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Million Dollar Settlement for Police Raid: Not Enough

burned baby

A police raid that left a baby’s face disfigured and caused over a million dollars in medical debt got settled for a mere million dollars. Normally, when I hear someone won a million dollar settlement from a local government I think

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Teacher Sues Schools for Terrorizing Her with Gun

shooting drill

She was doing her job when a gunman with a hoodie began terrorizing her. He was there with the school’s permission. Back in May 2013, Phil Hodges posted about the incident here at Political Outcast. He wrote: A charter school

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Wisconsin Liberals Terrorize Conservatives with Armed Force

SWAT gunpoint

Wisconsin liberals go after political enemies with full police state—including dawn SWAT-style raids and threats against victims if they told. You don’t have to read dystopian novels to see secret police raids used on Americans in response to their exercise

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State-Forced Vegetarianism -- It's What's for Dinner


The D.C. enviro-food nazis are at it again. It’s bad enough they’ve already screwed with school lunches so much that kids would rather go hungry. Not that school lunches were ever gourmet, but there was a time when a kid could

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The TSA Sexual Assault Scandal Is a Systemic Problem


A former employee has an interesting perspective on the TSA sexual assault scandal. Who would want to grope innocent citizens all day long? Yep, perverts. Thus, Time Magazine: “Former TSA Agent: Groping Scandal Is Business as Usual.” There are far

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Obama White House Has Stalinized American Universities

rape free campus

American Universities are now places where students can launch heresy trials against professors for expressing politically incorrect opinions. Laura Kipnis is a professor in the department of radio, television, and film at Northwestern University. She recently wrote an editorial that

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Cop who Killed Walter Scott had a History

michael slager

Michael Slager was the subject of abuse accusations before he killed Walter Scott. According to Sputnik News, Robert Wayne Bishop was one of several people who lodged a complaint against Officer Michael Slager. He filed a lawsuit over what happened

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Did a Tragedy Happen Because of a Pretend Cop?

bates harris

Many (including Conservatives) are saying a deputy accidentally killed a suspect because he was a pretend cop, but that is a distraction. It happened on April 2, but the video was just released: According to the New York Daily News,

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How Often Is Police Abuse Hushed with Taxpayer Funds?

police brutality

One family refuses to back down from their lawsuit alleging police abuse despite being offered a “substantial amount” to settle. I’ve often noted how unfair it is, when police departments are successfully sued for the misbehavior of law enforcement officers,

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Security Saves Passengers from Alyssa Milano Breast Milk

alyssa milano

Alyssa Milano pumped her breast milk on the plane, but was still forced to dump it by airport security heroes. If you wondered if other countries have the same unionized, Keystone-Cop-level, airport security that we suffer under, here is a piece

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Violent Gang Has Fun When They Catch Thief

police brutality

The colors of this violent gang appear mainly grey, but you might be inclined to think of them as blue. The victim was a fleeing thief. He deserved some kind of punishment. What he got was an instant punishment on

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Without Video, Killing Walter Scott would never Be Punished


The only reason the government acknowledges Walter Scott was unlawfully killed is because it is legal to video-record police. As you probably heard on the news yesterday or the day before, a police officer has been arrested for murder. But

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