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Why So Many Candidates Who Can’t Win?

rick santorum face the nation

The reason we get so many candidates is because they can personally profit from running even if their candidacy hurts the race. The first question I ask myself when I hear of some relatively obscure candidate running is: “What does

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The Pretense of Impartiality


There is no impartiality in our journalists or our judges; often they don’t even pretend to not be committed to a cause. Rod Dreher at the American Conservative pulls together several instances that demonstrate a complete lack of impartiality. Worse,

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Howard Dean Doesn’t Know Jesus


Howard Dean doesn’t know Jesus even by the truncated standard of the red-letter part of the Bible. It is pretty clear that Liberals are strategizing to pretend that the First Amendment doesn’t even apply to Christians because “real” Christianity is

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The Missouri House Speaker: Just another Sleazy Politician

john diehl

To talk about a sleazy politician is almost always to be guilty of redundancy. What kind of person gets ambitious for public office? What kind of person wants to have that power so much that they are willing to invest

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When Do We Stop Fighting Each Other and Fight the Enemy?

stop government oppression

African Americans and Tea Party Conservatives would both be better off to stop fighting each other and to help each other instead. Will there come a day when we realize we’re fighting a common foe? (Thanks to the Personal Liberty

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Meet One of Wisconsin’s Organized Crime Bosses

john chisholm

District Attorney John Chisholm is no better than an organized crime boss… because he IS a criminal running an organization, the state. Meet yet another poster child for severely limited government: Milwaukee County, Wisconsin District Attorney, John Chisholm. Here’s a

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We Don't Know Right Verdict for Freddie Gray Prosecutions


Police union pushes back on Freddie Gray prosecutions. This we know: Freddie Gray is dead. Beyond this, we can have suspicions but we don’t know anything. I was reminded of this when I read NBC News on the police union

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Regime Tool Meredith Vieira Lies about Women’s Pay

meredith vieira

Meredith Vieira ambushed Stacey Dash with misleading statistics; media covers for her. Awhile back Meredith Vieira was a host on “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire.” In that game, the contestant had to know the answers to questions. But if

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Hillary Clinton Admits Her Agenda is Extremist

Michelle Obama Hillary Clinton 2016

By revealing she is fighting God and all belief in him, Hillary Clinton admits just how radical Leftism really is. So, Hillary Clinton thinks her unwavering commitment to murdering children should trump God’s Law. Uh huh, right. She is quoted

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harry reid obama train wreck

The votes don’t lie; despite the Republican victory the Democrats control the Senate. So who does Mitch McConnell work for? This is one of the most profound pieces of news analysis I have seen on exactly what the massive Republican

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Homosexual Groups Attack Their Own for Liking Ted Cruz

Sen. Ted Cruz, left, with Mati Weiderpass.

Homosexual activists these days are big on hate. They hate Christians, they hate traditional families, they hate bakers who won’t make a “gay wedding” cake, they hate anyone who implies that their lifestyle is a choice, that it is not

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The King Has Come

palm sunday

In ancient times, palm branches symbolized goodness and victory. They were often depicted on coins and important buildings. The Triumphal entry of our Lord Jesus into Jerusalem on the day we call Palm Sunday is an event which tremendous import

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