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Who Is In Charge of Ferguson? Jay Nixon Can’t Say!

Jay Nixon

The only thing missing from the reply of Jay Nixon to this basic question are chirping crickets. This is incredible. You have to listen to it to believe it. Does “Unified Command” mean the governor is in charge, or does

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Police Training Exercise Sends Pregnant Bystander to Hospital

tear gas

A police training exercise shows how dangerous weapons should not be used around bystanders. A couple of days ago I posted about an “active shooter drill” in Winter Haven, Florida, where police invaded a school full of shocked and scared

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What Happened to Zero Tolerance for Guns in School?

active shooter guide

Guns in school are only illegal for those who don’t belong to the so-called “law enforcement” public union. This story reported in the Washington Post website (“‘I thought he was going to shoot me.’ Unsuspecting middle school students terrified by

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Government Spies So Numerous , They Spy on One Another

spy v spy 2

Government spies engaging in domestic undercover investigations are so numerous they end up investigating each other. As reported in the New York Times: “More Federal Agencies Are Using Undercover Operations.” The federal government has significantly expanded undercover operations in recent

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Amnesty Will Accelerate the Police State

Crime Scene

If Barack Obama violates the Constitution by imposing amnesty by executive order, we will see an increase in crime in our Liberal cities. Here’s an excellent piece of analysis from Daniel Greenfield. It starts with gun crime and the impulse

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Refusal to Show ID Results in Search Warrant

checkpoint ahead

Is a refusal to show ID probable cause? For what? Cops set up a sobriety checkpoint in Napa Valley, California. Two men were pulled over who did not test positive for alcohol. But they refused to show police their photo

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Patriot Act Used for War on Drugs More than Terrorism

Samuel Johnson - Patriotism

The Patriot Act was passed for an emergency but it is being used for other things. I posted recently about how the Department of Homeland Security was used in what might be described as a panty raid. Local trademark infringements

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Massachusetts Educrats Lose Minds over Students’ Hobby


Massachusetts Educrats (which, tellingly, practically involves both public school superintendents and what masquerades as “law enforcement” in these dark times) have turned airsoft guns that were never ever on school property or at any school event into a suspension or even

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Eric Holder Justice Department Attacks 4th Amendment in New Way

4th amendment

The Eric Holder Justice Department is arguing in court for a totalitarian government that can spit on the Fourth Amendment. Here is the text of the Fourth Amendment: The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses,

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Federal Stimulus of Disrespect for Fourth Amendment

chicago crime numbers

Chicago’s new policy, that is useless security theater against terrorism, but reduces the impact of the Fourth Amendment, is the result of Federal stimulus. You don’t even need to dig for the sources of this news summary from The

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Feeling Suicidal? Please Call Us to Come Kill You.


Man called suicide prevention hotline because he was feeling suicidal. They sent a SWAT team who shot and killed the man seven hours later. This is the creepiest, most Orwellian video monologue I have ever seen. It is like a

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Was the Michael Brown Shooting Justified? What If It Was?


A former police chief speaks on the Michael Brown shooting in Ferguson. St. Louis needs to brace for impact. Police have done themselves no favors by heavy-handed and unnecessary tactics in so many instances, but you still have to let

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