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Congress Attempts To Make Criminal IRS Behavior Illegal And Punishable; But Where Is Sarah Ingram?

sarah hall ingram From National Review Online: A comprehensive tax-reform plan House Republicans will unveil this morning takes dead aim at what Republicans perceive to be the IRS’s persistent abuse of its authority. According to Republican aides familiar with the plan, it will curb the power of the nation’s tax-collecting agency, something Republicans have attempted to do since […] Continue reading →

Why Good Elected Officials Go Bad

wwjd A few months ago, a crew from New Jersey was recording a college campus video in my office.  I am a Constitutionally Conservative Republican, so when the interviewer asked me a question that seemed like it would have a self-evident answer she was surprised when I threw her a curveball. She asked, “Commissioner Rothschild, would […] Continue reading →

Cops Take Down Elderly Lady And Bully Video Witness

Kathleen Mary Allegrone Hat tip to Will Grigg: “Heroic Cop Body-Slams 70-Year-Old Woman; Victim Charged with Felony.” According to Police Chief Matt Doering, the primary assailant, Officer Kevin Jones, “acted reasonably” by body-slamming the 70-year-old woman to “stop the assault” she had supposedly committed by stiffening her arms and digging her nails into the officer’s hands and wrists. […] Continue reading →

Promoting a Virtuous Society, Part 3

virtue In my last article, I mentioned that two major obstacles to a virtuous society are: A lack of a common standard for morality A lack of self-control in the populace Both of these are very difficult obstacles to overcome, and they are interconnected. Many people have attempted to establish a common standard for morality to […] Continue reading →

More Doublespeak from the Speaker

boehner According to the Speaker of the House, John Boehner, the United States does not currently have a debt crisis. However, he warned, one is looming and he thinks that “we do need to do something.” Say what? There is no crisis, but one is coming. What sort of reasoning is this? If a 100-foot tidal […] Continue reading →