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Will No One Blow the Trumpet?

us over cliff

Is there no one who will stand for righteousness? America was once known as “the land of the free and the home of the brave”.  Today, we are neither. In fact, it is the loss of bravery that has led

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Who Owns the Land?

ten commandments oak Doors

No matter who claims it, Jesus is the One who owns the land. The battle of worldviews was on full display last week. Consider just Tuesday and Thursday for a moment. Thursday was the 42nd anniversary of the wretched opinion of

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The Humiliating Public Loss of Barack Obama

crash and burn cash

Taking back his “free” community college scheme was a public loss for President Obama. A couple of days ago I asked if the President was happy that he no longer had to worry about the Democrat majority in the Senate.

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What Does the GOP Betrayal on Abortion Mean?


The refusal to pass the abortion bill for preventing pain for babies was a GOP betrayal, nothing less. Recently, the Republican-dominated Congress suddenly changed their minds about an abortion bill they had already passed. As the Federalist notes, this cannot

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Political Privilege on Display in Kentucky

no rule of law

You see political privilege when a state senator claims to be exempt from DUI laws the rest of us must obey. There is an argument some will make that DUI laws are too strict and somewhat arbitrary. Others will disagree.

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State of the Union Address Contained Falsehoods


No one will be shocked to learn that President Obama told untruths in the State of the Union address. More than one mainstream media outlet has pointed out to various false statements in Barack Obama’s last State of the Union

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Obama’s Teleprompter Writer Had an Easy Job

Obama red and blue image

The person who came up with the script for the President’s teleprompter at the State of the Union seems to have rehashed stuff from 2014. Perhaps the reason for the lack of originality in President Obama’s address to the nation

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Rick Perry’s Gift to Texas’ Governor-Elect… a Bible Verse?


The former governor chose a great political Bible verse for the next governor! For this week’s commentary I just want to say that I love Jesus Christ! He is not only the greatest Teacher to ever live, but also the

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The Lame Duck State of the Union Speech


Don’t be too worried about the bad proposals in Barack Obama’s State of the Union speech. New taxes and other atrocities will undoubtedly be proposed as Obama pretends he is not a lame duck President. But the good news is

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Do Mitt Romney and Jeb Bush Stand a Chance?

bush romney

Mitt Romney and Jeb Bush don’t seem that attractive to the voters. One of my favorite funny moments from the campaign season leading up to the 2008 presidential elections was this one: Back in 2007, Giuliani was pushed forward as

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Some Hawaiians Side with Secession instead of Federal Money

kingdom hawaii

Secession for Hawaii would mean a right shift in Congress. Native Americans get granted a great deal of Federal money and native Hawaiians have been trying to win some of the loot. But within their own ranks some Hawaiians have

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Will Liberty Take Over the Republican Party?

Liberty Risen

We can hope that the Republican Party establishment will lose influence. Most people talking about the rise or the promise of libertarianism in the Republican Party are Libertarians. But recently that trend has been broken by Former Michigan Republican Rep.

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