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FBI Admits Patriot Act Hasn’t Helped

fbi wall seal

The FBI admits that they have not stopped any terrorist attack or caught any terrorists using the Patriot Act. While Jeb Bush is campaigning on how Rand Paul is wrong and the Patriot Act is great, the FBI admits that

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Mother Shackled because Son Didn’t Have Doctor’s Note

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A sick son on the honor role who missed “too many” days of school gets a mother shackled by police. Our schools are beachheads for the state to launch totalitarian invasions. When you see a mother shackled, you are witnessing

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The Asset Forfeiture Police Station Shows Why Taxpayers Allow It

police corrupt

Richland, Mississippi, sports a new asset forfeiture police station and demonstrates why it is tolerated. I remember when I was a young child watching a lot of animal shows. They would often show a predator—typically some kind of big cat like

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Obama’s Plan to End Militarization of Police Not Credible

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Are reports that the President will end the militarization of the police to be trusted? I wanted to believe it but the very first sentence in this summary news report killed my ability to believe that we are really going

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Could the Liberal Anti-Gun Position Crack Up?

open carry grocery store

Is it possible the Liberal anti-gun position might crash against the Liberal suspicion of police? I know this is a long shot, but let’s think optimistically. Liberals would like to make guns illegal. That is understood. But the fact remains

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Woman Tasered for Opposing Illegal Search


Another woman tasered, another illegal search—just another day in our police state with our compliant neighbors. Here’s the situation… Border checkpoints aren’t just for the border. They are for any road anywhere within a hundred miles of any border. That,

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Racism in Illinois Concealed Carry Permits?

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A black gun owner denied a concealed carry permit, along with many others, raises questions about racism in Illinois government. Liberal racists? If so, this should not surprise you at all! Didn’t Michael Bloomberg tell us that minorities must be

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Houston Federal Judge Invents New Kind of Asset Forfeiture


When the Feds can use your truck in a sting operation, get it riddled with bullet holes, and pay you nothing, it is simply another form of asset forfeiture. Here is how Andy Vickery, a lawyer for a trucking company owner, Craig

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John Whitehead: You Live in a Police State

Police state_Newsweek

John Whitehead is right, but to what extent is this situation the fault of the Christian Church? John Whitehead is a voice crying in the wilderness. I sure hope more people start listening: “In a Cop Culture, the Bill of

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DEA Robs Man for Carrying Money while Black


Traveling with cash while black gives government agent a license to steal—no charges, no trial, and no way to survive with room and board. I asked awhile back if Eric Holder was serious about ending asset forfeiture. Obviously, he wasn’t.

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When Do We Stop Fighting Each Other and Fight the Enemy?

stop government oppression

African Americans and Tea Party Conservatives would both be better off to stop fighting each other and to help each other instead. Will there come a day when we realize we’re fighting a common foe? (Thanks to the Personal Liberty

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Meet One of Wisconsin’s Organized Crime Bosses

john chisholm

District Attorney John Chisholm is no better than an organized crime boss… because he IS a criminal running an organization, the state. Meet yet another poster child for severely limited government: Milwaukee County, Wisconsin District Attorney, John Chisholm. Here’s a

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