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It is Time for a Christian Values Party


A Christian Values Party is needed as an alternative to the GOP. [EDITOR’S NOTE: Different writers for this blog have different opinions about third parties (see here, for example). I am posting this in the interest of considering opposing views

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I Can’t Breathe

us over cliff

What makes us unable to breathe? I want to say right up front that I do not think that the cops are always right.  In fact, my involvement in on-the-street pro-life ministry has proven to me that the average cop

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Ted Cruz on Establishment Republicans and Climate Change

Ted Cruz_02

Cruz says Hell will freeze over before Establishment Republicans will listen. I sit here imagining Lindsay Graham and John McCain spewing coffee (and cursing, in McCain’s case), and Mitch McConnell choking on his Geritol, as they see this headline from

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Yes, Give Up on the South, Dems!


This is how liberals get used to defeat: declaring they should give up on the South. I pointed out yesterday the significance of Mary Landrieu’s defeat in Louisiana—how she was not only defeated, but her Democratic allies all abandoned her because

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The Deep South Is Free of Democrat Senators!

vote vote vote

No Democrat Senators are left in an entire region of the country! You already know that the Democrats have lost big, and you probably have heard that their defeat just grew by one more Senator over the weekend. But you

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The Difference between Paul Krugman and Chuck Schumer on Obamacare

krugman stimulus

Paul Krugman criticizes Chuck Schumer for criticizing Obamacare. Why are they different? Paul Krugman and Chuck Schumer are both liberals. They are both partisans to the Democrat Party. But they are displaying a divergence of opinion. As David Linton has

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Did Republicans Produce the New Hillary Clinton Video?

hillary PAC

The new Hillary Clinton video looks like a spoof. At the Rolling Stone blog the writer admits that the song won’t be winning any CMA awards. But that really understates how bad this is! Looking back in time, learning hindsight’s always

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Did the War on Women Backfire on Democrats?

War on Women Badge

We already know that the War on Women worked backwards for Democrats. A great number of Republican women won office, defeating Democrat candidates. But was “the War on Women” itself the reason why so many Democrats were defeated—or at least

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Lies about Obamacare: Are You Really Surprised?

gruber meme

Did you even believe the lies about Obamacare? Before last week, you had probably never heard of Jonathan Gruber. Gruber is the MIT economist who was once considered to be the intellectual architect behind Obamacare.  Nancy Pelosi now says he

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GOP War on Women Turns into Dem Nightmare

war on women

The Democrats claimed Republicans were waging a war on women but Republican women waged and won their war on Democrats. Here’s the bottom line, November 2014 was the time when Republican women beat Democrats and won elections to Congress. It

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Could Obamacare Shock Continue to 2016?

obamacare crash burn blimp

Obamacare shock unquestionably helped Republicans in 2014. Why assume it won’t last? I have already posted on how the media attempts to pretend that the Republicans did not sweep the nation because of the unpopularity of Obamacare are simply not

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Hope! Repealing Obamacare May Be on GOP Agenda

repeal obamacare

Is John Boehner serious about repealing Obamacare? The Washington Times headline caught my eye yesterday. Could it be true? “Boehner vows House will repeal Obamacare.” The problem is the content of the story didn’t seem quite as robust as the

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