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New World Order Recruits a Global Police Force

obamaThrone U.S. Attorney General Loretta Lynch announced at the United Nations on Wednesday that the Department of Justice would be working with several major metropolitan police forces, starting with New York, to create a globe-girdling police force targeting "violent extremism." Yee-haw. It's on like Donkey Kong. New York Mayor Bill de Blasio made it clear that his city has joined 25 other cities worldwide because the global police force will target "intolerance." "The Strong Cities network will Read more [...] Continue reading →

The Federal Shopping Spree Has Begun

Capitol-Money-Dollars-Govt-Spending Federal agencies are engaging in a shopping spree to use up all the money budgeted to them so they can ask for more. We can’t cut the budget we are told. We must increase spending even though we are spending more than we collect in revenue. Yet federal agencies are recklessly spending money to prevent from having anything left over at the end of the fiscal year. The Washington Times reports, “Federal agencies end fiscal year with shopping spree.” If you ever doubted that Christmas shopping Read more [...] Continue reading →

The FDA Will Tell You What Mayonnaise Is, for the Egg Lobby

just mayo The FDA is about to hammer a company for selling egg-free mayo because they are making mayonnaise without eggs in it. Control freaks. I don’t like it but there are vegans in the world. And there are others who, sadly, don’t think eggs (or too many of them) are healthy. Furthermore, there are people with real egg allergies who should not eat eggs. And there are many such people who like mayonnaise. So there is a company called Hampton Creek that caters to these customers, selling them Read more [...] Continue reading →

DEA Agents Not Prosecuted and Keep Jobs

DEALogo DEA agents who were found to have broken the drug laws they were supposed to enforce were allowed to keep their jobs. What kind of people do our Federal overlords want to use as employees who will be best at doing the jobs they want these employees to perform? When one reads about the staggeringly low standards for behavior, you don’t know if that means they don’t really care about the moral character of these people… or if hiring and retaining moral degenerates is actually a government Read more [...] Continue reading →

Media: Central Bankers Have a Special New Excrement Sandwich and You Are Going to Love It!

theft Central bankers are now planning to confiscate money from depositors and the media reports this as a bold innovation that will help the economy. The tone of this article is fascinating. It is like a doctor telling a patient he has terminal cancer by telling him a joke about it. Except in that scenario, the doctor did not cause the cancer. But the central bankers are planning on robbing people and they are announcing this as the best news for us, the little people. The media simply writes their Read more [...] Continue reading →

Have the Clintons Lost Their Magic?

09152012ObamaClinton Now that the Clintons are mired in new scandals, they seem to be getting snubbed by many celebrities who used to worship them. The Clintons, unlike most families, have an organization that represents them—The Bill, Hillary, and Chelsea Clinton Foundation. One can’t help but think that a change in behavior toward that organization might mean a change of attitude toward the family. Politico reports, “Clinton Foundation snubbed by the pope, Elton John, Janet Yellen.” The Clinton Foundation Read more [...] Continue reading →

Another Former Obama Administration Official with a Private Email Account

rahm Rahm Emanuel is now accused of using a private email account to deal with official business as mayor of Chicago. Using a private email account to conduct official business in government isn’t unique to Hillary Clinton, it seems. Rahm Emanuel is now being sued by the Chicago Tribune for doing the same thing as mayor of Chicago. According to the Associated Press, “Chicago Tribune files lawsuit over Mayor Emanuel's use of personal email for city business.” The Chicago Tribune is suing Mayor Read more [...] Continue reading →

IRS Agent Arrested for Using Audit to Attempt Sexual Assault

irs bonuses With one IRS agent arrested now, how do we know this hasn’t happened before? Congress has already had to consider legislation banning federal workers from viewing porn on the job. Perhaps they now also need to craft a law that keeps them from committing sexual assault. The Washington Times reports, “IRS agent charged with sexual battery during audit.” An IRS agent has been charged with sexually assaulting a woman while he was performing an audit of a Tennessee business, police said. Samuel Read more [...] Continue reading →

Taxi Cabs Can’t Go Bankrupt Too Soon!

hailing taxi Taxi cabs and their governments are acting criminally toward people who are willing to offer rides in their cars for a low price. You have a car but you are “between jobs” and are not making enough income to meet your expenses. So what do you do? One thing you might try is offering your services on the internet to people who want and need your services. If you have a vehicle, one obvious service you can offer is a ride in your car. Another person might have unexpected car repairs that leave Read more [...] Continue reading →

Veterans Affairs Protects the Corrupt and Fires Whistleblowers

veterans affairs While the government agency fires whistleblowers it never fires real wrongdoers. Mark Horne once asked regarding the Veterans Affairs scandals, “Where are the firings?” It seems no one ever gets fired at the VA—except for one particular “offense.” NPR reports, This is a recurring criticism of the Department of Veterans Affairs. No one ever seems to get fired for misconduct. But according to the U.S. Office of Special Counsel, the VA does often fire one type of employee - people who Read more [...] Continue reading →

Republican Insider Says Establishment Will Go Third Party to Defeat Donald Trump

corruption Remember when Donald Trump was cajoled into pledging Republican loyalty by promising not to run as an independent? I really couldn’t believe my ears when I heard this on the radio. Mark McKinnon was the chief media strategist for President George W. Bush. As far as I’m concerned, that means he is well-connected and experienced inside the Republican establishment. NPR’s Robert Siegel called him up to ask him about Donald Trump’s popularity and what it means. They had the following Read more [...] Continue reading →

Ted Cruz and Goldman Sachs

tedcruz2 Mrs. Cruz’s career raises the question of the relationship between Ted Cruz and Goldman Sachs. The headline at raises an interesting point: “Ted Cruz Omits Goldman Sachs From Description of Bread-Baking Wife.” Ted Cruz, kicking off his 2016 campaign for the U.S. presidency, extolled his wife’s entrepreneurial spirit by telling of her grade-school bakery business. He didn’t mention the 10-year career at Goldman Sachs Group Inc. she just put on hold. Cruz, a Republican Read more [...] Continue reading →