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Pope Stumps for Environment, Using Poor as the Excuse

PopeFrancisWarming I tried to like this pope when he was selected. I think most of the world wanted to love or at least respect him. But his American tour has shown beyond any doubt that instead of a man of God, he is a man of the Left. And while he uses the poor continually as a prop in his speeches, a la "do this because the poor are suffering," he is pushing the same tired leftist rhetoric about economic equality, social justice and environmental welfare that you can get from your run-of-the-mill Marxist college Read more [...] Continue reading →

Muslims and Liberals Live Down to Worst Stereotypes for Ben Carson

bernie sanders 3 What do some Muslims and Liberals have in common? No taste for delicious irony, perhaps. As we follow the meltdown over Ben Carson’s comment about voting for a Muslim candidate for President, both Muslims and Liberals give us some amazing statements. This headline, for example, was posted without any hint that the irony was noticed: “Muslims Demand That Ben Carson Quit the Race.” Looking at the URL and how the story showed up in my Facebook feed, it looks like the original headline was stronger: Read more [...] Continue reading →

Democrats Show Schizophrenia on 'Muslim Question'

muslimOne So let me get this straight. Last week, thinking that somebody could be Muslim was such an insult that Donald Trump was called upon by liberals to apologize for a statement made by a questioner in the audience of one of his campaign appearances about President Obama. This week, Muslims are so innocuous and unquestionably all-American that Dr. Ben Carson is being called upon to apologize for saying he would not support a Muslim for president because Shariah law is incompatible with the Constitution. Have Read more [...] Continue reading →

Liberals: Let’s Plunder Ivy League Endowments

Harvard Ivy League endowments are so tempting for money-hungry liberals who want to increase government debt leverage. The headline at Slate is quite clear: “Is It Time to Tax Harvard’s Endowment?” Of course, Jordan Weissmann's editorial is not just aimed at Harvard. It is aimed at all Ivy League endowments. I pretty much hate schools like Harvard and Yale. They rule us and control institutions like the Supreme Court. But I still hate Weissmann’s proposal. In 2014, the university’s legendary Read more [...] Continue reading →

Conservative Pushback against Pope Francis?

Pope Francis Has Pope Francis provoked a conservative Roman Catholic counter-revolution? Tad Cronn asked awhile back if Pope Francis is the most dangerous man on the planet. It seems some conservative Roman Catholics might be seriously considering answering “yes” to that question. asks in a headline, “Is the Pope Facing Open Rebellion?” Pope Francis' statements on everything from abortion to annulment have helped transform the public's view of the Catholic Church. As for actual changes Read more [...] Continue reading →

Michelle Obama Thinks Beyoncé Is ‘A Role Model for Young Girls around the World’

Beyonce-Super-Bowl-Promo The first lady tweeted happy birthday to Beyoncé and thanked her for being such a great role model. What is she supposed to be modeling? Michelle Obama sent a birthday tweet to superstar Beyoncé, thanking her for being a great role model for young girls. Why? Do young girls need guidance to start early so they can become adult striptease dancers some day? The story about this at The Blaze shows that the first lady received some pushback on Twitter, including some obvious photographic Read more [...] Continue reading →

What's Love Got To Do With It?

blackPanthers2 "This is a vision of love," claims a statement from the group Black Lives Matter. Meanwhile, group members have rioted, committed assault, torched and destroyed. "Love won! Love won!" shouted pro-homosexual demonstrators outside a Kentucky courthouse where Rowan County Clerk Kim Davis was thrown in jail for practicing her Christian beliefs and not issuing homosexual marriage certificates. The Left will tell you these two movements are about love because they are fighting for equality. But the Read more [...] Continue reading →

Denying Me Your Daughters’ Restroom is Bigotry!

transgender restroom A teen high school student with long hair and some makeup thinks anyone who treats him like a male is guilty of bigotry. The difference between girls and boys is not how they wear their hair. You would think high school students would know that. KMOV reports, “Hillsboro High School students stage walkout in dispute over transgender student.” More than 150 students walked out of Hillsboro High School over a dispute about the use of the girls' locker room by a transgender student. The Read more [...] Continue reading →

Trump Points out Sleazy Ruling Class; Media Offended

Huma A vast majority of people WANT a candidate who will label our sleazy ruling class for what it is, but the media thinks it is bad taste. I really don’t like Donald Trump, but it is amazing to see the media attack him for the stuff that he is obviously doing right. In this case he called a perv sleazebag a “perv” and a “sleazebag.” Morality matters. It doesn’t matter only because it involves sin and the eventual judgment of God. That is significant enough for a person being immoral. Read more [...] Continue reading →

Green Berets Getting Hit Under Obama Administration

war obama Several stories indicate that the Green Berets, and the military in general, will not be the same after the Obama Administration is done. Friday, I posted about a Green Beret who was involuntarily discharged after he shoved an Afghani police who had raped a boy and beaten the mother for reporting his crime. Over the weekend the Washington Times has released a story claiming this is part of a trend in the Green Berets: “Green Berets have growing doubts of duties with skittish political leadership.” Rowan Read more [...] Continue reading →

More Thought Control through Language Control at University

brain wash Washington State University professors institute thought control by prohibiting some terms and mandating others. No sooner do I find one story about thought control at a university but another one appears in the news. Unlike the University of Tennessee where the transgender pronouns are merely recommended (so far), in this case student grades depend upon conformity. Campus Reform reports, “Professors threaten bad grades for saying ‘illegal alien,’ ‘male,’ ‘female’.” Correspondent Read more [...] Continue reading →

Gun Control and Other Results of Liberal Tribalism

gun bracelet Is gun control really a political belief or is it a phobia that needs to be overcome through “therapy”? What about other Liberal beliefs? I think this video will help you understand the common support for gun control better than anything else I have ever seen. Why do I like this video so much? Because it shows how much a political issue is actually psychological conditioning. This is a testimony about a person changing her mind... and that description seems almost literal! Her mind Read more [...] Continue reading →