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Income Inequality Is Increased by Anti-Capitalism

low income workers

Market forces don’t increase income inequality; government does. Have you heard it said that “income inequality” is a failure of capitalism? Well, maybe we could say that, if what we had in America today was capitalism. But that’s far from

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Army Charges Bergdahl as Deserter, Source Says


Not that the Obama Administration would announce such a thing, but apparently Army Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl, for whom five terrorist leaders were swapped, is going to be charged as a deserter, according to retired Lt. Col. Tony Shaffer, who spoke

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Crime Does not Pay even the Super Rich

heavy doors

The super rich are finding they must develop hiding places to which to flee. This makes so much sense! You get so rich that you have to go into hiding forever… and you can’t enjoy the fruits of that wealth.

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Democrat Billionaire Lectures Americans to Live with Less


A Democrat billionaire politician has demanded that the middle class “have less things”? Why the outrage? This editorial in the Denver Post seems really outraged: “Jeff Greene’s patronizing twaddle from Davos.” Sounds like a rather dismissive title. But the first

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Wake Up and Smell the Manipulated Economy!

wake up smell fascism

The manipulated economy won’t end until we decide we don’t want to be manipulated anymore! Freedom means being able to spend your time however you wish. Unfortunately that also means many will waste their lives on worthless pursuits, and stop

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Feinstein Family Set to Make Millions from Government Favor

feinstein gun

The Feinstein family is doing very well in “public service.” As a Democrat Senator, Dianne Feinstein is on the team that pretends to be concerned about income inequality.  But she and her husband also give us a window into the

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Soros Funding Ferguson, 'Black Lives Matter' Protest Groups

Billionaire investor Soros speaks at a forum during the annual IMF-World Bank meetings in Washington

In case you’ve wondered why exactly the shooting of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri, became a national news story, it’s not because it reveals any inherent racism in the system. Rather, it’s because dedicated, interconnected groups of outside agitators roused

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Newspaper Warns Citizens about Police South of the Border

civil forfeiture

Citizens are warned that, south of the border, police are committing robbery. Canadians must be careful! How many of us are used to warnings about the police in other countries—like Mexico—who will pull you over, and shake you down for

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Gov-Run Healthcare Scandal: Pharmacists Err with impunity

veterans affairs

There is yet another healthcare scandal associated with Veterans Affairs. Back when the Veteran’s Affairs hospital scandal broke out, I pointed out that this was sign of the future for all of us under Obamacare. Government healthcare produces shortages. Shortages

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About That Last Election ...

112th Congress Convenes On Capitol Hill

Conservatives actually thought they had won something in November as voters created a Republican landslide across most of the country. As things have turned out, all they accomplished was to send reinforcement to the White House. That’s because immediately following

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Bill Clinton Named in Pedophile Lawsuit

Clinton Foundation

Bill Clinton has a relationship that truly tarnishes his reputation! Over and over—especially with daily headlines about the egregious sins of our leaders in business and politics, and the visible Church, being exposed—I am hearing prophetic de-creation language reverberating in

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Bruce Fein in Washington Times: End the CIA!


Why should conservatives support the liberal CIA? Other than Ron Paul, during his 2008 and 2012 presidential campaigns, I never thought I would hear this from a conservative outlet. But Bruce Fein has re-launched the idea at the Washington Times:

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