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Support for Big Business Means Opposing Free Markets

Hollywood Sign

Why won’t Republicans oppose those in Big Business who hate them? I don’t necessarily support the packaging of this essay at USA Today, but he makes some devastatingly good points I’ve tried to emphasize over and over in discussing things

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Is Glenn Beck Overreacting against the GOP?

glenn beck

Glenn Beck says he is “done with” the Republican Party. Dylan Byers at posted the headline yesterday: “Glenn Beck ‘done’ with Republican Party.” “I’ve made my decision – I’m out. I’m out of the Republican Party,” Beck said on

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Obama, Media Foiled as Netanyahu Pulls Off Stunning Win


The fat lady is singin’ in Israel today, loud and clear. Despite recent snubs by President Obama, Nancy Pelosi and the majority of the Democratic Party; despite predictions by the media of a tight race and possible loss; despite endless

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When Republicans Play Hardball; Democrats Get Outraged

President Obama And Vice President Biden Meet With Members Of Congress On Foreign Policy

The White House is calling it “unconscionable,” but moral condemnation comes when Republicans play hardball. Voters elected a huge number of Republicans for a reason, and it wasn’t to see peaceful cooperation between Republicans and Democrats in Congress. They wanted

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Calling Something Net Neutrality Doesn’t Make It Neutral


The FCC’s secret development of Net Neutrality regulations should give us doubts about the label. Just as I was saying in regards to political labels, the labels slapped on many policies today have no relation to what the actual policy

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We Need to Push Past Labels in Politics

political labels

Labels in politics are usually unhelpful or even misleading. The Federalist has published an excellent discussion on the problem with labels: “Libertarian Populism Isn’t Really Libertarian or Populist.” Libertarian populism has lately been generating a great deal of attention on

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What Would Happen If the One Percent Disappeared?

barack obama one percent

If the one percent are such a drain on the economy, why not just send them away? The Daily Signal posted a great essay on the nonsense about having government address “income inequality.” Dave Azerrad writes: “Here’s a Way to

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There Are More Reports of a Clinton Obama War


New York Post claims Obama’s Chief of Staff started email scandal as part of Clinton Obama War. I’d love to say this is confirming proof of my suspicion that the Clinton email scandal was started by the Obama White House.

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Texas Republicans Argue Over Planned Parenthood Response

texas legislature

Republicans are the party more likely to oppose abortion. However, that truth does not always give you accurate guidance in figuring out the views of individual Republican politicians. If you don’t believe me, then consider the argument going on between

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Report: AP Used Children to Stage Anti-Israel Photo Series


The Associated Press used Palestinian children to fake anti-Israel photos during its investigative series on last summer’s Hamas-Israel war, according to the New York Observer. The series, released in February, portrayed Israel as “a serial violator of the norms of warfare, wantonly

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Pants on Fire: Lies Abound Around Hillary's Emails


There are so many pants on fire in Washington, D.C., this week, it’s a wonder the place hasn’t just gone supernova and taken the Eastern Seaboard with it. That’s because of all the lying about Hillary Clinton’s private email account.

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Will Republicans Raise the Debt Ceiling without a Fight?

white flag

Watching Republicans raise the debt ceiling feels like watching them wave a white flag. Is the Republican Establishment’s actual strategy to act like such weak fools that the base will all surrender to the Liberal regime because of the humiliation?

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