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Asset Forfeiture: Those Who Steal for Their Jobs Learn to Steal for Themselves

civil forfeiture An audit of asset forfeiture takings found the money is going for personal gain. It should surprise no one that people in law enforcement are spending the money they take on themselves. If they can rationalize taking other people’s money to build a luxury police station or create some other job perk, then it is an easy move to start spending the money in other ways that also directly benefit you. In fact, they can not only steal money for personal use, but they can defend their actions when Read more [...] Continue reading →

Today, New Hampshire Cops Have New Excuse for Revenue Collection

mobile phone driving If you use your mobile phone while driving, New Hampshire cops can shake you down for $100 on “first offense.” I read a pretty amazing editorial in the New Hampshire Union-Leader yesterday: “The cellphone ban: Fines for endangering no one.” Beginning tomorrow, it will be illegal to “use” any handheld device while in the driver’s seat of a vehicle that is on a public road in New Hampshire. You do not have to be driving to get a ticket under this absurd, knee-jerk reaction of a law. What Read more [...] Continue reading →

Unless This Man Is a Liar, You Live in a Police State

SWAT gunpoint A police state is a place where you can have guns pointed at your head because someone made a phone call about you. Surely Alex Horton must be lying. We can’t possibly live in a police state. Right? The Washington Post must be publishing lies. Horton claims he had guns pointed at his head because of a leak in his dishwasher. Of course, there were more steps than that. Horton’s landlord knew the leaks would take time to fix so he moved Horton from his apartment to another model apartment Read more [...] Continue reading →

Police Are Still Hiding the Evidence in the Twin Peaks Shooting

twin peaks It seems more and more that, if this was really a gang fight, that the police would not be hiding the evidence. When I first heard about the Twin Peaks shootings and the arrests, it was because some of the conservative blogs found the Waco Police Department’s story did not make sense. Then NPR joined in and pointed out some more reason to believe that innocent people were being prosecuted. Now Conor Friedersdorf is writing about it in the Atlantic: “Waco Is Suppressing Evidence That Could Read more [...] Continue reading →

Chicago Investigator Fired After Claiming Police Shootings Not Justified

cop drives by The Chicago investigator refused to change his findings when his superiors ordered him to do so. WBEZ 91.5 has published a local story about a Chicago investigator that is well worth your time and attention: “City fires investigator who found cops at fault in shootings.” A Chicago investigator who determined that several civilian shootings by police officers were unjustified was fired after resisting orders to reverse those findings, according to internal records of his agency obtained by Read more [...] Continue reading →

The Police State Campaign to Terrorize Poor People Continues

laura browder When you take their children away on a ludicrous charge we can safely deduce that you are working to terrorize poor people. Didn’t Mark Horne already post this story? Nope, that was about a woman who let her child play “hours at a time” at a popular public park with her own mobile phone while the mother worked at McDonald’s. In this new story, a woman got arrested for allowing her children to play thirty feet from her while she attempted to interview for a job. According to Raw Read more [...] Continue reading →

Cops Made Money Laundering Money for Drug Cartels

police corrupt Bal Harbour Police Department and the Glades County Sheriff’s Office made $2.4 million by laundering money and charging three percent. Remember all the nice cars and boats that the police had for undercover work in that old TV show, Miami Vice? We may now have a clue how a police department could have enough funds to afford such lavish toys. Nick Sibilla of the Institute for Justice writes at, “ Posing as money launderers, police in Bal Harbour and Glades County, Fla. laundered Read more [...] Continue reading →

Tucson PD Publishes Names… Unless They are Tucson PD

police_line The Tucson PD published people who had phone contact with suspected prostitutes after first removing the names of police officers. I had seen headlines about this but decided it didn’t rate a post. Now I’ve noticed a new detail that makes it especially noteworthy. I confess I didn’t write about this earlier because I didn’t want to be accused of being “soft” on prostitution. I think prostitution should be prohibited… along with all other forms of adultery and fornication. It seems Read more [...] Continue reading →

The Banana Republic Is In Texas Too

twin peaks As the scandal of the Texas biker shootout unfolds, one Texan victim says he thought Banana Republic arrests only happened in New York or Chicago. Back in May I pointed out that there were conflicting accounts about the biker shooting in Waco, Texas. The Twin Peaks restaurant contradicted basic claims that the police made, and many of the people arrested as participants in organized crime had no criminal record. One group accused of being a criminal gang by police, actually received a commendation Read more [...] Continue reading →

Black Man Gets Eight Years for Exercising Second Amendment in Self Defense

orange and black He’s just another black man in an orange jump suit now so no one cares about his life being destroyed by criminal Feds. This story is so enraging. Bonnie Kristian writes at “This man’s life was ruined because federal drug agents stormed his house unannounced.” Joel Robinson of Orangeburg, South Carolina, was home alone one morning in October of 2014. It was 6 a.m.—still dark out—when suddenly a group of men burst onto the property, armed and yelling. Alarmed and assuming Read more [...] Continue reading →

New Mexico Police Complain They Can No Longer Plunder the Public

drug-war When police complain about their budgets they are basically admitting they want to live by theft. I wouldn’t be so harsh about this story if they were actually requesting increased funds. But how the New Mexico police complain certainly sounds like they are mainly lobbying to get back their old freedom to simply take stuff from others without having to convict anyone at trial, or even having to charge someone with a crime. The story comes from the Four Corners News in New Mexico: “Civil Read more [...] Continue reading →

Police Nab a Girl Playing within Eyesight of Her House

free range children Why would the police nab a girl? If they were worried, then why not take her home? Generally, areas with decent law enforcement and low crime rates want to enjoy the security they have. The point in lowering the crime rate is to have more freedom. It could be the freedom to leave patio furniture on your patio knowing that it will probably not be taken by someone. It could be the freedom to not have to lock your car door in a store parking lot so you don’t have to go through the hassle of unlocking Read more [...] Continue reading →