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OKC Bombing Lawsuit Reaches the Mainstream Press

ken trentadue

Is the OKC bombing in the history books? I don’t think so. At least not with any accuracy. So it is very gratifying to see the ongoing struggle with the FBI get some mainstream coverage. From CBS News: “Oklahoma City

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Brooklyn Bridge White Flags Are a Serious Crime to the NYPD

white flag 2

Good to know New York’s crime is so minimal that the NYPD can waste… er, devote so many resources to chasing down an obvious prank or political statement. From NBC – 4 New York City: “NYPD Running License Plates, Examining

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This Is Why We Get a Police State: Cops Kill Four Including Unarmed Man and Informant


In our growing police state, the accused are always very stupid. No matter how outnumbered they are and how many guns are pointing at them, they always making—the phrase seems standardized now—“a quick movement to his waistband.” And—Pow!—we are left

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Conservatives Defend the Police: National Review Says the "Love Affair" Should Stop!

rise of the warrior cop balko

Do Conservatives defend the police as an instinctive reaction? A. J. Delgado writes that they should stop: “It’s Time for Conservatives to Stop Defending the Police.” Imagine if I were to tell you there is a large group of government

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Boy Scout Threatened With Ten Years for Taking Picture from Road (Another Held at Gunpoint)

US Customs and Border Protection

I had seen the headlines for this horrible story but only later realized it was over the “crime” of snapping a picture from his vehicle. Apparently, U.S. Customs and Border Protection agents are as psychotic as some other kinds of “law

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Cop Who Killed Boy Holding Wii Remote Faces No Charges

Wii Remote

A Wii remote is not a deadly weapon, but a police officer who shot and killed a boy for holding one will face no charges, not even for negligence. From WSB TV-2: A Euharlee police officer will not face charges

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The Definition of Terrorist Expanding Under Barack Obama


The definition of terrorist is much like the definition of “criminal” in relation to the political class: they have a motive to enlarge it. No one described this fact more dramatically than Ayn Rand in her novel, Atlas Shrugged, where

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Human Rights Watch Report: Government Agents Involved in Most Terrorist Plots since 9-11


We already knew this but it is nice to get some official confirmation. The FBI recruits terrorists and convinces them to make terrorist attacks so they can thwart those attacks and get credit for “keeping America safe.” Almost anyone who

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It's Official: We Just Torture Parents Now

rock hill mother

A mother left three small children in her car. So now she’s facing criminal charges: “cruelty to children.” Makes sense right? Leaving a child in a car is a way to kill them. Any parent who would do such a

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The Reign of Fear: What It Means That Ex-Employee Claims He Was Fired for Reporting Deputy’s Theft

target dog

All we have in this Washington Post story are conflicting claims. Nothing has gone to court yet. Nothing has been adjudicated. But, in my opinion, the man who was fired from Target is telling what every single reader will acknowledge

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The TSA & the Economics of a Monopoly Protection Racket


MarketWatch reports, Between shelling out hundreds of dollars in airfare and forking over even more for ancillary fees, travelers are already spending more than they have in years for plane tickets. And that’s about to get worse. Starting on July

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Eric Holder Won’t Admit He Stays Awake Conspiring How to Destroy His Political Opposition, So This is What He Says…


From the Weekly Standard: Asked the ABC News reporter, “Is that threat,” like the Boston Marathon bombing last year, “any less serious?” “These lone wolves. These homegrown violent extremists are people who keep me up at night, as well,” said

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