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Obama’s Teleprompter Writer Had an Easy Job

Obama red and blue image

The person who came up with the script for the President’s teleprompter at the State of the Union seems to have rehashed stuff from 2014. Perhaps the reason for the lack of originality in President Obama’s address to the nation

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Reporter Mystified to Find ISIS is Evil


Jurgen Todenhofer, who is believed to be the first Western reporter to live among Islamic State fighters and survive to share the tale, told al-Jazeera that he was surprised by the violence of ISIS. … I know. Right? Todenhofer somehow managed to get

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If You Don’t Let Men Use Women’s Room You’re a Bully


A basic law to stop the assault of transgender harassment is treated as the work of a bully. The first thing you see in this U.S. News story is the headline and the picture. The picture is of one boy

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How Religious Liberty Is Being Killed and Replaced

Al Mohler

Christian commenter points out the conflict between religious liberty and erotic liberty. Atlanta’s fire chief was fired for his Christian beliefs, and Al Mohler clearly sees the storm clouds fast approaching (“Religious Liberty vs. Erotic Liberty — Religious Liberty is

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Principal: Let Children Protect Themselves With Cans


Since the nation’s public schools are gun-free zones, that makes them plum targets for any crazy looking to get his name in the paper by shooting a bunch of people. Liberals won’t ever admit that, but they know it or

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Merkel Condemns “Hate,” then German Newspaper Burned

Molotov cocktail

Arsonists attacked a German newspaper that republished some Charlie Hebdo cartoons. Associated Press reports on the story:  Police in Germany have detained two men suspected of an arson attack early today against a newspaper that republished the cartoons of French

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Will Jeb Bush Make the GOP Favor Homosexual Marriage?

jeb bush

There are signs Jeb Bush plans a hard push to the Pansexual Left. Of course, the mainstream media doesn’t call Jeb’s direction a “hard push to the Left.” Instead, the NBC News headline is: “In Early Stages, Jeb Bush Runs

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Muslims Defend Homicides in USA Today Editorial

muslim rage

The media is giving editorial space in which Muslims defend homicides. I guess we can consider ourselves “warned.” USA Today obviously thought it was a good idea Thursday to print an argument that murder of those who “insult” Muhammad is

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Harvard Profs Taste Their Own Obamacare Medicine; Don’t Like It


Obamacare has come to the Harvard Profs and they are angry at having to suffer under their own “genius.” I know I shouldn’t laugh… I really shouldn’t. It’s simply sad, but… it provides me with at least a tiny ray

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Obama, Holder Have More White Privilege than Most Whites


White privilege is real but it isn’t white. Since a state senator in my area recently promised to remember the crimes of white privilege, I think I will take this opportunity to publicly agree with her. According to a local

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National Outrage over Palin Pet Trick Pic

dog snuffer

Posting an image of a pet trick gets some people boiling mad for “animal rights.” Liberals are running out of reasons to find national outrage. I have to assume that’s what happens to their brains when they commit themselves to

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Angela Merkel Pretends All Anti-Islamic Feeling is Racism

merkel muslims

Angela Merkel goes on T.V. to accuse many of her countrymen of holding hate in their hearts. Reading this news story is amazing because it shows a national leader would rather publicly spin fantasies than deal with reality. According to

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