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Government Outsources Gangsterism In Philadelphia

sopranos Government doesn’t always tyrannize us by its own soldiers. Sometimes it simply refuses to see when one group in society dominates and exploits another group. From “10 leaders of Ironworkers Local 401 charged in racketeering indictment.” They called themselves "the Helpful Union Guys" - "THUGS" for short - and woe awaited any contractor who […] Continue reading →

Discipling A Nation

moses red sea Have you ever been frightened for your safety. Perhaps you parked your car in the city during daylight hours, only to return after dark. You walk down the street that seemed fine in the daylight, but at night there is a whole different sense. You look nervously over your shoulder concerned that this doesn’t seem […] Continue reading →

The Pretense That the U.S. Respects Law Is Being (Further) Shredded By The Reaction To Putin

- Of course, after an illegal bombing and the sponsorship of terrorists to topple Gaddafi’s regime and kill Gaddafi himself, after murdering American citizens with drones (and claiming that murdering a son was OK because he had a bad father), after sponsoring Islamic killers to torture, rape, and behead Christians in Syria, you would think that […] Continue reading →

Congress Suggests Law Enabling Congress To Sue President When He Violates Law; Obama Threatens Veto

obama dictator Either Congress is neglecting to use the actual tools that it should use to deal with President Obama, or the Constitution is indeed worthless. Take your pick. According to the Washington Examiner: President Obama is threatening to veto a law that would allow Congress to sue him in federal courts for arbitrarily changing or refusing […] Continue reading →

Barack Obama’s Weakness Before Putin is his Record of Illegal Actions

obama putin 2 Obama is facing a possible invasion of Ukraine by Russia of unknown dimensions. Obviously, Ukraine should be occupied by the Ukrainians and no one else. Whether predominately Russian-speaking territories and Ukrainian-speaking territories should be one sovereign nation is a matter for the Ukrainians of both languages to figure out without mass murder and without outside […] Continue reading →