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Could Obamacare Shock Continue to 2016?

obamacare crash burn blimp

Obamacare shock unquestionably helped Republicans in 2014. Why assume it won’t last? I have already posted on how the media attempts to pretend that the Republicans did not sweep the nation because of the unpopularity of Obamacare are simply not

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Hope! Repealing Obamacare May Be on GOP Agenda

repeal obamacare

Is John Boehner serious about repealing Obamacare? The Washington Times headline caught my eye yesterday. Could it be true? “Boehner vows House will repeal Obamacare.” The problem is the content of the story didn’t seem quite as robust as the

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Eighteen-Year-Old Elected as State Lawmaker

W VA 18-yo

An eighteen-year-old was voted into the West Virginia House of Delegates. This is one of those stories to watch. Elected at eighteen! From CBS DC: “18-Year-Old Freshman Elected To W.Va. House Of Delegates, Becomes Youngest State Lawmaker In US.” The Republican

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Minimum Wage Vote Proves Ignorance Still a Majority


The November 4 elections included a minimum wage vote in four states. In all four states the measure to raise the minimum wage passed. Josh Barro writes at the New York Times website, The wage increase won its biggest margin

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Democrats Implode, Turning on One Another


Watching Democrats implode is more entertaining than watching Republicans win. Before the election results began coming in, the Democrats were already blaming one another for losing the election! As the Washington Times reports, “Obama to Democratic hopefuls: It’s your fault

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Hysteria Much? Dems Call Tea Party “Radical Terrorists.”


Calling the opposition “radical terrorists” or “a terrorist organization” is proof of hysterical hate. We need to remember that, while the press pretends Republicans are the “haters,” they only do so by projecting the Democrat mindset onto conservatives. (Thanks to

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Even Democrats Are Voting GOP

darth vader republican

Voting GOP is not just for Republicans tomorrow! To quote a friend of mine: “Um, wow!” Normally, I am not a partisan advocate. I am a registered Democrat, though I vote as an independent. Not this year. This is a

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Millennials Are Voting GOP (Even Hispanic Ones)


The media has treated us to an unending parade of bad news regarding how Millennials are voting—who are supposed to represent the future. So take a look at this headline from the National Journal: “Millennials Bolt Obama for GOP in Midterms.”

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Hillary Clinton on Jobs: Governments Make Them

hillary oligarchy

According to Hillary Clinton, businesses do not create jobs. I know Clinton is a Leftist (or a power-hungry climber who finds support in Leftist rhetoric), but I still can’t believe she said it: “Don’t let anybody tell you, you know,

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F.E.C. Dems Attack Conservatives in Alternative Media


We were warned that the Federal Election Commission was going to attack conservatives on the internet. As I wrote back in May, whether writing for my personal blog or writing here, I don’t have to hide my political opinions. I

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Taylor Swift Tune & Barack Obama White House Song


Here’s a White House song.

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Is Barack Obama’s Ego Campaigning for the GOP?

obama holder jarrett

Is there any explanation other than Barack Obama’s ego for why he refuses to leave Senate Democrats alone in the upcoming election? Watch the latest video at Fox News reports this like it is a matter of ego, under the

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