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Will CNN (and the RNC) Lock Out Carly Fiorina?

carlyfiorina The rise of Carly Fiorina in the polls won’t get her invited to the debate unless CNN is made to acknowledge recent history. Two questions come to mind reading this Politico story about the next debate and whether Carly Firoina will qualify for it. First, is this CNN’s decision alone or did someone at the RNC approve it as well? Second, isn’t CNN’s method aimed at penalizing anyone who actually changes their poll numbers in a positive direction? Fiorina, the only female candidate in the Read more [...] Continue reading →

Knowledge of Planned Parenthood Forces Change for Good or Evil

harvesting organs The sting videos have spread knowledge of Planned Parenthood and their organ trafficking, forcing people to choose sides. In most cases, you don’t choose a side just one time. There are some number of professing Christians, for example, ranging from the thousands to the millions, who chose once to follow Jesus. But then new opportunities came their way to choose again. One typical story goes like this: They found a chance to have a sexually-available girlfriend or boyfriend in college, Read more [...] Continue reading →

The Hillary Purge and the Coming Biden-Warren Ticket

09152012ObamaClinton A Washington Times columnist not only fills out details in the Obama Administrations war on the Clinton Democrats, but also predicts a Biden-Warren ticket. In July, I followed up on a couple of posts by Mark Horne and wrote about how Valerie Jarrett may be the principal actor behind Hillary Clinton’s growing email-server legal problem. Now, Washington Times columnist Monica Crowley puts it all together in one narrative. Each week, there are damaging new leaks about her personal email and server: Read more [...] Continue reading →

Uber Is Our Designated Driver Unless Government Stops It

uber car window The government promotes using a designated driver, but politicians are warring against one that is actually reducing drunk driving. You have heard the advice: Have a designated driver. If you are going to be at a party or some other place that you will have to leave from, have a designated driver who won’t drink and will drive you home. But arranging a designated driver is not always easy. In the first place, many people don’t intend to drink too much and then realize that they are not Read more [...] Continue reading →

Bush Donors Have Not Yet Given Up on Him

jeb bush Bush donors are realizing that the race is not going as they had hoped, but they can’t really believe that they were so wrong. Here is a headline from The Hill that exudes confidence: “Bush donors not panicking — yet.” The former Florida governor had been labeled the GOP’s front-runner, but polls show he’s trailing Donald Trump by a wide margin. Even some supporters say he turned in a shaky performance at the first Republican debate earlier this month. The son of one former president Read more [...] Continue reading →

How Rich Republicans Waste Their Money

RINOs Rich Republicans are about to see their funds used on an expensive TV campaign for Jeb Bush. I predict disappointing results. Since the money is coming from a Super PAC, I suppose other people besides rich Republicans might have donated to it. But I doubt their contributions are that significant. According to the Associated Press, “Pro-Bush super PAC spending $10M-plus on initial TV campaign.” The heavily funded super PAC backing Republican Jeb Bush will spend at least $10 million on television Read more [...] Continue reading →

FCC Internet Rules Angle to Shut Down Conservatives

Censorship "Net neutrality" is anything but. In the court fight that's shaping up, the major issue seems to be that the rules are written in such a way that media outlets that have always been protected by the First Amendment no longer have any rights to free speech if they publish on the Internet. The case is expected to be heard in December. The rules were voted on by the FCC earlier this year. The most telling quote from the commission's vote was this: "Broadband providers are conduits, not speakers Read more [...] Continue reading →

Chris Christie Stiffs New Jersey Taxpayers and Gets Privacy for Expenses

christie obama Chris Christie was allowed to use “secret evidence” to get a judge to rule his security expenses are secret. Here is an interesting story: “Court allows Christie to hide $1 million in Amex charges.” Based on secret evidence, a New Jersey court is allowing Gov. Chris Christie to hide American Express bills that show how his state police security team charged more than $1 million to pay for out-of-state travel. Judge Mary C. Jacobson dismissed a public records suit by New Jersey Watchdog Read more [...] Continue reading →

Planned Parenthood Busted for Illegal Second-Trimester Abortions

planned parenthood Because of their loss of stature, we get to watch Florida facilities belonging to Planned Parenthood busted for breaking the law. Abby Johnson said, at a Texas hearing, that they always knew when the inspections were going to happen when she was the director of a Planned Parenthood abortuary. It is hard to believe that the Florida abortuary lacked such accommodations from the government. But they don’t seem to have them now! Live News reports, “Inspections Catch Florida Planned Parenthood Read more [...] Continue reading →

Kirsten Powers Tells Fellow Democrats They Are on the Wrong Side of History

kirsten powers Kirsten Powers pulls no punches in her column for USA Today. Kirsten Powers can be fairly nauseating when she pumps up same-sex “marriage,” or writes propaganda for Hillary Clinton against Rand Paul. But she does, with that record, show that the truth of abortion should not be controversial at all. Anyone can see it! In fact, many people do but are intimidated into silence. So, if I can’t respect Powers’ ideological commitments (as a whole), I certainly respect her courage. I have to Read more [...] Continue reading →

Juan Williams Encourages Republican Leaders to Keep Betraying Base

juan williams As far as Juan Williams is concerned, the problem is the Tea Party. Juan Williams has written an editorial that makes no sense to me: The late July poll found only 32 percent of voters holding a “favorable impression” of the GOP and 60 percent taking an “unfavorable view.” An early July Gallup poll also finds the Republican Party struggling for its footing on a steep downward slope, with only a 35 percent approval rating. The biggest surprise is Pew’s finding that the slide in GOP Read more [...] Continue reading →

Is Donald Trump Working for Jeb Bush?

jeb bush Whatever his intentions, the Donald Trump campaign is helping Jeb Bush. I don’t know the answer to this question, but it is definitely worth asking. I think three claims make it possible that Donald Trump is actively working to get Jeb Bush elected: Donald Trump, no matter what the media says about him, is not stupid. He understands how actions have consequences. Donald Trump has been extremely liberal in his past political positions. Donald Trump is helping Jeb Bush because his campaign Read more [...] Continue reading →