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Media Applauds Congress for Saving Homeland Security


Instead of saving Homeland Security, Congress should save America. What a sickening missed opportunity. Congress could have forced the President to choose between funding Homeland Security and funding his executive orders (i.e. self-authorized legislation) on immigration. That would have guaranteed

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A Guantanamo for Citizens? How Many Police Black Sites?


The Guardian reports on Homan Square lead to the question of whether there are police black sites elsewhere. After the kind of thing that has happened with the Rolling Stone rape story, we have to be careful. But it is

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Agenda-Driven Terrorist Warning Energizes Police State


A new terrorist warning is a transparent attempt to promote militarization of police and more no-knock SWAT raids. Watching this video about a terrorist warning and listening to the rhetoric is truly sickening. Notice how the agenda of SWAT raids

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Man Jailed Three Months for Vitamin Powder


Unless you can afford a lawyer and bail money, don’t let cops find your vitamin powder. Fifty-eight days in jail for nothing. The headlines say three months but that seems to be a count of the months on the calendar.

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Florida Residents Carrying Cards for Checkpoints

checkpoint ahead

A lawyer has advised Florida residents how to not talk to police at checkpoints—and how not to open one’s car window. Why not cooperate with a checkpoint? Go back and read about the artifact collector facing a possible decade in

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Man Risks Life to Stop Robbery; Charged with a Felony


A man confronted an armed robber with nothing more than a Taser gun, so he is being charged with a felony. Arguably, using a Taser in a gunfight was not a smart move. The risks were far too great. However,

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Ferguson Sued for Running Debtors' Prison


Federal lawsuit alleges that jailing poor for inability to pay fines amounts to debtors’ prison. It is important to remember that long before the shooting of Michael Brown, various reporters had noticed the re-emergence of what is basically debtors’ prison.

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2 Cops Charged because Suspect's Girlfriend Investigated

Najee Rivera

Two cops charged with assault were believed until the accused man’s girlfriend dug up video on her own. This story does not show that all cops are this bad. That is certainly not the case. Nor does this story demonstrate

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Man Framed for TSA Complaint; Agent Still at Job

tsa uniforms

Merely asking to file a TSA complaint got a man arrested and lied about in court. Here is a quotation to remember and reflect upon: I was scared to death. I have never been arrested in my life, never had

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Free Kent Hovind!

Liberty Behind bars

I have to be honest with you.  I think about it often.  Not a night goes by when I do not think about it as I crawl in my warm bed beside my sweet wife of 35 years. “Will this

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Counterterrorism is NYPD Term for Dealing with Protesters

ferguson sniper

In New York City does counterterroism mean threatening protesters with long rifles and mounted machine guns? The answer is yes, except the New York Post story does not explicitly say “mounted” machine guns. It says the vehicles will come “equipped

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School Enforces Zero-Tolerance Policy for Hobbit Magic

one ring

Nine-year-old casting a Tolkien spell on a student counts as “a terroristic threat” and triggers elementary school’s zero-tolerance policy. We’ve seen students suspended for having the wrong hobby in their own homes, or for gnawing a pop tart the wrong

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