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College Shakespeare Is Missing from Action

william shakespeare

College Shakespeare is not required in all but four of the top 25 Ivy League and top 25 Liberal Arts schools, even for literature majors! As much as I love Shakespeare, I don’t care too much if colleges don’t require

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Homosexual Groups Attack Their Own for Liking Ted Cruz

Sen. Ted Cruz, left, with Mati Weiderpass.

Homosexual activists these days are big on hate. They hate Christians, they hate traditional families, they hate bakers who won’t make a “gay wedding” cake, they hate anyone who implies that their lifestyle is a choice, that it is not

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Denmark Legislature Bans Bestiality 91-75

Animal Disease

So now oppressed zoophiliacs will have to vacation to Hungary, Finland, or Romania for their bestiality fix. Five Danish legislators abstained. I can’t imagine what they were thinking. Here’s the story at Mashable: “Denmark passes law banning bestiality.” Debate over

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MSNBC Tax-the-Rich Propagandists Owe Taxes


Funny how people who constantly complain that taxes aren’t high enough for “the rich” don’t seem to be able to pay their own. From Jillian Kay Melchior at the National Review: “MSNBC’s Touré Has the Taxman on His Case.” Touré

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Wisconsin Liberals Terrorize Conservatives with Armed Force

SWAT gunpoint

Wisconsin liberals go after political enemies with full police state—including dawn SWAT-style raids and threats against victims if they told. You don’t have to read dystopian novels to see secret police raids used on Americans in response to their exercise

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State-Forced Vegetarianism -- It's What's for Dinner


The D.C. enviro-food nazis are at it again. It’s bad enough they’ve already screwed with school lunches so much that kids would rather go hungry. Not that school lunches were ever gourmet, but there was a time when a kid could

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Terrorism? What Terrorism? Cuba, Iran Get a Pass


What’s a half-century of well-earned antagonism toward the Communist regime of Cuba if it stands in the way of the legend of President Obama? Apparently not a lot. Tossing away the considered opinions of generations of presidents, congressmen, national security experts,

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High Tax States Are Losing Middle Class Residents

net domestic migration

High Tax states are the places with the most income inequality as middle class residents flee to conservative refuges. In his Washington Times column, “The redistribution racket,” Steven Moore shares an interesting chart: [See also, “Good News: Northeast United States

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The Pentagon Teaches How to Interpret the Bible

historical influences sexism

In order to combat sexism, the Pentagon has constructed a comprehensive ideological training system that includes how one may interpret the Bible. According to Ashley Rae Goldenberg at the Daily Caller, as her headline states, “Defense Department: The Bible, Constitution

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Gordon College Bears Christian Witness in the Midst of Hatred


Despite having a legal case, Gordon College has elected not to use the courts against their enemies. Our era is well summed up by the title of an old book by Dr. Francis Schaeffer: Escape from Reason. When you attempt

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College Professor Doubles Down on Christian Hatred


Rutgers University Professor Brittney Cooper is not the sort of person you want your children having as a teacher. That much is clear. Lately, she’s making quite an infamous name for herself because of her Holy Week essay titled “The Right’s

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Homosexual Explains Why She Donated to Memories Pizza


Amid the attack on Indiana she clearly explains why all businesses should support Memories Pizza. As I reported two days ago, in “Indiana Pizzeria Gets Support from Everyone!,” a Lesbian who owns a kettle corn stand with her partner sent

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