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Why We Get a Nanny State: Because We Want One

debra harrell

One mark of a nanny state is that it second guesses the decisions of parents. But maybe that’s what we want. I’ve posted about the Debra Harrell monstrosity thinking that everyone would recognize that the way she was treated is

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Eric Holder Using Race to Cover Up the Police State?


Is Eric Holder using race? From his own perspective, probably not. It isn’t hard to believe that African Americans have suffered more indignities on average than European Americans. So the growth of unaccountable police power would fall on them disproportionately.

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Student Arrested without Parent's Knowledge for Threatening Barney

Barney target

I don’t know if Barney is still on air, but a story of a student arrested for claiming to have killed his neighbors pet dinosaur, brings him to mind. According to a local NBC affiliate, A 16-year-old Summerville High School

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Guess Who Supports the Militarization of Police!


If you have been watching the news at all you have been hearing about Ferguson, Missouri, and probably hearing about the militarization of police. While I have seen some reporting that seems premature in linking militarization to the shooting of

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We Need to Remember John Adams When We Analyze Ferguson Commentary

young john adams

Unlike many Christian conservatives, I think Justin Raimondo is a national treasure despite his flaws. But sometimes he says things that seem disturbing and wrong. His last column leads off with an instance of this: The facts surrounding the murder

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Ferguson – Repentance Would Be Good for All Parties

on the streets of Ferguson

Years ago, I lived in Florissant, Missouri, a few miles from the scene of the current unrest in Ferguson. The neighborhood has changed quite a bit in the past ten years or so. That said, it is not unlike many

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Is Militarization Rational? How Dangerous Is It to be a Police Officer in the U.S.A.?


This blog has addressed questions about the militarization of the police for a long time. One part of the issue is whether it is warranted by the risks of being a cop. Back when I wrote about two people getting

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Debra Harrell Shows McDonald’s Cares about Poor People; TV Stations Don’t

debra harrell

Debra Harrell—who has been humiliated, imprisoned, had her daughter snatched from her, and is facing possibly a decade in prison if convicted—is now suing a television station for part of what is being done to her. You might remember that

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Two Pictures of the Police in Ferguson

armored truck

Here are two pictures that tell a troubling story about modern “Law Enforcement” as demonstrated by the police in Ferguson. =image2= They drive in like wannabe Rambos, then stand around, appearing as consummate cowards, and watch as criminals run riot,

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If Police Gear Up, Let Them Actually Protect Property


On the military police gear, I got some good pushback on the use of body armor in general. I think my original point stands (and I’ve made it over and over again) that we have far too many late night/early

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Police without Body Armor: Let It Become a Trend!

Editorial note: Sadly this relative calm in Ferguson did not last long. See update here. After nights of pictures and footage of police in full body armor in Ferguson, Missouri, we were greeted to stories like this headline at

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USA Today Tries to Blame Ferguson Riots on Police Militarization

rise of the warrior cop balko

Anyone who reads this blog knows that we have a real problem with police militarization. We celebrate the few times that the police state is rolled back. Furthermore, if witness statements are true, then what happened to the shooting victim

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