on junk science for their dogmas. If you want to know why the stuff being imposed on school lunches and pushed by Michelle Obama seems so insane,

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