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Civil Asset Forfeiture Makes Police into Organized Crime

civil forfeiture

In many cases—and egregiously here in Tennessee—police have essentially become part of organized crime through civil asset forfeiture. Police officers routinely seize money and property from innocent people, without ever charging them, let alone proving them guilty of a crime.

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Yes, There Are Good Cops… Who Other Cops Try to Jail


One of these good cops, Adam Basford, may still be successfully jailed by the corrupt thugs who drove him from the force. Here is the nation’s best police abuse journalist, Will Griggs, on Basford’s training and ethics: The source of

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Woman Jailed for a Spoon before Charges Dropped


A story about a woman jailed for spoon, seems like it should come from another country. But it happened in the U.S. The police are insisting that they were merely “acting in good faith,” but their victim suffered a great

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The Perfect Police Story


I think this has to be the perfect police story because it exemplifies how they affect society. In this case, two police officers came upon a scene in El Paso, Texas, in which a woman was in distress. Somehow she

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Cop’s Tip for Avoiding Rape by Cop? Obey Traffic Law

Police Tickt

People are horrified that state trooper Captain George Brown gave this advice to Oklahoman women on how to escape rape by cop. He gave this advice after three Oklahoma cops were busted for committing sexual assault while on duty. From

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More News about the Police Shooting in Walmart

john crawford

Two news stories appeared almost simultaneously about the police shooting in Beavercreek, Ohio. You may remember that this involved a gentleman who was shot to death for “waving” a firearm. Once the man was killed by police, they discovered that

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Koch Brothers Deserve Prison for Climate Change Treason?


Climate change treason? Wow. This is becoming one of the most egregious cases in history of doubling-down when the evidence for your arguments is weak, or non-existent. Here is Robert F. Kennedy, Jr: From CNS News: Kennedy made the remarks

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The National Security State Provides Tyranny but Not Security

secret service

TSA, DHS, FBI, Secret Service… list as many parts of the national security state as you want. Here is a reminder: The government cannot ensure your safety–nor were they ever supposed to (hence, the Second Amendment). Heck, as the story

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Judge Sides With Mayor's Police Raid of Parody Twitter Account


Back in April I posted, “Banana Republic in Peoria, Illinois: Police Sent after Parody Twitter Account.” Now we have an update and the news is not good. The Guardian reports: The police hadn’t even come for him. When four fully-armed

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Grenade launchers for your local public school?


Some government decision-makers think your local public school should have M16s, grenade launchers, and armored vehicles.   Is there something in the regulations that says all government workers have to be on drugs to do the job? We have lost

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Home Intruder? Today Show Teaches Helplessness

wasp spray

A home intruder is a terrifying possibility. Does the image below show the best way to respond to it? I was aghast over the weekend to see, thanks to Infowars, that NBC’s The Today Show suggested using car keys and wasp spray

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Watch Police Intimidation After Bicyclist Decides to Record Arrest

police intimidation DC

This is a pretty ugly instance of police intimidation. I highly recommend you watch it: In case it disappears from Youtube, below is the text that accompanied the video. I filled out a PD-99 Citizen Complaint form with MPD Sunday

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