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Obamacare is Liberalism's Quagmire

obamacare crash burn blimp

Obamacare is not making voters love the Democrats. A half century ago or so, the United States found they had overreached in Viet Nam. The Soviet Union discovered the same thing in Afghanistan. I suspect that someday we will talk

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Media Reveals White House is Working for DC Statehood


The media are making a big deal about Barack Obama officially claiming he is in favor of “home rule” for Washington DC. But it turns out that he has been advocating it for a long time. He even had the

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Pointing The Finger


It is an understatement to say that we live in desperate times. And it is easy to point the finger at our illegitimate and tyrannical governments in Washington and in our own state capitols and our own counties and complain about

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Declaration of Independence: Our Rights Come From God

Declaration Independence

There is a Creator God and He determines right and wrong, good and evil… not man. This is the most important foundational principle of law and justice. If this principle is not understood as absolute, undeniable truth, one could conclude

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Did You Hear the One Where Costco Said Politics Had Nothing to Do with Their Dumping an Anti-Obama Book?


I don’t know if Dinesh D’Souza would want to characterize his book, America: Imagine a World Without Her, so simplistically, but that is obviously how the decision-makers of Costco viewed it. They have pulled it from their stores. From Jerome

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Voter ID Laws Do Affect Minority Voting… By Increasing It


According to Judicial Watch, we now have evidence about voter turnout in response to laws requiring proof of identity in order to vote. Judicial Watch announced today that on June 18, 2014, it joined with the Allied Educational Foundation (AEF)

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When Healing Becomes a Crime

withered hand

This has been an eventful week to say the least. One of the blessings this past week was to see how well my friend Joe did in his campaign for county sheriff.  That was a very encouraging result which bodes

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Is Obama Radical? The Evidence of the Supreme Court

supreme court

If you have friends who think of Obama a centrist or moderate, I applaud you for not being insular in your social relationships. But the problem with such people is that they have obviously bought into so much ideological garbage,

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All Michigan Residents Are Being Hit Up for Detroit’s Financial Failure


Detroit had many good years. People found jobs there and wanted to locate there rather than anywhere else in Michigan. Now that is no longer the case. But there was a time when many locations in Michigan could not attract

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Dare We Hope the Eric Cantor Defeat Was About the NSA & the Forever War?


So far the main media narrative for the wonderful destruction of Eric Cantor’s time in political office, and the victory of Dave Brat has been nativism. Brat hates immigration reform (if not immigrants, as far as many in the media

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CNN Wants You to Stop Voting for Candidates You Agree With


The moralizing begins with the link leading to the CNN story: “Blame yourself for partisan Congress.” Of course, the idea is nonsense. You didn’t vote for a partisan Congress. You voted for someone you hoped would be principled enough to

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Pentagon Devoting Money to Research How to Deal with “Mass Civil Breakdown”


Since we know that Homeland Security (along with other federal agencies) has been arranging to purchase large amounts of ammunition, stories about the Defense Department studying how to deal with “mass civil breakdown” worry me. From the Washington Times: The

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